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29th September 2009, 09:35 PM
Well, we did Keysoe, ground was pretty good they had aerovated and put sand and rubber from an old arena surface on all the tracks, it rode really nicely. The course rode well and even my fence that i fell off at before was fine, although slightly different i trotted into it and was fine!
So had a good ride Xc, he was bold and jumped well, 8 seconds too slow, but i never pushed and the trot would have lost me lots of time.
Shame about the rest.. 45.5 dressage which i was very dissapointed with, he has been working really well at home and i have just had a couple more days with my super trainer, He was just very very tense, and even when he he did relax and work better my marks did not improve, so the judge obvioulsy didnt like him.
SJ was a disaster. He started out very chilled in the warm up and popped warm up jumps nicely on a good stride, someone in the ring then had a stop and demolished a fence and broke a pole or something that took a while to sort out, so had to wait. I thought id just pop the upright and the oxer again before i went in, cue getting very deep into the oxer and crashign through it, running off after it panicking. Mum rebuilt it and i jumped it again beofre i went in but he had lost his concentration and nerve. The course was very twisty and up to height with lots of doglegs, a real SJ course rather than normal eventing one. We had 4 down which i think is our worse ever sj.

So a dissapointing day overall, although at least i got a decent xc run, now the question.. to Little Downham or not to Little Downham.. that is the question.

30th September 2009, 09:59 AM
Well done.
Congrats on getting over your bogey fence. By the looks of it hardly anyone went clear SJ and lots of people got time, you were fairly speedy gonzala's compared to some!!

Good luck for little Downham if you decide to go.

30th September 2009, 08:22 PM
at least you got round the XC course with no problems. Shame the rest of the event didn't quite go as you had hoped.
Better luck at Little Downham if you go. Lets hope the ground is a bit softer and we have had some rain by then

Evening Star
1st October 2009, 12:54 AM
What a shame about the dressage and showjumping.
We had the same thing happen before xc once, we were all geared up to go and then someone fell off and we were delayed by a good 10mins or so and Echo switched off and we knotched up a cricket score (I fell off and we ended up having about 7 refusals!)

I say Little Downham if its a good course, its all experience!