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6th September 2010, 04:38 PM
I am going to University in less than two weeks and have my horse staying at home. Now i can't take it up to uni with me, as i definately won't be able to afford it.
I have decided not to sell him for the moment, and just see how it goes.
So for the questions...
Has anyone ever done this, and have they found it easy to stay riding and be able to keep the horse fit?
How often did you come back to ride?Im off to Southampton but live in London, I want to keep eventing, i just do a little intro/pn, but i don't think i'm going to be able to get back enough to ride him. My mum can ride him a little, but she's not very experience, and could pay for insrtuctor to ride him, but it would be a lot of money.
So please tell me guys, how did you manage it? What did you do?
I can't imagine ever not riding, what would i do with myself!?

6th September 2010, 04:59 PM
I've done it for the past four years! First had one then got another last summer as a companion. It's not the easiest thing to do and their fitness does suffer somewhat as even with the best intentions once you get immersed in uni life you don't want to be going home all that often - in the end I gave up trying to keep Mac fit as between uni and me having 2 operations it just wasn't possible and so I just hack in the holidays. I had a sharer too which helped with costs and trying to keep him ticking over but she had a baby and so has just started riding again however now I've moved away and am gradually working towards being secure enough to bring the horses with me. To be honest I found the hardest part to be the emotional strain of leaving them, especially since I've had TJ (15 months when I got him) as I feel I'm missing out on him growing up and I miss Mac terribly when I'm not with him. It does get easier though and it's definitely possible, especially if you want to event which is over the summer when obviously you'll have long holidays to go home and do horsey things.

6th September 2010, 05:24 PM
It should b fine because u get 6 months holiday and, depending on how determined and committed u are, weekends. There was a girl who kept a horse at my old livery just during the first 2 term as the last term is just exams. She said it was pretty easy and if u go out one evening u can just get your horse bought in the next morning. Also depends what course ur doing becayse if u are ping something like psy u get loads of free time but bio/ chem not so much!
I am starting uni as well in a few weeks but will b staying at home and commuting as I have a house with land and uni is only.40mins.

6th September 2010, 05:51 PM
I graduated last year after trying pretty much every option and somehow coming out the other end with a 2:1 and a fit horse.

1: he lived on a farm full of other horses and I paid 20/week PLUS worked like a slave during holidays to keep him and all the other horses going. This worked when I was at school and continued to work for the first 2 terms of uni until the madman who owned the farm completely did my head in.

2: he lived on a friend's parents' farm for a couple of terms. My friend looked after him for the first few months, then she moved out and her parents looked after him. Not ideal as they weren't horsey and refused to let me pay them a penny for grazing so I felt really guilty and moved him!

3: he spent a term living home alone and having neighbours cast their eye over him. I came home as often as I could but was in the middle of exams so couldn't come every weekend. NOT ideal at all, I hated every minute of it and I don't suppose he enjoyed it much either. Plus I wasn't 'meeting his needs', as the Social Services would put it!

4: he then spent 2 terms turned out at a lovely quiet livery yard with a lovely yard owner who checked him and fed him every day, and also went out of her way to look after him by grooming him and giving him other TLC when I wasn't around.

5: I missed him too much, so he spent the last term at uni with me, and this really was the best option by far. I worked harder, he worked harder and it was great. I kept him on DIY livery for 20/week and everybody was happy.

Now I am back at uni for a year's postgrad (groan). Could have left him at home with my feral friend, but I can't manage without my Vinny so he is joining me on Wednesday, but Hasty will stay at home.

7th September 2010, 12:19 PM
I didn't go to uni but a friend of mine did, she lived in Leighton Buzzard and commuted each day to southampton uni just so she could keep her horse. She thought long and hard about it and decided this was the best decision for her and her horse who sufferred badly with moving to new yards. She said it was hard work but worth it.
Good luck with it all

8th September 2010, 08:34 PM
I'm just going into my 3rd year and still have my horses, it's hard work but is do able.

Mine are kept at home which makes things easier cost wise, my dad looks after them but they don't get ridden as there's no one able to do that. I go back every weekend normally fri-sun so they get ridden 3 days a week. At the start of this year i was going back during the day on a weds to ride cos i had no lectures but that was before the work really piled up. This year i also still competed my horse at weekends, only local level dressage and sj and whilst it isn't ideal with limited riding time it's perfectly possible :) Good luck!

8th September 2010, 08:58 PM
It can be done :)

When I went to uni the first time round, like Liz I tried a few different options:

Year One: Left Blossie at home out on loan - I missed her and riding so much it was horrible!

Year Two: Brought Blossie down to live at my cousin's yard about an hour from uni. My amazingly lovely cousin looked after her for me and I came up 2/3 times a week. We bought Bella together in the first term :) This did mean that during shorter holidays (Christmas & Easter) they stayed there while I went home, which isn't ideal..

Year Three: Blossie stayed home to be looked after by my parents. They did a great job despite being non-horsey and her not being the easiest pony. I gave them a fair amount of phone support especially re rugs. Bella went back to my cousin's yard, but due to being my final year she didn't get ridden much and got V fat!

My friend doing the same course as me left her horse at home - her mum kept him fit (mum was a good rider) and she competed him at eventing most weekends quite successfully.

This time I'm at uni, but I'm living at home and Bella is here too, and commuting to Cardiff. I had a sharer last year and am currently looking for another..

I think sharers are a great help both time and money wise x

8th September 2010, 10:48 PM
Im at uni, just about to start 2nd year.
I have 3 ponies at the moment and keep them 2 miles from home. I also live at home and uni is a half an hour drive.
One of my girls was out on loan during first year, and is going on loan over the winter and will then be sold in the spring.

Its hard work but i managed to back and ride away one of my girls, go to lectures and hold down two jobs! Its all about time management!!

11th September 2010, 03:18 PM
I've just graduated and was involved with horses all through my degree. Year 1 I was just having lessons, year 2 I started sharing a mare 4 days a week... early last year as I was doing my end of 2nd year exams I started with the horses I'm currently with.

Year 3 I managed to go to every lecture without fail, keep the hunt horses fit, hunt, look after 6 or 7 others including a mare and newborn foal who made a surprise appearance in January!!, wrote my dissertation and all other essays (March was a b*tch of a month- dissertation hand in + 3 other essays due in!!) but I managed it- their owners did the morning stables, I did evening stables.

I got a 2:1 degree in the end after a lot of blood sweat and many tears but I wouldn't have changed anything, the horses most definitely helped me get through uni. It was a way for me to escape reading and essays for a few of hours each day.