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19th September 2010, 11:58 AM
I have just been to the tack shop for some tack cleaner (no rugs in his size in the sale lol!). I saw an advert on the notice board from an 18 year old girl looking for a horse to ride in exchange for helping to muck out etc. I just thought back to when I was that age and how I would have loved that opportunity and I wonder if it would be a good idea to contact her.

It would simply be a goodwill gesture on my part. She could maybe ride him during the week when I am late back from work. I would like to share the pleasure that is Stan :cheekywink: with someone who would love the opportunity. Or am I being naive and could it turn out horrendous?

Anybody got any experiences of this sort of thing?

19th September 2010, 02:21 PM
i havent got any experience in that area but i would have loved an opportunity like that. you could always meet her and watch her ride, and go from there?

19th September 2010, 02:38 PM
Like you say it would have been great to have been given that opportunity.

Yeh it could go wrong but equally it could be fantastic for you both - I'd meet her face to face, chat with her - get a feel of whether you like her or not. I watch her ride and her manner with your horse. If you like her set out the ground rules very clearly and tell her its open to review.

What have you got to loose, at worse you have to tell her no or after a few weeks its not working.

I'm going through a very similiar thing with my spare stable. I have been asked if someone can rent it - at first I thought no, no, no!! but then I began to think of the advantages.

So I contacted the girl concerned told her I wasn't saying yes but I was prepared to meet her to discuss it. We arranged to meet at ours where I showed her round and told her exactly what she would and wouldn't get. I told her that if she did use it, it would be on my terms and with my groundrules, as this is our home and not a livery yard.

We then dscussed what these "rules" would be and gave her the opportunity to ask me questions. I then wrote her a contract type thing stating my expectations/groundrules and told her to read, digest before deciding whether she still wanted the stable and I would do the same over the following week.
Having thought about it we have both agreed that she can rent the stable but I have made it very very clear that it is under constant review and if it doesn't work she will have to go.

She actually says she appreciates the fact I have been so honest/clear and it has actually made her happier knowing what I'd expect.

19th September 2010, 03:35 PM
Aw what a nice gesture Jane! Like Belle says, I'd have a chat with her and see what you think. You'll know more if it's the right decision for you and Stan once you meet her and see her with him.

19th September 2010, 07:59 PM
I would give her a call and maybe arrange for her to come and meet you and Stan, she doesn't necessarily have to ride the first time but you can meet her and see how she is with him and then make a decision about whether you want to go further. Before I had Mac I was totally reliant on people giving me rides in return for chores if I wanted to ride outside work/lessons and I would have been thrilled to be given the opportunity to ride a gee like Stan!

19th September 2010, 08:39 PM
I agree with the others, talk to her and take it from there x

19th September 2010, 08:45 PM
Yeah I agree meet her and see what you think. I have just found a 14 year old to share Bella - at first I was worried about someone so young but when I was that age I only rode through opportunities like this. She is actually very responsible and good with Bella so its working well so far

20th September 2010, 12:23 AM
I echo above really.

I'm 17 and I stopped my riding lessons a year and a half ago when they became far too much for me to afford. I was putting ads here there and everywhere and eventually Holly, and my previous loan Alfie, came along. I'd have loved a ride in exchange for chores situation to have popped up but I'm happy with my part loan right now.

Like others have said, write up a contract after you've met her (you'll know what you think after that meeting) and the contract makes both people feel safe and fair in the agreement.

Good luck! Its so nice of you to think of this :)

20th September 2010, 01:01 AM
I agree with the others that you should watch her ride for starters, make it clear what you expect from her and take it from there.

Good luck :)

Horse Mad Mum
20th September 2010, 09:09 AM
I agree with the others meet her and see what your gut instinct tells you whether Stan likes her thats the biggy!!! You have such a strong bond what will he make of it !!! HMM X

20th September 2010, 01:15 PM
No harm in trying, we all have to start somewhere! If it wasnt for people letting me ride their horses i probably wouldnt have my own by now! I would ring her and ask what shes looking for in terms of a "ride" and take it from there :)

Zeitgeist Mom
20th September 2010, 01:47 PM
I so much see where you're coming from. I know that burning urge to ride that you get when you can't afford to (much like the burning urge I have at the moment :p) and it would be so nice to make someone happy.

However, of course it could also all go horribly wrong, you just can't tell from an advert. I think you need to get her round to meet her, chat to her, see her ride, and don't be afraid to tell her you don't think she is right for Stan if you don't get a good feeling about it. Who knows - it could work out great, and be a useful pair of extra hands poo picking!

20th September 2010, 03:29 PM
Agree with everyone else, cant hurt to give her a call see what shes like.

Did she say she had a lot of experience? Was confitent etc? If it was me I would want someone who had experience and was a confident rider, even though Bertie is suitable for a novice Id want those things for my own piece of mind


20th September 2010, 05:44 PM
I have a 'helper' on Mondays as thats my late night at work. She mucks out, feeds, grooms etc and then rides. Often she has a lesson on him too. No money changes hands as I see it that she is helping me and in return she gets to play with Troy.

Works great for us.

Make the rules clear though. I say she can only hack off the yard with the YO or my friend

20th September 2010, 08:35 PM
Thanks folks. Lots of positive replies. I'll get in touch with her later in the week and take it from there.

22nd September 2010, 10:01 AM
I agree with others on the meeting her first and seeing if not only, she is the type of person you want around Stan, but also that Stan likes her.

Again, without these chances, most of us wouldn't have had the experience we got as teens.
I was lucky. I won a 'win a pony for a day' at my old primary school when I was 14. Turned out to be a sec A. But being a small light build, it was ok. I ended up helping her on the farm and learning from her as she had bred and trained horses all her life. So in exchange for hay making, driving tractor, farm duties like bring cows in for milking, lambing etc I got ride and help her break in youngsters. It was a great experience. Then at riding school I was offered the cahnce of exercising the ponies and horses on the yard. My sister was having a lesson and me being all OCD, I ended up sweeping the whole yard while waiting. The instructor soon offered me a job in exchange for rides and me and her 2 young daughters would have endless fun doing Pony Club games in the arena. In summer they would do a 'own a pony for a day' thing which involved a full day of working, grooming and a morning ride in the school and an afternoon hack out. I loved working with the young kids.

I would do the same. Offer back the chance to some nice kid who would do anything to own their own but parenst can't afford. I have offered the chance to our Niece. She is madly in love with horses and they can not afford for her to even have lessons. So I have said that in school holidays she would be welcome to come over and stay for weekend or a week, and I can teach her to ride. Even said if she ever wanted to then go on to do showing, I would be happy to take her and Alex and if she was ever to win anything, she could take it home with her. After reading the thread about how we all got into horses, and a few saying 'my aunt, my Gran, my uncle' I knew that I should do the same for my niece, to give her those memories from childhood.

23rd September 2010, 12:36 PM
Good luck Jane and Stan! I ride someone else's' horses and never ever forget that she is putting a huge amount of trust in me. It can work out well, I think I get the best end of the deal, but I also think that their owner is often happy to have me to go places with or just to pitch in on a day she can't get up, so I think we both get something from it and we have become friends, I would say I love the boys almost like my own, but at the same time I never forget that they are hers and I never forget that she is being so good to let me take so much to do with her boys. (Sometimes she even calls them 'our boys' :P )

23rd September 2010, 08:32 PM

I would say go for it. I've been sharing for a year now and love it - and the owner loves the days off!
Suprised no one has mentioned insurance though. I'm a sharer and have rider insurance which covers vets bills and 3rd party etc costs about 60 per year, definetely worth having and I would insist on it in your shoes.

26th September 2010, 10:08 PM
Well, can't get hold of her. Phone says calls are not being accepted so that's that I suppose. I was quite looking forwards to it lol!

27th September 2010, 12:28 AM
Aw thaats a shame :/

30th September 2010, 02:51 PM
You may see another advert at another time.. I am sure there must be so many people out there who would give their right arm for the chance you are offering.. Thats so lovely of you to think of Jane xx