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Equestrian Directory

horsesRedwings Horse Sanctuary, Norfolk

Redwings Horse Sanctuary aims to relieve the suffering of horses, ponies and donkeys.

horsesCaspian Horse Society (UK)

The Caspian Horse Society (CHS) is a UK registered charity formed to promote and preserve the Caspian breed.

horsesArab Horse Society

The Arab Horse Society is a registered charity and was founded in 1918 to promote the breeding and importation of Pure-Bred Arabian horses and to encourage the wider use of Arab Blood in light horse and pony breeding.

horsesBritish Horse Industry Confederation

This umbrella body was formed and for the first time ever brought together both racing and sports horse and other equine organisations. The organisation enables horse organisations to talk to government with a single, united voice.

horsesTring and District Horse Association

Tring and District horse association organise show jumping and showing shows in Tring, Herts. Loads of qualifiers for Chiltern and Thames Rider championship. 1st show 23rd April 2006

horsesSociety For Welfare of Horses and Ponies, Monmouth

Cares for abused or injured horses and ponies, rehabilitating them and re-homing them in a safe, caring environment.

horsesBritish Horse Trials Association

Association governing horse trials.

horsesEquine Research Foundation: Learning & Horse Riding Vacations in California, USA

Discover how horses think & learn. Improve your relationship with any horse. Ride on California beaches, mountain & vineyard trails. Experience human/horse bonding; positive reinforcement; natural horsemanship; cognition research; care & handling.

Horse & Equestrian Information

Bay horse

Find information about horses, buying horses, horse care, horse riding, equestrian sports and working with horses in our Informaton section using the links below.

About horsesAbout Horses
Information about the domestication history of horses, the scientific classification of horses, the anatomy of horses, horse gender definitions, horse height measurement, horse behaviour, colours and markings of horses, breeds of horses and ponies.

Buying horsesBuying Horses
Information about considerations prior to buying a horse, the cost of buying and keeping a horse, deciding on the type of horse to buy, understanding adverts of horses for sale, places to buy horses, enquiring about a horse for sale, viewing a horse for sale, vetting horses and sample horse purchase contract.

Horse CareHorse Care
Information about equipment and clothing for horses, security issues relating to horses and horse equipment, keeping horses at grass or stabled, keeping horses at livery, body weight of horses, feeding horses, horse illnesses and diseases.

Riding HorsesHorse Riding
Information about clothing worn for horse riding, saddlery and tack, guidance on horse riding from finding a riding school to tips about horse riding, and safety when riding horses.

Horse SportsEquestrian Sports
Information about a variety of equestrian sports.

Working With HorsesWorking With Horses
Information about careers with horses, the qualifications and training required.

Articles about horses

Equestrian Articles

Glucosamine For Horses - The Science Behind The Supplement

Glucosamine For Horses - The Science Behind The Supplement

Horses needs glucosamine to produce molecules that help form and repair cartilage and other body tissues and glucosamine supplements for horses have been proven as a natural support in the maintenance of joint health and cartilage repair.

Ragwort Poisoning In Horses

Ragwort Poisoning In Horses

Bright yellow, daisy-like flowers in fields and on verges may look pretty, but these yellow beauties are a threat to horses and if eaten can result in irreparable liver damage which can be fatal so it is essential to eliminate these plants from pastures.

Riding Clothes – How To Dress A Child For A Horse Show?

Riding Clothes – How To Dress A Child For A Horse Show?

The local shows have begun this year and lots of parents have been asking Edgemere Ltd what colour boots, hats, jackets, etc their children should be wearing for a horse show - so here is a very basic guide to work from.

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Equestrian News

RSPCA Appeal For Help To Track Down Owners Of A Herd Of Loose Ponies In Oxfordshire

RSPCA Appeal For Help To Track Down Owners Of A Herd Of Loose Ponies In Oxfordshire

The RSPCA is appealing for help to track down the owner of a herd of ponies found wandering in farmland in Oxfordshire.
equestrian news

Starving Pony Reunited With Owner After 6 Years

Starving Pony Reunited With Owner After 6 Years

A starving pregnant mare rescued by the RSPCA has been reunited with her owner six years after being stolen.
equestrian news

Medals Galore For Britains Para-Equestrian Dressage Riders

Britain’s para-equestrian dressage riders rounded off their trip to the ECCO FEI European Championships with a top drawer performance to claim five medals – three gold and two silver.
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News about horses and equestian sports

Equestrian Product News

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News about equestrian products

Horse Videos

Check out the video section for a range of videos about horses, horse care and top horse riders.
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Videos about horses

Horse Shows & Events

Advertise horse shows and events for free or find horse shows and events in your area within our Events section.
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Horse shows and equestrian events

Chat About Horses

Chat about horses with other horse owners on our horse forums..
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