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28th September 2010, 06:31 PM
I just learnt from my own experience this afternoon that some horses hate dogs !!

I went to get Foxy from the field and took my young dog as i usually do off the leash so she can have a nice run in Foxy's field.

Well.... one of the other mares saw her came hurtling towards her with ears right back and went for her!! Luckily she didnt catch the dog, but my dog was terrified and ran like crazy towards me at the gate!! its the first time my dog has EVER wanted to go back on the lead. It was quite funny, but actually also quite scary. The yard manager told me afterwards he forgot to tell me this mare hates dogs and chases his dog too!!!

I have never in 25yrs of being around horses ever seen a horse go for a dog!! ive seen cows do it, but never a horse. Luckily the horse was slower as it couldnt turn corners as quick as the dog !! Anyone ever seen this before??

Horse Mad Mum
28th September 2010, 07:01 PM
ooh yes at my old yard some of the horses would go for the dog,he learned which ones to stay away from ! HMM X

Zeitgeist Mom
28th September 2010, 07:29 PM
My Silver goes for my dog. If she comes into the field when I'm poo picking he always sees her off! Grrr!

28th September 2010, 07:49 PM
We've had few dartmoors go for dogs, they normally get better eventually as the dogs are always around and come out on walks with the ponies etc. We had one returned from loan once because she went for the dogs! She's fine with them now.

28th September 2010, 09:37 PM
Well the dogs on the yard are fine, but apparantly this particular horse goes for the yard dog too. Scared the hell out of my dog today though. I dont think the horse can catch the dog though because the dog can weave and swerve quicker being smaller than the horse. This horse was really nasty though, i was amazed. Im wondering if the horse had some bad experience with a dog in the past. most of the other horses are fine with my dog in their field, its strange.

The Little Magician
28th September 2010, 09:51 PM
Littleman was petrified of dogs, particularily Alsations'. He had attacked by one in his feild (before I owned him).

I was riding him out one day when 2 dogs came hareing up the road towards us, playing with each other, Littleman span and went to peg it in the other direction, as he did this the dogs continued towards us, and I shouted at the dogs. The dogs stopped, and so did Littleman and they started to run in the other direction, I turned Littleman towards the dog and encouraged him to trot after them. He felt very brave as the dogs were running away from him, so he really trotted out fast.

He does still find some dogs scarey, and even though he knows our 2 dogs well, because they have hacked out with us, he will chase them if my oh walks them in the feild, but only when I am not there.

He will run at them with his ears flat back, his lips tense, and his neck very low. I am not sure what he would do if got hold of one, I dont think he would know what to do.

28th September 2010, 10:21 PM
I am always wary of 'loose' dogs around horses. Dogs are predators, horses are prey and I think its very easy for instinct to take over. Dogs seem to want to sniff bums no matter how high off the ground they are and horses have back legs that could do some damage!

My horses seem to like dogs and often when they pass us on a hack, the horses are keen to turn around and follow the dogs! :rolleyes:

A horse I was leading once was attacked by a bull terrier that jumped up & sank its teeth into the horses chest & would not let go for ages even whilst the horse reared up! :scared: Eventually after much shouting by me, the dog let go & ran away. I was surprised at how calm the horse was after that and we carried on like nothing had happened.

Whilst riding Chip several months ago, we were chased by a bull terrier that came hurtling out of someones garden, through the paddock fence and it came barking & charging at us. The thought crossed my mind to gallop away from it but I decided that would incite the dog even more so I turned Chip to face the dog. Chip didn't seem bothered but I shouted all sorts of foul mouthed language at the dog and it stopped in its tracks, stared at us for a bit, then turned and ran home!!! I'm sure it thought Chip was shouting at it :lol: So even after that, Chip still seems to like dogs :)

My Crazy Clan
28th September 2010, 10:22 PM
oooh yes, my merlin will stamp full pelt on a dogs head and a birds for that matter :lol:

My lot are ok with them as long as they don't run at them barking.

Jester was almost bitten by a yappy chiwawa few months back, when our hacking.

29th September 2010, 10:56 AM
Neo will chase dogs in the field. When he was little I saw him chase a terrier out of the field. He didn't have his ears back and think just does it for fun. Same at the current yard a lady takes her dog into the field with her and her dog. Her dog knows which horses are nasty but will go up to neo and try and play with his tail, he'll chase her off. I so want to see it apparently its very funny :)

29th September 2010, 01:38 PM
My last horse, Autumn, chased our dog as a pup in the field, it scared her but also taught her to respect horses! Our other pup has never had a run in and happily walks upto back legs for a sniff! Luckily I know Charlie won't bother her but I have to keep an eye on her around other horses as one day she is going to get kicked! x

29th September 2010, 05:56 PM
Bracken learnt to chase dogs when he was a baby. One girl at the yard had a young lab that would bark and chase the horses (she never controlled it). Bracken found that if he stopped running away, then the dog stopped. Then if we went towards the dog, the dog ran away. He wasn't nasty about it, his ears were always forward, and I think he treated it as a game.
It's been very useful, because he's not bothered at all by dogs running out of houses and barking at him, which is a common occurrance over here.:)

29th September 2010, 06:35 PM
Well this horse meant business, she looked as mad as anything, her ears flat back on her head, and hurtled towards my puppy. It taught my dog a good lesson though, she mooches far too close to the back legs and our mare takes no notice of her at all, but there will always be other horses that arnt so keen on her, so it did her no harm, although frightened the heck out of her and me ! Shame though because if that horse is in the field then puppy cant have a walk, and she loves our mare's field as its huge.

29th September 2010, 06:55 PM
Not with dogs, but shauny once went after one of my cats.

I was out in the field with him, had been giving him some fuss and cuddles, as I was coming back in - one of the cats came up to me, I started stroking him and walking back with him - next thing I know there was a flurry of hooves coming up behind me and shauny was pelting after the poor cat!
He didn't barge me at all, but he seemed to get dead protective against the cat.
He got a real telling off for it, as luckily the cat got under the electric fencing but the speed he was going if he'd trodden on him that'd have been the end - and he didn't do it again, just that one time.

30th September 2010, 11:09 AM
Yes it is quite common.

At our yard we have a chicken who chases dogs too (and believe me they do run away, even the big ones)!

1st October 2010, 08:59 PM
hahah oh dear.

I dont know why im laughing because it scared the heck out of me and the dog. I never saw my dog run towards me when out on a walk before, she woulda jumped into my arms if i had let her !! poor baby. But now i cant walk her down the field if that particular horse is in the field, darn nuisance.

7th October 2010, 02:04 PM
Yes, we had a broodmare up on the moors. She was a nightmare.

There was a right of way right across the land and we did put signs up saying 'dogs on leads, dog hating Pony on this land. '

We had people camping before a dog show. I had spent weeks sorting out fencing to make sure she was right well away from them. But in the night a huge cob thing decided to smash everything because he could and because he wanted to raid the camp of food. We were having a late night bbq around the vans with the dogs. When someones dogs came flying up the field as I was herding the horses back up the hills. Only to have this mare coming flying down the hills, teeth bared, ears back. I sargent major shouted at the dogs who hit the deck, then at the mare who was stamping and rearing in protest, then at said dog owner to get their bl**dy dogs under control. That mare would have killed those dogs, I am in no doubt.

Barry G
13th October 2010, 03:34 PM
Years ago I had an old fashioned Staffordshire bull terrier - the type photos of which which regularly appeared on the front page of the Daily Mirror. But Ducko was a credit to his breed. He was friendly, loveable, athletic and not in the least bit aggressive towards humans. He became the love of my life and nowadays he sleeps peacefully under a mimmosa tree out in the garden.

After I first got him as a 12 month old youngster, I used to walk him along a footpath which ran through a farmers field where there was resident a small herd of horses. One day he slipped his lead and took it upon himself to chase a couple of young horses around a paddock. It was all a big game. The colts ran about and so did the dog. Then he espied a mare lying down taking in the rays of the sun. She was watching the kerfuffle. So Ducko decided to wake her up and over he went towards her. Helpless I watched in horror but he would not listen to my calls and there was no way by which I could catch him. The mare saw him coming. Calmly she stood up and put her back to him. He got too close. She put her weight on her front legs and gave him two steel shod hooves - one of which connected with his forehead. She was a wise mature mare who possessed perfect timing.

He was brought up short and for a minute I thought she must have killed him But No, he was a thick skulled, bone headed, Staffie. He turned away from her and finally walked groggily back over to me.
I ran into the field to protect him from the horses but the mare was already lying down again enjoying the sunshine. Meanwhile blood was streaming from the cut on Ducko's forehead.
He looked up at me and I am sure he said: "I've got a head ache Dad". Any other breed of dog would have been killed by a blow like that to the skull. Of course my Staffie learned never to chase horses again.

I put his collar and lead back on. I picked him up as best I could and carried him on my shoulder. I struggled with the weight of him back to where the car was parked.

I learned from the incident never to walk a dog amongst horses unless the dog was on a full harness (as
against a collar) and I was prepared to stand between dog and horse - so as to protect the dog.
I learned never ever to let my dog chase or bark at horses - even from the confines of
his own front garden. I always erect fencing around the front garden to keep my
dog away from other animals and human passers by.

My present Rottweiler (a breed bred especially to herd cows) has no fear of horses and down at the stable yard he loves to go sniffing and eat horse manure. But until I know that he has been introduced to a horse, he is never left untethered alone with one - mare or gelding.

My little bitch terrier is never ever left free amongst horses, under any circumstances. One kick from one hoof represents 350 lbs of steel shod hoof. My little dog can be killed so easily. However seemingly calm the horse, why take the chance?

As a happy hacker, I have to train my horse not to be frightened of barking dogs but I am well aware as a dog lover that in any confrontation between canine and equine the horse ultimately has the advantage.


Incidentally I will never take a dog into a field where there are cows - under any circumstances - even if there is a right of way across the field.

13th October 2010, 06:50 PM
oh yes
i lived and grew up in the country and you took a major chance going in a field with a herd of cows. cows are way nastier than horses towards dogs.

They "pin" dogs down, they form a circle and they trap the dog in the middle, its really frightening, i have seen it, ive also heard of a farmer who got killed because he went into the field with his dog when the cows had calfs, when he tried to rescue the dog the cows turned on him and trampled him.

My dog almost teases the horses she wants to play chase, my own horse is cool with her as long as she doesnt get too near her back legs, but this other horse in the field oh my goodness, she takes one look at my dog if she comes in the field and she will chase and attack, nuisance really because dog used to love her runs in the big horse field. But its the horses field not the dogs, so have to have respect for that.

14th October 2010, 08:11 AM
My little Dylan doesn't really like dogs and will give a good chase given half the chance. He will kick out and try to bite. At my yard though, there are two great danes, who are pretty much the same size as Dylan and needless to say, he gives them a wide berth :lol:


14th October 2010, 08:41 AM
Cows are really bad - someone round here got killed only last week. Did anyone catch that bionic vet programme a couple of months ago that featured a lab puppy that had been trampled by a horse, potential amputee? I seem to remember that he said a good percentage of the serious injuries to dogs were caused by horses...

I watched that and they had to amputate in the end because they reckon an infection from the horses hoof (mud or something along those lines) got into the leg and made it bad :(

14th October 2010, 09:01 AM
At our old yard there was a doberman and a boxer who were lovely and left the horses alone. Unfortunately rowan thinks he is a dog and wen ever they run past him or runaway he likes to Chase them. He only ever goes at the speed they are going with his ears pricked. It's hilarious to watch! If they are led down and I am leading him he loves to wiggle his nose in their fur and sometimes play with their tail( the dogs quickly learnt to go nowhere near his stable)
We have a fluffy sheltie and now he is kept at home he loves her. She was out with us mucking out the field and rowan thought it would b fun to chase her. She was so terrified but then dancer joined in and she did have her ears flat back but cookie managed to escape. My grab let her two shelties enter the field with row. He thought two was even more fun and couldn't make up his mind which to chase.
I think he particularly likes fluffy dogs as he likes the feel of the fluffy on his nose lol. He does make me laugh!

14th October 2010, 11:10 PM
ahh thats sweet...

This pony is NOT sweet !! she is out to harm, but its her field so respect to her. Apparantly her owner told me shes a S*** in her stable, wont let anyone in turns her bum at them ears back, but as soon as shes out tied up in the yard, she absolutely fine, like a territorial thing with her.

7th December 2010, 09:47 PM
Lena grew up with my labrador Max, and he's one year older than her. They often played chase me, he'd chase her and she'd turn round and chase him, then he'd chase her. It was all, play, he never chased a horse, but he did like to play with her. Now they're both older, he's grown out of it, but she still likes to play every now and then. Also she likes to sniff his coat, but he won't let her that close unless he's hiding behind me. All my others are fine with MY dog, as they know him, but will check out strange dogs. Again, Max has been part of their family for 5yrs and even comes out with us on rides. They are less spooky with him around, guess they see him as their look-out now, and being smaller than them, any horse eating monsters should surely eat Max first ;) LOL

At work, Max keeps away from the draft horses, he's not daft. They're too big to mess about with and be chased by. He likes calves, as we work on a farm. I never take him in a field of cows WITH calves, but he has been in a field of cows WITHOUT calves, or in a field of weaned calves, and the cows don't mind him, but strangely enough, they take except to the other dogs, who are more "busy" and hunting for prey all the time. Max is a more low-energy dog than the other dogs that upset the cows.

Ambers Mum
7th December 2010, 09:56 PM
Kosha used to lick my old lurchers ears....she would lie down in the field and he would go up to her, sbiff and then groom her! She always looked terrified but she never moved. Star hates black and brown dogs, she doesn't mind black and white but doberman/GS/rottie colours make her go mad! She is always chasing them if they go in her field!

7th December 2010, 09:58 PM
My dog has got wise to it now. She almost teases them, she will run toward them and if they start to show interest to her, she runs like mad back to me through the fence LOL

7th December 2010, 11:39 PM
Magic will sniff dogs but he much prefers sheep :o

8th December 2010, 06:03 PM
Domino isn't bothered either way about dogs, but he adores cats. There are two very social barn cats at our barn, and Domino just stands with his nose on them (with the cats lying down completely relaxed) for hours :lol: It's quite cute.

I could easily imagine a horse not liking dogs at all though - dogs are definitely predator-type animals that give chase, and horses are definitely prey-type animals that take flight when threatened. I can see that if a horse felt like they couldn't effectively flee (i.e. confined in a pasture, or - as you said she's nasty in her stall - in her enclosed stall), she may feel trapped and act aggressive as a way of dealing with that 'claustrophobia.'

beks the artist
9th December 2010, 12:26 PM
My Collie bitch Merryn was kicked in the head by Taran in May this year. A 150 vets bill, fractured skull and lots of pain killers has taught her one big lesson... she still tries to 'round them up' but at a distance now!!!!

9th December 2010, 01:27 PM
My mare can be funny around fluffy dogs, something must have happened in her past so she will either bolt or chase them, she has kicked a couple of dogs but never mine. A few years ago there was a German Shepard barking and chasing the horses in the field I could hear the owner screaming but by the time myself and my boss got to the field Moo (my mare) was hot on its heels chasing it out, I'm glad the dog decided to leg it and not carry on else it would have gotten messy!

My section A will chase my dog out the field but luckily my springer can still spring over a 5 bar gate!