View Full Version : Work placement next summer...

3rd June 2010, 01:56 PM
As part of my course i have to do a 6 week work placement during the summer between second and third year. Thankfully it can be a paid placement so...im thinking of being adventurous :shocked: and going to do it in Ireland...

I have an idea how im going to go about it but has anyone done something similar?? Im looking to do a placement in a TB stud (preferably NH) as that is the area i want to work in when i finish my degree, its either that or nutrition but am planning to combine the two and think that stud work would be more interesting for now!

Its either Ireland or Newmarket, my boss has fantastic contacts in new market so obviously i am going to ask for some help from her in finding somewhere :)

If i dont get to ireland for the summer i think i am going to take a year out anyway and go find some work over there as its something ive always wanted to do and if i dont do it whilst ive not got too many commitments i dont think i ever will.

Not sure of the point of this really, feel free to tell me im mad :lol: but yeh...experiences, advice, ideas muchly appreciated!!


12th June 2010, 04:59 PM
Go for your heart and go were you really want to go-you never know when you might never get the chance to go again. Good for you.