View Full Version : Horse on full loan whats involved?

5th June 2010, 11:17 PM
Hi Everyone

I was wanting to ask whats involved in taking on a Full Horse Loan as to Part loan

I have Part loaned before where I did two days a week and only had to pay 20 for those days.

I have been asked through a freind of mine who knows someone on her yard who is looking to put her horse on full loan and has asked me if I was interested, as I have been helping out with my friends horse whenever she needs it, I am an advanced rider anyway and have been around horses all my life, but never owned one as such, now I have the opportunity to I need to know what a Full Loan involves

What would I have to pay out is the main question?

If any could help me out and give me some advice I would be very very gratefull

Thankyou for your time.

5th June 2010, 11:47 PM
Depends on what arrangement the owner wants, but i would expect to pay ALL costs involved if i had a horse on full loan.

6th June 2010, 09:52 AM
Thanks bex

So i guess when you say all costs you mean

Livery Fees
Insurance including riding insurance
Farrier Dentist Worming Etc.

Does it also include any vet bills?

and if I have missed anything out i would be gratefull for any advice.

6th June 2010, 10:05 AM
i have a couple of mine out on full loan and i basically hand FULL responsibility over to them.

They pay me nothing but they are fully in charge of insurance, livery…EVERYTHING. I only retain ownership on paper and ask for regular updates and pictures. Other then that it is as if they own them….just they can be returned if needed.

So no money to me but all the costs out of there own pocket. Most important thing is to make sure that EVERYTHING is covered in a signed and written agreement. Who does what and when and who is in charge, what to happen in the event of an accident, how the horse is to be kept, on what grounds can the owner terminate the agreement etc etc…everything, to cover both you and loaner.

6th June 2010, 10:22 AM
A full loan should really involve all and every cost as if its your own horse. Some owners may want to do the insurance themselves just to be sure they have the right cover and i'd imagin if something happened that wasnt covered by insurance but you didnt have the money the owner may step in.
Some people have horses on full loan but are fortunate enough that the owner is still happy to stump up for some of the bills.
The best you can do is have a chat to whoever is thinking of loaning out and finding out what their expectations are.

11th June 2010, 12:44 PM
Full loans really vary depending on what the owner wants really, so don't expect free rein of the horse as owners adapt it to what they want.

I had a full loan which I then shared with my best friend to spread the costs. The owner wanted us to keep the pony on her private yard, but we paid for everything. She charged us 15 each on top of the cost of keeping him and it worked out really expensive.

We paid for:
-The owners Insurance for him
- Anything else he may need such as headcollars, new buckets etc, but he came with tack and rugs.

However I soon realised we were not getting out money's worth, as we were practically paying to do the jobs for her (as the pony was unfit and lame for 1/2 of the time I loaned him) and she also asked us to put her horses out and feed occasionally muck them out etc! :miffed: What was worse is she went against the loan agreement and cancelled the loan giving us 5 days notice (and I was on holiday at the time) and then she sold him a week later. :scared: :mad:

Anyway, sorry, rant over, the moral of the story is it varies from loaner to loaner. My friend has a full loan and she pays the owner some money per month (unsure how much), but has to pay for everything else and I think this is generally what full loans are about, and she really enjoys it! :) Full loans are generally having the horse as though it was yours but without the initial cost of having to buy it (and the fact that you don't own the horse).

Get everything in writing, and make sure you're clear about what the owner wants and that its what you want :)

Good luck, let us know how it goes :) x