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13th June 2010, 01:09 AM
I say owniversary but suppose it should be loaniversary, but ive known from the beginning pretty much that I would be buying this horse, and I own a third of her, slowly working my way to the whole of her- hoping to own her all by the end of the year!

so Leah's birthday 5th June last year, we went out to risebridge to see a horse. I had literally a few days before given up with loan horses after another let down, and had decided just to concentrate on what we had. I deleted all my wanted adverts off of the internet and decided I was happy with what we had. A couple of days later I had a phonecall from a lady who said she had this ex-polo pony she wanted to loan out (to this day we still dont know where she got my number- I had deleted all my adverts, and when she went back on the computer after ringing me she couldnt find my advert again!!) The horse sounded perfect, and the lady on the phone was lovely so I thought what the hey- lets go and look!! Her owner said that we would have a written agreement, and if I didnt get on with the horse she would take her back within a few days, and I wouldnt loose anything. I arranged to go and see her a couple of days later.

Uva was completely not what I was expecting, although she had been reschooled she had been on the polo pitch for the last couple of months, and I had a pretty shocking ride, and said to her owner I would go and think about it! Her owner thought that was it and didnt expect id have her and put her up for sale for Jason Webb (polo player and horse trainer at risebridge) to sell that weekend at the polo tournament they were having.

Trying her out

I rung her that evening to say I would take her!

It probably wasnt ideal, not a match made in heaven- Uva was a fairly fast fit polo horse, I was looking for a bombproof steady cob type! But I was smitten. earlier pics I look at though I was a nervous wreck riding her!!


Uva was quite distant in the field, used to being a polo machine and didnt really see humans as being anything good. She was happy to be groomed and petted but didnt seek out human or horse company!

Its been a rocky year with a move onto livery which didnt suit us, a bit of a confidence crisis with jumping, some rosettes from a few showing classes, me completely regaining my confidence (especially hacking which used to make me sick with fear) a split from my husband that nearly saw me having to give her up. She has kept me so strong through what has been a pretty hell period in my life, and has gone from the scatty polo pony project to the horse I adore today!! I seriously couldnt imagine life without this horse now, and if I had given her up at the beginning of the year I would have given horses up for good.

I am completely indebted to her owner- I was meant to have bought after 3 months of loaning her (so last september) we extended it to Decemeber and obviously with the split have literally only just been able to begin paying for her!

Last saturday (year to the day from going to see her) her owner came to visit. Uva was laid down in her field and I sat with her while chatting to her owner, I hadnt thought much of it, but realised I could never have done that a year ago, and I do that all the time with her now! She then stood up and was nuzzling me and just standing close while I was chatting generally to her owner for nearly an hour! Shes just a completely different horse to the one I got a year ago!!

I just look at this horse everyday and think how lucky I am. And in the snow and ******* rain through the winter I still was happy to be with her! I get the little girl excited feeling about going to spend time with her!! I cannot put into words how much I love this horse, and how much she has helped me this year. She gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning!For fear of getting too soppy I will stop there and post a handful pics from the last year (in no particular order)

A rear- she puts soo much effort into these, like she is going to go reaaally high! This was just excitement jumping

And Leah took some last Saturday for me:

and my fave pic of all- my best friend
(huge thanks to Leah and Karen, my personal photographers ;) )
Thanks for reading- think you deserve big sticky jam donuts for that!

13th June 2010, 07:33 PM
Happy owniversary!! She's absolutely stunning. I'm not usually taken by greys but she's breath taking. Her schooling has come on leaps and bounds too. You should be very proud!!

beks the artist
13th June 2010, 07:42 PM
Happy Owner/Loaner-versary! xx

My Crazy Clan
13th June 2010, 10:25 PM
happy annie, lovely pics.

13th June 2010, 10:49 PM
Oh I love the pics Leah took, she is SUCH a pretty mare. Definately fate ;)

13th June 2010, 10:57 PM
Happy Owny/Loany versary!! She's lovely!!