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12th April 2010, 09:36 AM
I have managed to find a nice loaner for merry but i am just writing up the contract now and i need to ask you guys some things….

As you know, merry is a show pony and thats what i want his long term career to be. He can do any activities and pony club/driving things etc but i still need him to be a show pony.

What do i say in the contract about it and what can i do if he gets returned with scars and splints that stop his career???

They are to fully insure him but how do i say that if he is compromised/put down/loss of use etc about what i recieve as compensation. He is very valuable to me and i need this to be reflected in the contract but i dont want to sound awful. i am good at these contracts now but they havn't been with such valuable animals before….

I am giving them a free rein in most things but i couldn't cope if he came back looking awful. I have no inclination that these people would intentionally hurt a hair on him but things change and we've all heard the stories….

Thoughts, ideas and answers very welcome about any of it!

12th April 2010, 10:39 AM
They can get splints and stuff just being turned out so to some degree i think your just going to have to keep your fingers crossed. Loss of use - you should be named as the reciever of this and you should have a say in `how much this would be. There should be some sort of clause where you can take him back if you think he's not being looked after to your required standard.

To be honest i think you'll just have to hope for the best.

12th April 2010, 09:03 PM
I am loaning out our 12, 1 as my daughter has outgrown her but I pay for her insurance! I loaned my mare Rhia out while I was in the US for 18 months and I paid her insurance too!
I agree with Bex101 that Splints etc can happen by accident! I guess if he is that valuable then maybe loaning him from your yard may be the best solution and at least you can keep an eye on things!
I am lucky as our pony Kissi is at our old yard in swindon and I trust the people loaning her 100%! Loaning is a tricky one!

12th April 2010, 09:12 PM
thanks…im not a fanatic and am expecting bumps and scrapes, even the odd splint i guess. Maybe splint was a bad example to use… just dont want him to return 'ruined' as much as i can help it...

12th April 2010, 09:45 PM
Its so easily done though. I once sold a Sec A gelding. He was a little on the "sensitive" side but was still quite content to have the kids crawling all over him. When they picked him up they brought the farmer from next door to transport him. As i was leading him up the ramp the farmer shouted "HUP HUP!" which made the pony pause and then the farmer wacked him over the arse with his walking stick shouting "Hup Hup" again. I honestly dont think the pony had ever been hit in his life, he panicked but was too well mannered to take off with me holding the rope so he ended up half colapsed on the ramp shaking. The new owner was distraught and promised me she didnt know the farmer was going to do that and reluctantly i let him go. I kept in touch with her but the pony never really recovered. he had panick attacks and wasnt safe for kids even to go near, she took full responsibility for him and just used him as a field companion.

On the other hand i once sold a sec B that was very much on the sharp side. The kid wasnt very confident (wasnt even riding off the lead). I made it quite clear to the mum that i didnt think it was a good match. I cant quite remember why i agreed the sale but 6 months later i got a letter of the little girl telling me how she had won "most improved rider" trophy at pony club and how it wouldnt have been possible without this pony. i even got pictures sent to me of her hunting him.

At the end of the day you have to follow your instincts but only time tells how good people will be for the pony.

12th April 2010, 10:32 PM
well…i know my options are to sell or loan…and this is one pony that i cant part with so im kinda out of options! i like these people and im sure he'll have a heck of a time. just hope this works out. Its just a year and then i can renew or cancell so thats not bad i guess. i think i just need a slap and wake up call to just get on with it….


12th April 2010, 11:03 PM
If you're really worried about financial compensation then you could keep up insurance on him yourself or make sure the LOU of LOA is in your name and make sure you have a copy of the insurance policy but then again I'm guessing that it isn't just money your worried about and in terms of him not being ruined you just have to trust your judgement, I'm sure you've picked wonderful careful loaners for him! Really pleased you've found him somewhere to go!