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23rd May 2010, 07:27 PM
Although I dont own horses now, I used to, found a few pics of them..

I had Duke on loan, he was fab, never needed leading, just used to follow me around, such a good boy but still had some cheeky sparkle sometimes.



as you can see I had a horrible habit of looking down when going over a jump lol

Then I briefly had a little welsh x mare to bring on from my aunt. I bought her off my aunt, taught her to jump, and then sold her on as I never clicked with her....and she broke my foot lol, but I havent found any of her pics yet, will post some when they turn up, she was bay and her name was Jayjay

I then bought a 4year old racehorse straight off a racing yard (how stupid was I lol). He was a total fruitcake to start with. Cost me a fortune in vets bills, dentist bills, back man bills, just to try and find out why he had total fits and rampages as soon as you got on him, turned out he was fine, just mental lol, but within a month I was able to hack out without a more sensible horse, could school him without wearing him out on the lunge first, and he turned into a cracking jumper, only problem with him was when you took him to a show, you had to get straight on and over a warmup jump so he knew what he was there for, or else he would just go bonkers. Once you did the jump, he was like an old pro bless him. He was 16.2, chestnut with liver chestnut patches on his bum, and his full name was Unassuming, we called him Sumo

His first week with us....


Getting ready for our first solo hack.....


and one of his first successful shows, his first was at Roundhills, this is at Hartshill


x x Helen x x
23rd May 2010, 07:36 PM
aww lovely horses, do you think youll have one again?

23rd May 2010, 07:39 PM
Well at the minute I am lucky to have plenty to look after, and treat as my own really, the old boy is a star and says I am his manager and lifesaver so the arrangement suits us both really.
Maybe when my kids arent quite so dependant I shall get another, but I take each day as it comes, and who knows what tomorrow brings....

My Crazy Clan
23rd May 2010, 09:11 PM
lovely horses :D

Cobby Keri
23rd May 2010, 09:57 PM
lovely gee gee's, I bet your so greatful of those photos, thats why I am always taking photos for the days when I dont have any ponios of my own I can look back on the happy times.