View Full Version : She wont stay in!

27th May 2010, 11:24 PM
Well all ponies have settled well into there new farm :D Lou had a bout of Laminitis but luckily is on the mend, Luna has stopped throwing tantrums for now anyway, and Lexi.....................:mad:

Lexi is so settled she loves her new yard and loves living out, catching her and bringing her in isnt a problem she is always happy to see us and have a cuddle she is very sweet :love:

Well I felt sorry for her as she had been out 3 nights in a row so I thought I'd bring her in for the night for a rest, she came in had a cuddle, a good brush, loads of fuss, a feed so I put her hay in for the night and she threw a strop:banghead: running at her stable door around the stable and basically not settling at all :(

Now the problem I have is atm she is in a pony stable in a block with low door and walls so I had to put her out as I was worried she would climb over the door and really hurt herself, so I had to put her back out she was delighted and ran off to play with her friends. Had she been in a horse stable (will be next week) I would of left her in for throwing a strop.

She will have to stay in the odd night when she goes to shows ect.
So now I'm thinking what should I do about her, should I bring her in the odd night or just leave her out?