View Full Version : A little bit more on Magic ( and a bit of Basil too!!)

11th June 2010, 07:19 PM
:oops: Sorry, that 2 in a day!! :lol:

Today she came in and had a good groom as she is STILL moulting :roll: its never ending :lol: She also had a bridle path trimmed too :D which is great and has made it easier for me :wink:

Cheryl got me a bargain birthday pressie from Bramham, well for Magic but for me :lol: and here she is modelling it


After her grooming sesh..looking really weedy??!!

AAGghhhhhh!! Headless horse!

Getting shiny!!


Oh and Magics sore as of today..note only one sore now :D

Basil thought Magics new mask was very scary and gawped at her for a bit til he realised that it was stil Magic :pmsl:
Its ok, now I know its Magic :oops:

We know Basil is the oddest horse ever, he has Vitiligo but seems to regressing back to his coloured days and has started to dapple!

Hes so strange as its dappled where he used to be dappled???!! Hes so strange:lol:

Oh and this one because its funny :lol:

11th June 2010, 07:45 PM
Lovely photos!

Magic looks just like she should, growing nicely into herself. Can see little parts of her adult self creeping in :)

Bless Basil! It is possible for horses with Vitilgo to start to reverse their colouring, it is pretty weird! Scottie has it on his neck and shoulders, so far no dapples back :lol:

Lovely to see them

OOoo...Go on, tell me what you can see adult wise on Magic??!!:D

And re Basils Vitiligo, that is sooo weird, we shall have to take loads of pics and compare them later in the year

12th June 2010, 07:24 AM
Thanks for that post!! I would like to point out that I don't usually grope my horse but he really likes being scratched on his sheath! Dirty boy!!

Also his knees aren't usually that colour - we had an incident on the road the other day!!

Bek B
12th June 2010, 11:17 PM
Lovely pics.

Looks like Magic has had a growh spurt behind, looks quite shapely. I bet it won't be long and tha front end will catch up.