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26th September 2009, 05:19 PM
Hi,Has any one had any bad experiences with horse share?iam thinking about doing this myself but want some advice 1st,it would be great to hear from any1 with good or bad stories:D

Mungo Madness
26th September 2009, 07:27 PM
I have been a sharer since January 2008, and my first share Mungo was the PERFECT situation for me, and I think it worked out really well for his owner too. We got on really well, and the only reason the share ended was because Mungo had ot be PTS. But, 7 months later I am still in touch with her, and have been and ridden her other horse since. And, when there was a possibility of her aquiring a friends horse, she came to me and asked me that if it did go ahead would I want to share with them again, before even properly deciding on whether or not to get the horse :lol:

But, they had a sharer before me and that was a total nightmare. She was only young, 13/14 at the time, and was basically a total twonk with him, jumped him all the time, hacked places she wasn't allowed too, then got rude and narky when they "fired" her so to speak. That ended very badly :lol:

Shanti was also a good situation, I had the freedom to do what I wanted with her, and I had the support form her owner. Although I have to say I didn't get nearly as much support as I did from Mungos owners, but Shants owner was still lovely. And I am assuming that that worked well too, as when Shanti was sold, her owner asked me if I wanted to share her new horse ;)

So in short, all my personal experiences have been good. But you do get twonks out there, but when it works it works really well, I would say go for it! :D

27th September 2009, 07:47 PM
After I backed my pony I was really hard pushed to get enough time to ride him and my mare. A friend recommended someone who was looking for a horse to ride on weekends. It worked our really well. I did a trial period first to see if we liked each other and to see if she bonded with my finicky mare. After that, she had the use of gemma whenever she liked. She was a lovely lady, got on with Gemma and looked after the tack really well (better than I did). So she just rode and I did all the other day-to-day looking after. I did ask for a contribution for shoes. I felt a bit mean asking for anything, but a more business-like girl at the yard said it was normal to do so.
I think if you can find the right person sharing can work well.

27th September 2009, 08:30 PM
Before you even think about sharing, you should ask yourself what sort of agreement you would like. Write everything down that you would like your sharer to be responsible for. Work out if/how much you would like for a financial contribution. How long do youwant the share to last? How often would you like your sharer to ride? Don't be scared to ask for a reference from a previous share/loan or even a character reference. Often word of mouth can be the best way to find a good, suitable sharer so ask around at your yard or local stables. Shares can work very well if both parties are clear about what is expected of each other from the start of the agreement - always have a written contract before the share starts. Good luck.

18th October 2009, 10:06 PM
Ideally for my 12 yr old in a few mths i would like 1 or 2 days at weekend, and poss 2 nights in the week. Does that sound about right?

19th October 2009, 11:16 AM
i suppose it hinges greatly on if you get along with the sharer and that you both have similar ideas and ways of thinking, a contract is good for anything that involves someone else taking some responsibility for your horse,