View Full Version : What's the best about having a trailer/box?

2nd April 2010, 08:44 PM
I'm (finally!) getting a trailer in a few weeks. My first plan is to go and have my first lesson on Tehya at a riding school. Can't wait. And it might be handy to go and pick up some hay/haylage.

What do you use your trailer for, where have you been and what's the best use for it?

Oo, what to do with it?!

2nd April 2010, 09:56 PM
Well I don't own a trailer but I hire it from a friend.

My favourite thing is going out for adventures in it :) I have two books from the BHS which have circular rides in, so far we've done two, plus a fun ride, a visit to friend's in wales and a visit to the new forest where I kept my ponies.

Nothing better than going for a long ride then having a picnic by the trailer before heading home :D

3rd April 2010, 09:29 AM
I have a box with living - is great to be able to put Tibbs in the box when I need to go to the loo, go to the secretary's tent, etc (no need to find someone to hold him), have snacks readily at hand in the cupboards and able to make my own coffee, etc. Great for just putting Tibbs on the lorry and having a snooze if needs be in between classes especially when one is early in the day so left the yard early and one later in the day! lol. I also keep all my show stuff - hat, gloves, jacket, jods, etc - in the lorry so I find I never forget anything and go in my normal day clothes and change just before a class so don't get all dirty beforehand. Also keep all my passports in the lorry so I always have them when travelling with the horses even if I decide to go somewhere on the spur of the moment and as lorry is at yard the passports are at the yard also so if ever I need to call a vet unexpectedly I don't have to nip home to get them!

And whenever I go to a horse auction - tend to take the lorry rather than the car - am prepared then if something catches my eye or my friends' eyes so no need to rush around arranging transport should one of us decide to buy a horse!

Also comes in handy as a removal lorry when friends move house, or want large objects (like an old sofa) taken to the tip!

And I can make coffee, have a snack by just popping into my lorry whenever I'm at the yard. A friend and I used to do Sunday morning fry ups in my lorry at the yard for a few of the liveries so it was a nice social thing - the shop staff and instructors could smell the bacon and kept wondering where it was coming from. When they found out we ended up doing bacons butty for half the yard! lol

8th April 2010, 01:43 PM
i love my box
its really easy to drive and the horse all load and travel well
i have small day living with table so its nice for long show days
also got massive wardrobe and lotsof storage so i keep show gear in there, but never leave expensive tack or passports in there in case it gets stolen...
have used it for moving sofas about and trips to the tip!
getting big loads of horse feed and bedding
obviously shows and comps
horsey camps and hols
nice security incase trip to horspital is needed.
also fab as i can take them to the vets rather than pay call outs.