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x x Helen x x
17th May 2010, 02:16 PM
Well we are moving and it means that instead of my lovely free livery at mum and dads Im going ot have to pay for it.

OH has said he will fund one horse at livery no more as annie isnt broken and cant be ridden by my as im too big he doesnt see the ponit in funding livery for her.

Shes laminitic, and although she could stay with mum and dad I dont want to have to give them loads of extra work with a pony, also farrier etc and she would need a companion there, I do have a friend who may wel loan me something for a bit but how long I dont know.

She was on loan before and wasnt looked after well, she was underfed the old dont feed a laminitic brigade and was skin and bone. Im so worried about her going to someone after hearing all these horror stories of ponies being sold or badly treated. Weve just got her feet right with a brilliant farrier aswell

So what do I do, do I insist she comes with us, well OH would fund (he has to as hes the one thats got a job there I need to relocate my business/get work) both if it was just renting a feild but Id love a livery, i get really lonely having no one to ride out with , no school etc would quite fancy some posh facilities for a change :lol:

Or do I leave her there and put upon my parents to do the work, Ive had her 15 years selling is not an option

any thoughts?

17th May 2010, 02:35 PM
15 years that is a long time!
Hopefully something will come up for you :)

17th May 2010, 04:08 PM
Id leave her at home with the parents, if she has lived there so long as well it seems mean to move her, are you sure she wouldnt live by herself maybe with a little sheep companion or something, livery is pricey enough for one horse that you can ride for one that does nothing it seems a bit much, you might be able to find someone to take her as a companion though and just be super careful about where she goes

17th May 2010, 07:13 PM
don't move house..lol....

x x Helen x x
17th May 2010, 08:13 PM
yeah thats a nice option FB lol unfortunately if I dont that ill be getting a divorce as well

17th May 2010, 08:50 PM
I'd leave her for now and see how she does and in the mean time look around for grazing/loan opportunities

23rd May 2010, 12:46 PM
Have you considered finding her a place with a retirement/rescue centre? I know that when they place horses in adoptive homes, they have some very strict criteria, as well as follow-up visits to ensure all is well.

Three years ago, I tried to adopt a rescue mare as a companion for my old horse after I lost his older sister and he became badly depressed. I contacted no end of rescues but as soon as I specified a mare only, I think it was assumed that I wanted one to breed from, which certainly wasn't the case! (He just gets on well with mares but not with other males.) I was offered several geldings and even a couple of entire colts. As a temporary measure, I let a friend turn her pony mare out FOC with him, but no sooner had they bonded, than she was sold on and replaced with a gelding! In the end, and in desperation because I could even find an older mare to keep him company, I bought a yearling filly, which I really didn't want. Within days they'd become almost inseperable, with the old horse even allowing his new pal to share his bucket feed!

As the previous poster suggests, if she stays where she is for now, you can take a bit of time to look at the all the options, and perhaps make some enquiries with rescues/retirement places.

x x Helen x x
23rd May 2010, 07:04 PM
thanks but im not passing her on Ive owned her 15 years. the most I might do is loan her out.