View Full Version : A little Magic..whos not so little!

24th May 2010, 11:55 AM
WEll magic still has those sores on her lip, incase some of you didnt see...these...


Now they look like bot larvae sores but someone on HHO (horse&hound) has mentioned Habronmea worm which gives the same sort of sores....worming should hopefully do the trick, which she was on saturday, so Im giving thema week or 2 to at least make a start on healing, if they dont Ill get the vet out.


Cheryl and I went shopping on staurday to R&R where I bought a new bridle and bit for magic pants ( I havent tried them on yet as I want the sores to clear up first before I put anything in her mouth) a fabulous mane comb with a blade in it to sort her massive mane out:D andof course wormer:p oh and a new body brush as my old one broke.

magics bridle and bit

Can anyone remember magics random white bit on her tummy? well it disappeared for a short time but has now started to come back! yes its small but it runs down to her stifle so it might roan out....who knows!!


Having a drink, you can see where I started to 'pull' her mane:lol:

she moved, but long mane=hot horsey

What you doing down there??!!

the trio

She came in yesterday hot and botherd and very sweaty under her mane so I got my new toy out ( no its not a solo comb)
Shorter mane!! Id love to take more off but to be fair she needs a little bit for protection:rolleyes::lol:
Shes grown a bit again....

I cant see over her bum anymore:scared:

Really flattering pic....please excuse the sudocreme

Bess her. Ive not done any more in the school yet but will be as soon as it cools a bit!

Thanks for looking!:D

beks the artist
24th May 2010, 12:07 PM
Blimey Magic is going to huge!!!! One beautiful girl though xx

24th May 2010, 12:12 PM
Blimey Magic is going to huge!!!! One beautiful girl though xx

You watch, she will get to 16.2hh and stop growing....:D

24th May 2010, 12:15 PM
bless her!! she looks fabby in her fly mask! what bridle have you got there babe? and what bit have you got? when you biting her? I was planning to bit Miss Lane at 18 mths but she gets blooomin strong prob like your girlie!!! xxxxx she is so lush xxxxxx

Its just a plain hunter, snaffle bridle in havana, not black and the bit is a nylon mullen mouth snaffle. it very light and smooth so just right for a baby:D Ill be bitting her when her sores have gone, and yes, she is VERY strong!

24th May 2010, 12:20 PM
She's lovely, getting big now. Cass used to quite often get sores similar to that. Hers always came around when the spring grass came through and were like ulcers. We'd put vaseline on them for a few days and they'd clear up. Prob not the same thing but vaseline may be worth a try?

My Crazy Clan
24th May 2010, 01:17 PM
noooo you touched her mane! what ever processed you it didn't look bad at all! :lol:

nice bridle, the white mark could be a bit/nick thats grown back? although saying that jester has one on his wither.

24th May 2010, 03:56 PM
She's huge now! I can't get over how long her legs are, she's stunning.