View Full Version : Would you mind telling me a bit about your loan agreement? :)

1st June 2010, 02:25 PM
Yeah, just wondering if anyone who does or did loan would mind telling me about the sort of agreement they had? I am particularly interested to know about anybody who has loaned a horse/pony from a riding school (and kept it at the RS during the time they loaned it).
Anything at all please! I am not very familiar with loaning..

All 100% hypothetical ofcourse and i'm not planning anything :innocent:

1st June 2010, 02:35 PM
I have the basic BHS one for Ollie all it says is i need to give one months notice before giving him back if i was to, the length of the original loan, the equipment he came with and also what discaplines i am allowed to do with him and what he is covered for insurance wise,

1st June 2010, 09:32 PM
Im in the same boat North-mcqueen. It's all a bit daunting, feel as a novice im defo outside of the circle of trust !!!

Mungo Madness
1st June 2010, 10:15 PM
Well I loaned a horse from a riding school but it was just a kiddy thing and not really properly. Basically on the days I was up I had to look after him properly, make sure he was groomed and all that, as well as working at the riding school.

My share agreement with Spike is that on my days I muck out, do all necessary stable duties and make sure he is cared for. Basically treat him as if he is my own. Thinking about it, I don't actually have anything solid as an agreement, his owner just trusts me to get on with it.

Sorry very unhelpful there!

3rd June 2010, 12:25 PM
i have just taken out my first loan with my local riding school, i pay a weekly fee for that i get a 1/2 hour lesson and can come whenever i like and take horse out treat him as my own. only clause is he is used for lessons wed night (i will be on him then any way) and say am

3rd June 2010, 07:58 PM
I could roughly run through my part-loan agreement. I part-loan a 12.2hh pony 2-3 times a week, although she's not from a riding school I hope this is some help to you.

*grabs loan agreement*

It starts by saying the date the loan starts, and finishes (although I intend this being when its "renewed" hopefully :p ). It states that both parties must give 30 days notice in writing if the loan needs to be terminated, additionally that if the owner feels the pony is being mistreat they can give a formal warning before terminating the part-loan without any notice whatsoever.
It continues to say where the pony must be kept, and what times of year it must be stabled. Also what the owner pays for (as my owner provides all the bedding and feed!). Additionally it outlines that I understand the pony "must be turned out with at least one other horse/pony and can be difficult in traffic".

It gets more complicated when it starts to talk about vetting and liability. It says who is responsible for vaccinations etc, and that liability for any vet bills lie with my owner. It also runs through who is responsible for shoeing, equipment (and the provision of it). It also outlines the responsibility I have if the owner cannot be contacted in the case of recommended immediate euthanasia (which I hope never happens).

Lastly, it states how much I pay for the amount of days I loan, as well as notification of any holidays.

If you need any more info, just PM me :)
good luck in whatever you're wanting to do

3rd June 2010, 10:47 PM
Whow Caution to the wind, that's excellent thanks - you've certainly helped me !
I know from past experience the utter importance of getting " something in writting " it's so important because even when you think you know someone if things go sour it's a nightmare unless you've covered your back.
Thanks again x

3rd June 2010, 11:02 PM
I loaned shauny from an RDA but kept him at mine.

The loan agreement was fairly straight forward, but comprehensive.

It had the dates set for the day he became my responsibility, and then day I sent him back and they became there's. It was stated I was fully responsible for him during the time at which I had him, any bills for shoes etc would be paid by me.
It started by saying that he would come freshly wormed, shod etc - all equipment would be in full working order.
It had a section about how all equipment should be returned in the state it was given - i.e if anything gets damaged it must be fixed - however they were quite good about this one because shauny managed to ruin two snuggy hoods they'd lent me during the winter beyong repair, and torn his rug which I couldn't fix because he needed it - and they didn't ask me to pay when I offered.
It stated that I was in charge of any injuries he sustained whilst in my care, and it was my job to call the vet.
It also had that if the horses needed destroying (not a a nice subject or put in a nice way lol but needed writing) that upon either vets approval I have it done as soon as possible to avoid long term suffering to him.
It said that the place it is kept must be approved by them, and any activities I wanted to do with him, i.e going to a show must be discussed before hand - they discouraged it but did give me permission to take shauny to a show last summer, except I couldn't go in the end anyway.
It also reserved the right for them to end the contract if they felt that I was not caring for him correctly upon valid reasoning, and it also said that they could come and check him out when they fancies (they never did, though they did come and see him when william (friend's loan) got some weird lumpy scabs).

3rd June 2010, 11:11 PM
It's no problem welshone :)
Any more questions just private message me
Good Luck!