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26th August 2010, 01:00 PM
Not your current horse but one that made an impact on you and stays in your heart forever.

For me it was a pony I rode when I was about 13/14 called Kazai. He was a fine Araby type but only about 13.2hh. He rode like a little Arab he was fast and floaty. I loved him to pieces.

Also, just before I got Stan I used to ride another Arab type who was grey called Bella. She was 15hh. She was very like Kazai and exceedingly fast and bucked every so often when you galloped. Riding her was so exciting cos you always felt you were going to die lol!

I think this means i should get a crazy Arab soon :D before i get too old!

26th August 2010, 01:24 PM
Well my obvious choice is Becky even though its only been a week it feels as if she has been gone years but 1 horse that stays with me (literally) is one from our old riding school called Gemma.
She was a lovely mare and was really just used as a brood mare as she had problems with her hips. No one at the school did much with her as you could only ride her in walk and she didnt have a saddle so it was bare back but I loved her. I used to watch over her and was always the one that would take her for in hand walks to graze I would spend hours just sitting with her in her stable she comforted me in times of need and I did the same for her. Not wanting to sound big headed or anything but I was the only one that gave this horse time and she was such a lovely natured girl. She sadly passed on (colic) and a few years ago I was having a 'reading', now, I'm normally fairly sceptical about these things when mediums contact your family from beyond the grave but she suddenly said there is a large brown horse with black legs following you. She described gemma perfectly even her funny gait she said this horse is following you everywhere and apparently animal spirits don't normally stick around so I must have shown her some kindness over the years. SO yes she is the one that is constantly with me.

My Crazy Clan
26th August 2010, 01:27 PM
The horse I will never forget......Miry.





26th August 2010, 01:30 PM
For me it was a gorgeous Grad A SJ'er called Rosie O'Grady. Gorgeous mare who ended up at a dealers yard. This mare was severely cold backed and said dealer had not patience with her at all. All she needed was for the rider to have the patience to let her back relax and then she could go for a ride. This dealer would beat Rosie across the back with a shuvel to get her moving. Rosie was at this dealers yard for at least 6months and during this time she went from a top SJ'er to not even walking over a pole on the ground. I managed to track down an old owner of her's who brought her from the dealer. When she arrived at her new home she was covered in creosote burns :fuming: Old owner then rehabilitated her, got her back to full health and after about 18months Rosie was happily jumping small courses again. Sadly I then lost touch as they moved away.
This mare went through so much and had her soul totally defeated but with the kindness of an old owner came back to health and back to what she previously adored - jumping :)


26th August 2010, 01:34 PM
This mare which everyone should know :(
Hannah had a huge impact on my life and I miss her everyday :( I really wish I hadn't given up on her and then when she was for sale I bought her. Really hate myself for letting her go!


My three favourite photos of her :(

26th August 2010, 01:46 PM
I miss Hannah too :(

The horse that had the biggest impact on me was a grey cob called Blue, I used to ride him in the riding school when I was about 8 or 9.

He had a wall eye and wasn't a very attractive looking pony but I thought he was fab, he was so lazy but I loved him x

26th August 2010, 02:19 PM
sabre an old pony i looked after for the last 6 months of his life on our yard his owners abondoned him and he stayed on yard about 6 yrs he was an old riding school boy and i loved him he was sooo funny and greedy

aero bolshie boy he never really clicked with me but i loved him to bits he was a cheeky boy and used to make me laugh i always keep in touch with his new owners he is doing great the hardest thing ever to let him go but it was about him not me and i did the right thing he is doing allsorts he liked theese people who he is with when they came to see him

26th August 2010, 02:21 PM
This little lady, Paws:

For so many reasons!

She was really gutsy - she was tiny, only about 14.2, but had the heart of a lion. She didn't have much talent, really, but she won races because she was so determined. We got on extremely well, I just adored her and she seemed to try extra hard for me.

She was really nimble and fun to ride. Always full of 'go' and never lazy, but she had perfect manners and was very level-headed. You could canter her down a long hill and stop within 3 strides whenever you felt like it.

She was also completely safe and confidence-giving. I met her just as I was starting to drive Vinny a bit, but he was quite scary for a beginner! Paws on the other hand was very easy. She didn't pull, she did exactly what you asked her and she never made mistakes. She gave me confidence at a time when I really needed it!

26th August 2010, 02:22 PM
Oh and looking at those photos reminded me how incredibly cute she is! Doesn't the haircut suit her?

26th August 2010, 03:11 PM
hmmmm. All the horses from my past have left an impact on me, each for different reasons, but an arab stallion called Kheruella stands out because he was such a darling under saddle and on the ground. Although he used to jog everywhere, he didn't pull, was lively to ride but always safe. I have never had a riding lesson in my life, and it was him that I "taught" myself to jump on. Who said arabs cant jump?


26th August 2010, 06:56 PM
My first loan pony Lucky made a big difference on my life. He was 30 when i started loaning him and he really made me apriciate older horses. I did a lot of my learning 'firsts' on him. He died at the age of 31 (i was 7) due to the owner waiting 10 days before calling the vet when he got barbed wire in his eye as well as Lami. He was a total poppet, i miss him so much.

After Lucky died I loaned a shetty x called Tilly. The YO didnt want to sell her because she liked her marking, but she was a **** in the school (YO owned an riding school) she used to throw everyone off! her bucking was really something else! I dont know if she ever had her back ect checked, 99% sure she didnt, but I recon it was more down to not being brought on properly. The YO was very pushy for me to have her as i was the only person that stayed on!

In the end it was good for me as she took my mind off of Lucky and my seat is miles better than it would have been. I loaned her for 3 years and never chucked me off! my best achievement to date! We did showing, dressage, jumping ect. and she turned out to be a perfect childrens ride. We went through so much together I will never forget her.
what makes me really sad though, is I left that yard in bad circumstances and i saw her in the field a few months ago. She's 18 now, been in the riding school 12 years.

My latest loan horse who moved away a few weeks ago made a big impact. I improved my riding by miles with her, and i gained confidence with bigger horses!

26th August 2010, 07:09 PM
Fozzy, I very rarely ride him now - just the occasional lesson.

I started my riding on him and he taught me SO much. He's so patient, lovely natured. Just the best horse i've ever come across - and also makes me laugh a lot too.

I love him and STILL wish he was my horsie <3

Ambers Mum
26th August 2010, 07:16 PM
Its funny because no horse or pony has ever had the impact on me that Sov has, not even Mony. I have waited so many years to get her and she has been the one I have never forgotten even when I didn't see her for several years, you can imagine my face when I found out she had been sold to my friend and turned up on our farm. Karl buying her was the best present in the world. Not pony or horse will ever be so deeply wedged in my heart.
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs004.snc1/2803_1153723362374_1206377093_30415430_5294342_n.j pg

26th August 2010, 07:20 PM
It has to be Ed. I've not been riding long but its all thanks to Ed that I'm riding at all. I'd always wanted to ride but was never in a position to do so. Unfortunately when I was in 2007, I fell off on my second ever lesson and broke my pelvis :ashamed:

Anyway in 2008 OH'S manager asked me if I still wanted to learn how to ride because if I did she'd teach me on her horse Ed. The rest is history :D but if wasn't for Ed I'd not be in the position I am in today, riding and owning my own horse Belle. He restored my very shattered confidence and I loved him dearly and still do, he holds a special place in my heart.

I can't tell you how scared I was taking my feet out the stirrups !!!




and it got worse no saddle at all !!!




Thank you Ed :thumbsup::worship:

26th August 2010, 07:29 PM
This boy;


He belonged to the same people as Mac and I always had a soft spot for him, he was a true gentle giant and looked after me a lot plus he used to whinney every time he saw me. I've always said if I ever came close to loving a horse as much as I love Mac, it was Paddy. I still see him when I'm home.

26th August 2010, 07:43 PM
The first pony i owned - Tariq. A 3/4 arab gelding who was a little **** when i first got him, he was a rescued pony who had no experience in anything so we learnt together. I sold him about 4 years ago to a lovely family where i can see him every now and then. I miss him so much but i know he is in a wonderful home


Ambers Mum
26th August 2010, 07:50 PM
OMG How young were you Sully? Lovely pony xx

26th August 2010, 08:37 PM
I have two ofcourse.
Not very long ago but they are special to me.

The first is my lovely Toffee of course ♥
This little pony gave me my confidence back after some really bad experiences, when I was just about to give up. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be riding today.

And can you guess the special boy in my life?
Think really really hard...

Yes incase you haven't already guessed!
The love of my life, the one that could never ever be replaced
the one and only


What would I have done in Japan without him?
He was the best thing that happened to me out there.

26th August 2010, 09:38 PM
OMG How young were you Sully? Lovely pony xx

i was about 10/11 hehe :)

26th August 2010, 11:03 PM
mine was one of my first ponies, he was a 13.2hh strawberry roan called tramp, we had the most amazing bond i did a lot of prince phillip games as a kid and he was fantastic then when he got older he started spooking a lot, we took him to the vets and he diagnosed cataracts and told me he was to dangerous to ride. that pony carried on letting only me ride him, hacking and games for a further 2 years as we trusted each other so much i was like his white stick, he then went out to a loan home as a companion. he suffered kidney problems and the decision was made to have him put to sleep but the day before the vet was due to arrive he stuck his head out the door and saw the new companion turn up, laid down and went peacfully as if he knew he was no longer needed.. i miss him every day xx

26th August 2010, 11:23 PM
Mine was a pony called Mischief who I rode for some friends. I'd ridden her while they were trying to sell her, and she'd been really good just a tiny bit girthy. She was sold to some people who after a week brought her back saying she had bucked off their child and was awful. I don't know what happened in that week but Mischief was completely different. When tacking her up she would swing around and try to kick you with her back legs, you had to do anything so slowly. She cornered me in the stable once and kicked me. Ridden she would put the most massive bucks in when you asked her to canter.

I carried on riding her when I could and spent a long time gaining her trust. We worked out it was saddle related (with hindsight I imagine her back needed some serious work) so put her in a felt saddle - sitting those bucks pretty much bareback with stirrups did wonders for my seat and I never came off her.

Sadly, they sold her as they had too many ponies. I was just about to do my GCSEs and didn't have enough money saved up to buy her. I really wish I'd just borrowed some from my parents, but then I suppose then I never would have got Blossie and Bella.

These are from the very last time I rode her - I was gutted because the pictures came out really dark..

Mischief gave me my love of problem ponies - she taught me that with patience and common sense you could gain a pony's trust. By the end she would let me tack her up with no drama, and drop into canter beautifully. I know that she's in a good home now too which is nice

27th August 2010, 12:01 AM
Jasper! The slowest pony in the riding school I learned to ride at. Nobody else liked him but I was absolutely besotted. I still have a necklace somewhere with his name on :love: I'd love to know what happened to him.

Massive cringe at this photo but in my defence I had just jumped on for my photo taking so the stirrups were far too long and he was just wandering off, hence the mouth and my ridiculous hands/arms:lol: Looking at that now, I can't half see bits of him in Saffy :)

Obviously Rookie will always have a huge place in my heart but Dahlia is another one. My first loan horse in Dubai, I adored her. Lovely floaty arab girlie who'd been passed from pillar to post. She was so much fun but the riding school owner sold her from under me when she realised she could make a bit of money.

Horse Mad Mum
27th August 2010, 08:58 AM
i used to ride a mare ct the riding school called penny or lady penelope to be posh she taught me so much and loved to lump i could do anything with her if she had still lived i would have jumped ct the chance to buy her she was one in a million i often think about her x

27th August 2010, 10:43 AM
Pie will always be my baby, I hope one day we can be reunited, it was sad how he was just taken away from me and sold. I miss him. No photos sadly, which I always kick myself for. Unless theres any in the attic but I wouldn't be able to scan them in anyway, I'll save that for another day :)

Lucky - He was a strawberry roan, old pony at the riding school, he looked after me, he wasn't the prettiest pony but to me he was the best pony a little girl could wish for, I knew him before Pie. I used to do best turned out on him and we come 2nd from last out of about 15 but I didn't care, I thought he was beautiful! I have old photos somewhere, again I can't scan them in but could possibly take photo of a photo if I find them. :)

Rocky - My special, special boy. We had such a bond, he was owned by the lady that loaned me Annie. I felt I could go places with him, I used to ride him for his owner and out of the 30 ponies she had, he was my baby. I always secretly hoped I could save up and buy him. He was cheeky and had his quirks but he was lovely with it. I remember I hadn't been down to see him for a couple of weeks and I rang up to say i'd be popping down but then got told the that Rocky had escaped the field the previous night, along with some other ponies but it was Rocky that went on to the road and was hit by an on coming lorry. I remember how I cried and cried and I couldn't sleep, just thinking about my baby how he was only 5 and we had so much future to do together, it just didn't seem fair. I will always think about him because of his tragic ending, I miss him so much. I still think why Rocky? Anyway, here he is my little man xxx


He would never stand!



And of course my gorgeous Annie, who has touched a huge part of my heart, I will always love her for the little monkey she was.
I've never had a pony who I honestly felt adored me like she did, she loved her mum :) She was just a bit silly, she was young and not the best
pony for my nerves! We had some pretty special moments though. She was one in a million.


I loved her lots :)

27th August 2010, 12:36 PM
Gosh, this is turning into such a poignant thread. All these stories are so touching and kind of sad and happy at the same time. Thanks to all posters for sharing such treasured memories.

Keep them coming folks.

2nd September 2010, 03:32 PM
I used to have lessons on a pony called Thistle. He was a little chestnut NF with a flaxen mane and tail. I loved him to bits - no one else at the riding school did tho! They thought he was ugly :( He had a lovely nature and I remember feeling indestructible when I rode him - even when I fell off!!

I'd ridden loads of other ponies at that riding school but don't remember any of their names, just Thistle!

chance encounter
2nd September 2010, 03:55 PM
If not including my wonderful Chance it would be Pebbles my daughters first show pony who we bought when she was eight. He taught her everything she knows, was a saint of a pony although he wouldnt jump, Chance taught her all that but he was such a wonderful first pony. When we went to see him he was in a field right next to a road (quieter road mind) but the girl just shouted on him brought him out the gate and he stood perfectly still till she put the headcollar on. When we had went to see other ponies the thing that frightened my daughter most was how quickly they would shoot their feet up to be picked up, he was as good as gold and before you got him to his foot he would have it dangling waiting. I got quite worried as there was no one there to ride him as the girl was too big for him so I had to pop her on and let her walk him up the road a bit and he was as good as gold. She took him hunting and everything and as a part arab you would have thought he would be full of himself but he always looked after her no matter what.

He was such a brilliant pony that when we had to sell him we did say we would have first refusal. I always felt obliged to him as I brought him all the way from Scotland when we moved to England. She did contact me years later to ask if I would take him back as she was having some problems at the time so I sorted it all out for him to come back to me then she managed to sort things out for herself.

2nd September 2010, 06:50 PM
Mine would be my first loan boy Red, who I loaned from the riding school. He was an OAP and was slowing down in the school as he was in 24/7 and not ridden much so was stiffening up and couldnt jump so people didnt want to ride him any more, and the fewer people rode him the stiffer he got- vicious circle. He was always my favourite and I never thought I would have the option to loan him! He was fat, unfit and looked pregnant when I got him but I adored him!! He was an ex dressage horse, and if you didnt ride him right he was slop around and do very little, but the right aids and he was working like a pro. With some help I slowly increased his work load until we were jumping 2ft courses again, and was much slimmer, with a glossy coat and a twinkle in his eye! The more I rode him the better he got and the more he was used in the riding school, I adore him, and I was gutted when I had to give him up on loan- I was coming up to alevels plus he was being used far more in the school so I was no longer needed. I went back and saw him a few months later and he was back in the same condition that I started loaning him in- fat, unfit and unloved, and again noone wanted to ride him in lessons. Was so very sad. He is now retired and went to live away from the riding school, he must be in his 30s have seen some pics of him looking fabulous and happy so I content myself with that. I wish I had never given him up on loan though, and if I knew his wearabouts I would offer him a home back with my herd tomorrow.

2nd September 2010, 09:26 PM

Ooh Gem, gorgeous! My idea of pony perfection :D

2nd September 2010, 09:39 PM
The horse that meant the most to me (before Till) was a 13.3 part arab mare called Moggy. My mum and dad couldn't afford riding lessons and my horse addiction was never encouraged or met with any interest. So I used to bike it to a yard a few miles away (or my lovely Grandad would give me lifts in winter) where I'd do days of stable duties and give all my pocket money to treat Moggy as my own a couple of days per week.




She was broken late as an 8 year old and was a little madam. I think she gave me my love of moody chestnuts :lol: Daytona will vouch for me what a little ****** she was, but I loved her to bits and we had an amazing bond right up until she was sold without me knowing :(

2nd September 2010, 09:46 PM
My old horse Mr Mac! He was only 4 when we got him 4 years ago and sold him a year later to a lovely lady who is now doing BE at pre-novice level with him! He was such a dope!
such a handsome chap!

Bay Chaos
3rd September 2010, 08:25 AM
For the older members, this little madam needs no introdction!



damn you arthritis.... RIP :(

3rd September 2010, 12:34 PM
Marcus, a non-descript, hairy dun pony at my first ever riding school. Everything was a bit shabby and run-down there, including the horses, but Marcus had that spark that made him stand out a bit - in retrospect there was nothing special about him at all, but he was just so lovely to ride compared to the other ponies - forward going, responsive, had a comfortable canter, and he had moments of bombing off or bucking to liven things up - but only EVER when he could feel that the rider was balanced. He was one of those that looked after a beginner, and asked a bit more of someone more experienced. I loved him to bits, spent hours grooming the hairy beast. He taught me to ride, I will never forget him.

I guess he must have died long ago, he was in his twenties when I was riding him fifteen years ago.

Poppy and Harmony
3rd September 2010, 12:35 PM
15hh-ish hairy, skewbald cob :love:
I used to ride him regularly at the riding school, he would take off with me, buck, refuse to go forward and even put me in hospital once but I loved him sooo much! I still see him occasionally when I go past his field :)

6th September 2010, 11:23 AM
The horse that meant the most to me (before Till) was a 13.3 part arab mare called Moggy. My mum and dad couldn't afford riding lessons and my horse addiction was never encouraged or met with any interest. So I used to bike it to a yard a few miles away (or my lovely Grandad would give me lifts in winter) where I'd do days of stable duties and give all my pocket money to treat Moggy as my own a couple of days per week.




She was broken late as an 8 year old and was a little madam. I think she gave me my love of moody chestnuts :lol: Daytona will vouch for me what a little ****** she was, but I loved her to bits and we had an amazing bond right up until she was sold without me knowing :(

OMG Claire Moggy was awesome and yes she certainly was a madam and the way her owner treated you (and Moggy) in the end was completley dispiccable and unforgivable.

6th September 2010, 12:32 PM
My perfect pony, Cops.. now none of you saw THAT one coming did you haha!
He was and always will be my one in a million - I love him to beyond words.. He taught me everything, took me from a terrified straight out of dodgy riding schools, to flying round XC's without a single fear, I knew he was as honest as the day is long and put my all into him and he gave back ten-fold.. He was sadly put to sleep in his mid 30s when old age finally took its toll on him..
RIP my gorgeous lad.. xxx


28th September 2010, 12:15 PM
The horse i will never forget was my first loan horse called Sirus a little 13hh black cob. He used to follow me everywhere and he taught me a hell'a lot of things. Sadly the man who owned him wanted to sell him and at the time we didnt have any money to buy him
:( Miss him so so so much

Zeitgeist Mom
28th September 2010, 04:03 PM
Of course my main one will always be King Louis - best horse I ever owned.

But the one I can't get out of my head is Mickey, the horse I nearly bought but didn't. It wouldn't have been sensible, I know, but there was just something about him. :( http://www.equine-world.co.uk/horse-forums/showthread.php?t=12951&highlight=mickey

19th October 2010, 12:08 PM
one horse and one pony
the pony was an arab or arab x called china tea at a riding stables near exeter
i used to love him but was never at a level to ride him ,when i was good enough after we had moved to london ,we were down on holiday with parents he had been retired ,i was convised that he was going to be shot so i ran away to save him ,still remember which one was his stable ,and explaining to the police i was running away to save a pony was interesting ,my father rang the stables and they said that he would have a happy retirement no pics i'm afraid
the horse was more recently,shire horse x ,he belonged to someone who my daughter was looking after horses for,their marrage fell apart ,and he was a bit of an evil b****d ,daughter couldn't keep going because of the risk of violence ,i went around to see the horses and both of them were tethered on nothing but buttercups ,there was 7 acres there ,but he wouldn't mend the fences i made a fuss of them and had to leave ,told me to phone who i wanted as he'd get me back, i could buy them 3 thousand each ,paddy walked with me to the end of the tether ,and stood and watched me go,i got home and couldn't sleep for days and kept crying,i really felt as if i had betrayed him and still do ,i couldn't help there was nowhere to keep him ,afterwards they got back together and he went to stables ,they were reported ,but they were told as they were gaining weight there was nothing they could do
both horses have been sold now they were sold about 2 and half years ago ,they both have good homes ,the chap is serving 7 years i think for gbh after an offence this year ,against a woman ,i would buy him in a heartbeat if i got the chance ,huge ,hairy and a plodder but honest as the day is longand a horse i'll never forget

19th October 2010, 12:53 PM
Dennis :( He was absolutley the best horse i could of ever gotten, he might not of been a posh or impressive looking horse but everything was always fun with him and he would try his heart out,

after having ollie for so long now where everything is hardwork and difficutl and a battle i miss dennis so much

there is also two horses i should of bought but didnt, i ended up with two really nice horses anyway but one was a mega HOYS quality arab but was still quite young and i was still only about 12 and watning to mess about going XC and stuff and she was a little too delicate for that, antoher was a mega dun and white cob who would of done so well in the show ring he was just a little expensive

impatient pixie
20th October 2010, 09:18 PM
Pickles, a 12.2 NF x

I absolutely loved him.

He belonged to a girl who liveried him at the riding school I rode at and she had him for about 3 years. I got to ride him when she went on holiday and then she sold him to the riding school and I got to ride him every week.
A couple more years down the line and the owner decided to sell up and I begged my parents for him but they just couldn't afford him. :(
I often wondered for years what happened to him.
I still remember the day his original owner rode him into the yard to hand him over to the girl at my yard.

12th January 2011, 09:31 PM
the horse i can't forget is a piebald cob called poppy i had her on loan for 5yrs after to years of convincing my boss(the yard owner) she was the right 1 for me no1 liked her for sum reason and the yard owner hated her as she always tanked off with every1
it all started with my thursday lesson poppy was new and from the moment i saw her i fell in love every thursday i would ride her on my lesson and garanted i wold end up on the floor lol i started helping out at weekend and friday after school i would get a free lesson off the yard owner owhen i left school the yard owner offerd me a job and the best thing ever poppy on loan i dont think i have ever been that happy we got on great and we had an amazing bond she would do anything for me and started to work lovely even 1 off the yard owners friends watched us in the outdoor then when we came over she said to the yard owner i would love to have ago of her and she replyed poppy never goes like that with any1 else i was so proud of my lil girl
till the day i left my job and had to leave the best thing in the world poppy she she has owners in spain and they wont sell her i regret that day still to this day and its 6 yrs ago
any sorry for going on lol but this is very close to my heart here she is

15th January 2011, 04:26 AM
Beth was a 14.2hh connemara x section D. Very wily and crafty. She was my favourite ride for about four years in my teens. I worked for rides on the trekking yard and always tried to ride her if possible. She was as good as gold on the road, even taking lead rein pupils on hacks but get her onto the gallops or on the beach and watch out. She'd wait until she was well into her stride and you let your guard down and then would drop her off-side shoulder and I would end up on the floor. The stupid thing was I knew she did it every time and I nearly always fell for it. It got to be a bit of a joke and when they were sorting out clients and horses the proprietor used to say "Oh, put (my name) on Beth. She doesn't mind when she comes off". ("When", you note, not "if".)

Beth certainly taught me a valuable lesson - never be complacent where horses are concerned. When she tipped me off she always stopped and waited for me to get back on but I'll swear she was laughing.

My other favourites are my current two. The Old Girl and the Wonder Horse. The OG taught me a lot even though I had been riding for nearly 40 years when I met her. The WH I knew and rode from when he was 4&1/2 and first came into work on his current yard. I was the first client to hack him out although by that time he was used to it. That first day we were walking along the road minding our business when a fire engine came roaring round the corner towards us. To give the driver his due he turned off the bells and whistles and slowed down a bit but I thought my last moment had come. The WH calmly took in the scene and carried on regardless without even the slightest shy. That was the moment when I decided that if he ever came up for sale I would buy him. And I did when he was 9 years old and he has never let me down (except once, while I was away and against my express instructions, he was fed barley, to which he is severely intolerant, with the result that he put me in hospital the next time I rode him).

17th January 2011, 03:22 PM
Flambards of course. I had him for two years before leaving him behind in South Africa, and it was one of the most heartbreaking things I've had to do. He just could read me like a book - he had plenty of tricks up his sleeve to bring me down a peg when I got too full of myself, but when I needed a friend and a safe ride, he was 100% reliable.

I wish I'd owned him a few years later, knowing what I know now. He was an incredible horse and I can't help but feel like I could have done better by him - but he was my first horse, and he was a learning experience. And I fully appreciate him for that.

Brithdir Barrd
17th January 2011, 08:37 PM
Brithdir Barrd or Jake as you know him!!! Never forget him, he will always be my favourite horse and some days I do regret letting him go, but they love him so much. I do really miss him!

17th January 2011, 08:49 PM
It will always be Shauny.

Still miss him every day, and I can't believe it's been nearly 6 whole months since I said goodbye to him. I still get a lump in my throat every time I think of him, and as much as I know it was the right decision to stop having him on loan, as the situation changed - I still regret giving him up and keep feeling like I've let him down and should have stuck with him.
He was nothing amazing - but we had fun. We went out on big long hacks, had so many laughs, he taught me to sit his spontaneous bursts of energy which would go upwards instead of forward, and he taught me what it truly was to build a bond and make progress.
When I first began loaning him - he was very anti social, never used to acknowledge people coming to see him unless they had food, was rude to handle and would do nothing except follow the horse infront. As we learnt from each other, I found the side of him many people never got to saw - his fun, loving side which he would give to people if they gave him the chance and although we had little time to work on his ridden stuff, by the time we finally finished, he was starting to get brave, lead hacks and even started to enjoy a canter/gallop infront.

I owe him a lot, and hopefully maybe one day our paths will cross once again.



18th January 2011, 11:31 AM
Mine is was a little old welsh grey mare called sugar, barely 11hh. Apparently in her hay day she was always in the ribbons as a show pony. In my teenage years i helped at a local yard and fell in love with her. I used to lead her out on rides and for lessons. I never bothered with a lead rein as she would go every where i went.

I started to teaching the little uns to ride. It was always amusing when sugar had a fairly competent rider on board and didn't have a leader, she would always turn in and stand beside me in the middle of the school!

All the other helpers looked after ponies/horses who they could ride but fell in love with her as soon as i saw her.

She was such a sweet heart, i would sit in her stable where she would come over and rest her chin on my shoulder.

One in a million, she sadly got attacked by another horse in the field and never came sound so was pts.

Zeitgeist Mom
18th January 2011, 01:23 PM
Flambards looks sooo much like King Louis!

Bright Sparkx
18th January 2011, 01:39 PM
A horse from college called collin a tb ex racer, i'll never forget him he was my favourite horse at college who i seemed to have a real conection with, i trusted him with my life and would have brought him home at the drop of a hat, and when times got hard through college id always go and see him and he always managed to cheer me up :)

18th January 2011, 09:44 PM
A fleabitten grey gelding connemaraX called Mistral. I first met him when I was about 11. He was the yard grumpy boy as he was abused at his previous home. He would bite, kick and lunge at anything that would walk past his stable or even talk to him. One day I was assigned his stable group to muck out. I got his headcollar and very slowly edged into his stable. He did not bat an eyelid and let me walk straight up to him, no flat back ears, no threats or anything. I fell madly in love that day!! From that day on, it was always ''Emma and Mistral'' or ''Emma and her noble steed''
I thought it was fate. He was the same age as me, and he joined the stables about 3 months before I did. When I was 16 I left to go to college. I spent four years there and always planned on going back to the stables, but never really did. I then found out a couple of years ago, that he had to be put to sleep.
I will never forget my miserable boy! I never can or will and I have a good war wound to remind me of him!! One day he was in a very bad mood and cornered me in his stable. He kicked out full force and got me on the left upper thigh and my left lower arm. Even now years on I have a good scar and a horseshoe shaped dent in my arm! I love you mistral, RIP baby xxxxxxx


18th January 2011, 11:34 PM
Really lovely post! Loved reading all your replies!

The first horse I remeber was when I was four, a little grey pony called Muff that lived in a paddock on his own up the road from our house. My mum and I used to walk up the lane and feed Muff bread. From that day I have had a love of horses!
i also remeber, Trigger a little black pony, that used to belong to my cousins who were too small to ride him. I used to ride Trigger bareback down the meadows and race the liners as they came up the ship canal. My auntie saw me and banned me from the meadows in case I fell in the canal. It was great, Trigger really felt like my own pony when I used to go and stay on their farm in the holidays.
I have no pics of the ponies of my childhood (No,one wanted to take my photo!) boohoo!:(:cheekywink:
So here is a pic of the love of my life, Kissie! (Thanks Jane for making me remember the ponies of my past!:)

4th November 2011, 12:37 PM
When I was in nursery (before the hype over health and safety) police on the old Clydes came in and I was like a foot tall and was the only one who went near them. the policeman put me on this horse and lead me round for a bit, my mum was completely hysterical but I loved it. He was a big old piebald who inspired my love not just for horses but for those big gentle giants especially. My mum has a video clip of it but it shakes so much because I'm perched on top of this horse that is easily over 17hh and she's petrified. :)

4th November 2011, 06:33 PM
Mine was an old chestnut Oldenburg gelding called "Piri", his real name was "Piraeus".
He only had one eye due to an ectomy after he had a serious inflammation of the vitreous body. :(
Although he was 28 years old and had only one eye left, we had lots of funny and fast hacks and sometimes he bucked so powerful just for the devilment ...
... and made me falling off sometimes !!! :pmsl:

We cantered over the field, without saddle, just with the headcollar, and we had so much fun together over a period of 2 years, unbelievable !!! :innocent:
And it makes me very sad every time I'm thinking of him again !
He had to be put down due to laryngeal cancer, after two dumb vets were not able to make the right diagnosis and only floated Piris teeth three times ! :mad::mad::mad:

4th November 2011, 11:13 PM
The pony I miss the most ...
This guy



Been about a year and a half since the last time I saw him, and it's still not got much easier. I still have to avoid pictures/videos of him, because it always brings a lump to my throat, and the other day I had a riding lesson at university on a pony who looked just like him and almost started crying then and there.

He didn't stand out, he wasn't super talented and he could be very naughty when he put his little mind to it, he was stubborn just like me. But some of the best times of my life I had with that little guy, I still remember the good times me and my friend had riding our two over the country, having a laugh every day and just having fun.

5th November 2011, 09:17 AM
There are many but two really stand out as they both taught me so much and were both with me the longest.
Mudeford Bounty Boy (Bounce) - NF 14.1.
Dad paid for him before he was born, I was there when he was born, and loved him from the moment he was born.
Dark bay, small stripe and a snip, 2 front socks and 2 back coronets,
I was 8 and we learnt a lot together. Trust was never a issue, and most of my 'firsts' were done on this pony.
This is the one that I could jump a whole sj course on without any tack, who trusted me enough to jump through fire, who would do gymkhana games without any imput from me( he knew the flag was 3 times, I'd tie my reins in a knot, grab some mane and leave it to him. My job was to grab the flag and out it in the bucket. There was no stopping him with his tight turns around the buckets. )He'd give 200% in whatever I asked of him.

Misty of Dilton(Red) - NF -Reddest chestnut I've ever seen. Not a white hair on him,Mane at least 2 foot long, foreloc past his nostrils and tail on the ground. He was for sale as a nightmare to control, scared of his own shadow, completely unpredictable and not suitable for any child to ride. BUT he could jump ANYTHING!
It took an awful lot of persuasion, tears, tantrums, the lot to get my dad to buy him until we struck a deal. The first time I had to go to hospital he was shot!
The falls I had off him were too numerous to count and the times i had to not only go to hospital but was admitted were well into double figures, but gradually he became safer in all aspects.
Boy could he jump! Stags had nothing on him, we jumped farm trailers, huge xc and sj courses the lot. I not only competed in 14.2 and under but in Open classes and his reputation grew. We started doing bigger and bigger competitions and people asked me to ride their horses in shows so the area we competed in grew. I competed against Harvey Smith, David Broome, Marion Mold, etc.
I loved him to bits and he'd always tried his best, loved his work, never ever refused. Yes now and then we would knock one down, but being smaller than most of them he was fast and nippy so against the clock we were always placed.
I loved my 'donkey' - Harvey Smiths name for him.

5th November 2011, 09:57 AM
One pony I will never ever forget is Mickey my welshxArab I mentioned in Eeeks thread. He was bought from the awuction, had some real issues, but came right in the end and I adored him. Stunning to look at, tried his heart out at everything once he trusted us and the day I was going to take him out on his first big hack with the riding school (20+ horses) I was tacking him up he reared and collapsed having broken his leg, I was devastated and feel so guilty about it, I was tacking him up in the grroming area because I had left the hose on in his stable and flooded it. I had tacked him up in the grooming area before with no problems but soemthing spooked him. If I hadn't have flooded his stable he would probably still be here :(

The other pony who I will never ever forget is Poppy. I sold her on after getting a bit big and knowing she needed work to maitain her lami. She came to me when I sold my coloured mare, she reminded me of my old pony who tried to kill me and I was skeptical, not wanting to admit I was wary of her I perservered. Alot of her mannerisms were like Phoebe and it worried me I had just got a mini version of her.

It turned out unlike Phoebe who had some real mental issues, Poppy was just frightened, I moved her 3 times and that was the best thing I could have done for her, she had been passed from person to person and had lost all faith in people because there was always someone different at the other end. The 3 times I moved her I was there and her trust and our bond just bloomed.

I should never have sold her, she went to someone who promised me no matter what she would never be sold, she went with instructions on how to overcome everything she threw at them but they kept phoning asking what to do, I was patient and reeled off and that problem would be fixed. In the end they had someone riding her who said she was a terrible pony and they should get rid, I got a call from her on the usual witheld number saying if I didn't buy her back she would go to auction, as that was said my battery died and I still don't know what has happened to her. She went to Kent and it's like a black hole for ponies down there I am gutted miss her and feel terrible if she came back around somehow I would have her back and have her home, especially now we have little people around to keep her in some work.

Sorry girlie, I wish I knew what happened in the end...


5th November 2011, 10:07 AM
The pony I miss riding most was a little monster at the riding school I used to go to when I was younger - he was a gorgeous little palomino welsh thing (not sure how he ended up at a riding school!) and was very opinionated! Looked like a proper dream pony, big white star, pink nose, flowing mane and tail, white socks - I was in love!
I absolutely adored him because I seemed to be the only kid there who he'd actually let ride him - he loved to do random broncs round the school and suddenly go from 0 - 60 until his rider was off, but with me he never even tried! We got on so well together, we did all the little riding school competitions - jumping, bending races, relays etc, and won loads of them. I always got given him to ride because we got on so well and I remember an instructor saying "at least this way nobody will end up on the floor today!"
He was a little superstar but when I got my own pony I stopped going.
The great thing though, is that a couple of years ago we moved house to just round the corner from the riding school, and I remember being over the moon when we rode past one day and I saw him running about in the fields - god knows how he's still there! So it's lovely because I can pop by and see him in the fields with his friends and stop and talk to him.

7th November 2011, 09:10 PM
the pony i most definately can't forget from my past has to be fozzy! i got him when i was going through a hard time at school, and even after a really bad day he always made me smile, hes such a loving boy and always wanted to please. although i spent most of the first year been bolted with. my little cousin could ride him and he would be like a donkey no matter what he was like with me. i had him for just short of 5 years and it had to be the most rewarding 5 years. hes very much missed but i know hes really well loved now:)


7th November 2011, 10:50 PM
^ I so wish I could view those photos. Much love to the Fozzy :D <3

8th November 2011, 06:51 AM
Awwww there's a few. The Maximus monster, Shiraz, Dakota, MJ and Spooky.

I didn't know Maximus for all that long, but he left an impression on me. He was no older than 2, chestnut sabino paint horse with a baldy face. And he was CHEEKY.
He was unbroken, but he was a blast to play with in the paddock. He'd always come tearing up to the gate whenever he saw you.
He was a terror to keep in though, had no respect for electric fencing. I miss him. . I wish I knew where he was. I hope my mentor still has him.

Shiraz was the first horse I ever really formed a bond with. I did some work with this horse alongside my mentor. He was a big, lanky bay Appy. Snowcap or something, I think. I'm not terribly knowledgeable about Appy patterns. I went for my first gallop on this horse, and he helped me break through some major boundaries with some issues I was having at the time.
I considered buying him when the owners put him up for sale, but it just didn't work out, he sold too quickly. I will miss him forever. :(

Dakota was my mentor's mare. . his pride and joy. She was a lovely dapple grey QH. He let me ride her from time to him, which was a huge privilege. She was so responsive. Unfortunately, she had arthritis in some of her joints, and the medication she was on scrambled her brain. Poor lady ended up quite dangerous. She began to rear when mounting and dismounting if you weren't extremely careful, and often would flip herself over. She was retired and sold as a broodmare. The only horse I have ever bawled over being sold. . and we sold A LOT of horses.


MJ, or Mighty Joe, was a school horse at the riding school I used to work at. He was a Clydesdale x QH, and wasn't used all that often, as he was a bit jumpy. Experienced riders only, or trails on a lead. I began riding him in lessons and fell in love. He was the kindest horse, and so honest.
When the school shut down, the owners sold most of the horses, and I told the boss I would buy him. However, the boss loves his dollars, and another girl that used to ride him offered him a larger sum than the asking price and bought him out from under me.
She then proceeded to dump him in a paddock and let him go to waste.
She finally sold him, years later, but by that time I could no longer afford the purchase price.



My Spooky-butt. Awwww I miss him :(
After I first got the job that I'm working in now, I was asked to bring a couple of ex-racers into work so they could be sold. Spooky was one of those horses. . . He was a sweetheart, and had a wonderful work ethic. Green as green, as he hadn't been ridden since retiring from racing, but he never once put a foot wrong, aside from the occasional spook, the big sook.
Another one that I longed to buy. . I was offered him for free, with the terms being that I just work for his food. But being a fulltime uni student, and Spooks being a hard-to-keep-weight-on Thoroughbred, I didn't have the time to work enough to cover his feed, let alone to keep him in work at the same time. It would not have been fair to him for me to keep him, so I had to let the boss sell him. I miss him every day. I felt more at home riding him than I did my own horse.

http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207995_10150209658104274_646069273_8414432_277560_ n.jpg

http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/166847_10150126812309274_646069273_7786891_6991865 _n.jpg

Sorry for the essay! There's a lot more, but these five in particular, I'll never forget.

14th November 2011, 10:35 PM
Sally - the first Clydesdale I ever rode, and my first share horse.

We didn't really do much, other than muck about, go for short hacks around the yard with my mate Susan and her horse Harry, or simply chill out in the yard, but she was the sweetest, quietest horse I've yet come across.

15th November 2011, 12:43 AM
Northy for me, of course :)

I used to ride & take care of him when I lived in Japan, and I developed an amazing bond with him. I feel like he was my one 'perfect' horse. I used to fall in love with them so easily, but ever since him I have really struggled to bond with another horse, because none of them can quite compare!



We were well gangster, too.

17th November 2011, 11:21 AM
I miss the gogeous boy Milan from my riding school days, I think he was new forest.I learnt how to canter/jump etc on him.He was the best pony ever but they sold him.We also did dressage at Friezland arena and i got 4th which was brill at that age when I got placed just after the instructors mum!

I will also miss my lovely Rambo who got taken by colic after a year of ownership who was only 6 years old.We had just started to bond and get somewhere in the show ring.He was a little **** but he was wonderfull.

17th November 2011, 01:44 PM
LOL I just realised this is a really old thread and I posted twice! Hahaha

17th November 2011, 02:56 PM
Yanni, the horse I learnt to ride on, at a riding stable in Cottingham just outside of Hull. Just because she was the first horse I ever rode! It was many years ago now. All I remember is that she was big, black and had a white stripe. And had a habit of going right up close to the trees when you went through the woods so that you had to watch your leg didn't get scraped off on the tree.

17th November 2011, 06:12 PM
Spring, my beautiful first horsey. cant forget this ginger face and all the times that we spent together. got her on perm loan 26/6/2011 and bought her 11/9/2011. :'(

http://i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m607/Cool_Beans_Fred/Spring/330037_10150422913706405_587946404_10729352_191046 4639_o.jpg