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4th May 2010, 09:54 PM
Title says it all really...
Which have you done?
Which do you prefer?
Pros and cons of each?
General request for information really!

If I do manage to get this job I hope to loan or share a horse. Ideally I would love to own my own but I am pretty much clueless when it comes down to the nitty gritty so am in need of major experience before I make that leap. Just wondering what you all think, I do like the idea of sharing as I would have someone to pester with silly questions (along with you lot :p) but at the same time I like the idea of loaning.....

Any tips/advice/stories greatly welcomed :)

4th May 2010, 10:34 PM
I'm sorry but I don't know anything about your background or experience with horses but it sounds from your post that it would be your first horse?

If you loan, it would be like having your own as in going it alone with all the responsibilities (financial and otherwise) but without the initial outlay of the cost for the horse.

To me, a part loan or share sounds like a really good option. That way it breaks you in gently to horse ownership so to speak! You don't have all the responsibility and cost, get a few days a week to yourself and someone else to fall back on when you aren't sure about things.

I part loaned Tilly for over 2 years and the experience was invaluable to me, I learnt so much but knew I always had the help of her owner with anything I wasn't sure about. It eventually gave me the confidence to buy her outright when her owner decided to sell and by then I knew I could handle having my own horse money, confidence, knowledge and time wise (although everyone is still always learning all the time with horses :cheekywink:)

4th May 2010, 11:26 PM
Yeah it would be my first horse (and a lifelong dream realised :p). I do like the idea of part loan/share for the very reason you mentioned, I would like knowing that I would have someone to help me along both financially and generally and could get to know everything I need to know with the safety of having someone who knows what they are doing.

Thanks Burnie :)

5th May 2010, 09:58 AM
Part loans are great in that they allow you to enter horse ownership gently and not with a big bump!! My first part loan/share was a Friesian x TB... she was very quirky. I paid the owner 110 a month and got her for 4 days a week, and on those days I did everything. We had a contract drawn up, stating who was responsible for vet fees, farrier, what tack the horse was ridden in, expectations of owner (make sure horse was shod, able to be in work) and sharer (do horse on allocated days, pay on time). On paper it sounds good but the owner was a bit unreliable in that the farrier was never booked until the horse came in minus a shoe, the owner never mucked out on her days leaving me with a disgusting bed to muck out on my days. Plus the horse didn't like to be caught, so some days I never got to ride.

If the sharer and owner get on well, it can work, but I found if there's money involved there's a lot of expectations and it becomes more of a business agreement so that's something to bare in mind.

Loaning is completely different, you are in sole charge of looking after the horse day to day and are often expected to pay vets fees, so there's a lot more responsibility.

I'd probably have a go at doing some of the BHS Horse Owners exams, they are very good and give you the basics of horse ownership and care. There's 2 reasons for people putting their horse up for share- financial, or due to lack of time. I don't share or loan now, but help out a lovely couple who due to serious work commitments don't have lots of spare time... They have 8 horses and it's very much a team effort looking after them all but it works very well and I've been with them for a year now (time flies!!). Try to look for someone who is part loaning their horse because of time issues, I think it works much better.

5th May 2010, 11:06 AM
I think if was in your position then i would consider a share first. That way you get to learn all about looking after a horse and the amopunt of money and time that is spent on them, then after a while start looking for your own horse. Can you find someone local who just needs someone to help them out with there horse/s. There are some owners about who just want someone to help them out in return for riding one of there horses.

5th May 2010, 02:02 PM
I started out knowing very little about horses with a share (Zeb) that has turned into something more permanent, something more like a loan although the owner still shares the costs with me.

It's a perrfect set up and has prepared me for being an owner, if I could no longer share Zeb I would look for a loan, purely because I've had so much freedom with Zeb I couldn't handle the restrictions of sharing a couple of days a week but I also cannot afford to buy my own.

Loaning is also a good way of being able to spend a decent amount of time with various different types of horses so you can have a more rounded idea of what you are looking for when you do come to buy.

Defenitely start with sharing, I think you knew that anyway though! x

9th May 2010, 11:24 AM
I personally wouldn't recommend sharing to anyone. I've been there, done it and got a very bad experience from it and I know others that have had the same problems as me. I know it's not all bad but after the issues I had with sharing, I definitely wouldn't even consider it again.

This might get long and confusing but I'll try to keep it simple! Basically, I loaned a pony last year. His owner was planning for me to take him on so she could buy another to compete on. Her circumstances changed suddenly and she didn't want to be left without anything so she asked me if I'd share. We planned to move yards as the place we were at only did full livery. Becuase I was loaning (so paying for everything myself) this was becoming too expensive. I payed to reserve the stable at the new yard for 4 weeks as we had to give notice at the current yard. I spent my money on feed, headcollars, yard tools, buckets etc. However, two days before we were meant to move, Shadow's owner (we'll call her S) decided that she wanted to stay put. She persuaded me that because we were sharing, the cost wouldn't be as much and it was closer for both of us. It also had lots of facilities, not to mention it was full livery. We agreed to give it a month or so, then see if it was working, and if not, move then. She refused to give me any money for reserving the stable and all the things I'd bought for him that I couldn't take back. I also payed to owner of the yard we were meant to be moving to for messing her about. She has a huge waiting list that she'd slipped us in at the top of (I know people on that yard who kindly put a good word in ;) ) She wouldn't give me any money back for it even though it was because of her that I had to pay all of that and waste my money!

Anyway, I carried on with him, hoping that once that was out of the way, things would pick up. We each had 3 days a week and the remaining day, he had off. We made sure at least one of us was there to make sure he was okay the day that we weren't riding. We had a book to write in after we had ridden him saying what we did and how he was (he has arthritis so needs to be monitored carefully) It was agreed that I'd pay half of everything that was needed for him and I was also given the chance to take him out competing and use him for PC. It was all thought out carefully and everything seemed like a good idea. Surely nothing can go that wrong?!

It did! She started coming to watch me ride every day. I didn't mind this at first, obviously she's want to watch me to see how I rode him and make sure he's happy but after months of her coming up and telling me what to do, I started to get annoyed. She also lied when she wrote in the book and the words 'I've done lots with him today so just leave it with a steady hack tomorrow' came up at least once of her three days a week if not more! She'd tell me she'd ridden him for a lot less time then she had. (I knew this because I used to help out at the yard and would time her! Sad I know but she was really getting to me at that point!) She'd go hacking my my friend and tell me she went out for and hour and a half and walked all the way, my friend would then tell me they went out for nearly three hours and mainly trotted and cantered! That used to really wind me up! She was very two faced with me and I often found her ranting about me with other liveries and so many people told me what she'd been saying about me, it was unreal! It got to he point where I absolutely hated having her around! She hates my guts now and to be honest, the feelings mutual! Can't wait I bump into her with Scooby out showing this season! ;)

Now I've missed a lot out of things there but I think you get my point! If you share with someone fair, and considerate towards you, it's a really good experience and I'll admit, I wouldn't have my own now if I hadn't had him as it taught me a lot. But, I'd really be careful who you get involved with! It's really not nice, being taken advantage of!

9th May 2010, 01:49 PM
I really agree with poppy marie about how horrid things can get if you end up sharing with someone unreliable and basically is not very nice. I also think that problems can arise if you are sharing with someone who has very different ideas about the horses care and schooling. This can cause conflict between the the people sharing and cannot be good for the horse either.Basically the horse is supposed to be a source of enjoyment, but it can all go a bit pete tong if either party do not pull their weight.
I do think though sharing can work really well if you both have a similar ethos and can rely on each other to do what you say, I do think that it is a good idea to have something on paper to communicate clearly your expectations and responsibilities then there can be no confusion, and if you are lucky to share with someone more experienced it is a great way to see if you can hack the cold wet days week in week out without taking on a horse and then finding out its too much.
I think like anything it has pros and cons, but if both parties are honest and upfront about their expectations there is no reason why everyone cant benefit.:D