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Bright Sparkx
6th October 2010, 05:20 PM
Hi, Im looking for a filly to buy as a project and eventually do some dressage and showing with it when its old enough, as ive always wanted a horse from a young age. I have fancied a welsh section D filly but i was wondering does anybody own a welsh section d and have any info on them as to temperament, showing ability etc . .
Thanks :)

6th October 2010, 05:55 PM
I hav a welshie sec d, and i love him to bits! He is absolutely great, ive had him since i was 10 (11 yrs) and known him since starting to ride at 6...hes 14.2 and as you can imagine could be very strong if he wanted to. He has never ever put a foot wrong, has always looked after me and if im honest i dont think id be where i am now without hhim! Hes so honest, genuine, bold, safe...everything you could want really, great at SJ and XC, his schooling isnt great but he was a riding school pony for years so didnt have the best start.

I will shut up now lol but you can probably get my jist, i love them and would never think twice about getting another one!

Good luck :)

Bright Sparkx
6th October 2010, 06:08 PM
Awwh :) can tell you love him to bits, yeah normally id go for a tb x foal or something but ive really taken a shine to a welsh section D yard and seen a few foals i really liked, cause atm i have a coloured cob but hes only really hacks out, so im looking for a project in the mean time to do some shows etc. . but id like a foal so it hasnt been spoilt by anyone and that would bond with me from a younger age to further my horsey experience really :) so fingers crossed & thanks :)

6th October 2010, 07:21 PM
I love welsh D's and have had mine for 17 years. Id certainly buy another if i had the time!

I have known quite a few Welshies and they have all been FULL of character which is the best thing about them! Ferdie is cheeky, mischievious and full of character!

Ferdie can be quite strong willed as well and is quite highly strung, though temprements differ per horse. He is lively and has never been an easy pony, but he can be wonderfully behaved and tries his heart out for you, all be it very enthusiastically. He is my best friend.

I love a welsh's movement as well, so powerfull :) they have an amazing carriage and there are some real good blood lines out there.

Ive only shown locally with my lad, but when he was younger, when he was able to control himself we always placed well :lol:

Ferdie has lived out happily all year ever since i brought him when he was 3.

Good luck with your search xx

6th October 2010, 08:39 PM
I have a half section D and they certainly have talent for dressage! Mine is 1/2 D. 1/4 tb and 1/4 appy. He has twinkle toes lol when he trots and canters and his walk is huuggee.
I know some welshes can be not that great character, but im sure each breed has different charcters whithin it so i am sure there are many sweet temered lovely ones :) My half D hasn't a bad bone in his body and is so funny! Hes not scared of anything and is really hardy despite being as fine as my tb mare.
I would defintely get a 1/2 or full D again as i think they are very talented but hardy at the same time. plus i love small horses (15hh-15.2hh)

My Crazy Clan
6th October 2010, 08:40 PM
I have 2 although are x but very much welsh! I've had them since foals, both full brothers. 15hh and 13'2/3hh

I wouldn't class them as highly strung/lively but do love to play and have a chase they have character thats for sure, are bright and quick learners, can be a little lazy in the field but out they are perfect, temperaments are great, fab with kids, will be great riding horses once they are out there doing more and driving horses!

But like I always say, never go by breed etc, they are all individuals, one might be a devil the other an angel same with any horse.

6th October 2010, 10:27 PM
A good friend of mine has a welsh D mare, she is a cracking little horse and would turn her hoof to anything, she has had her from a baby and she said she has just never grown up! she can be mareish with other mares and some geldings but think thats more of a mare thing than a welsh thing! she has an amazing jump and is incredibly keen! she enjoys being ridden and can be abit full of herself sometimes but isn't dangerous at all, just spirited! she's a very good dooer and has no health probs etc.
there cracking little all rounders and i'd thoroughly recommend one! x

8th October 2010, 02:04 PM
I have a seccy D :)

Too many people tend to stereotype horses depending on their breed which I hate. Horses are all individuals and one sec D will be totally different to another sec D.


8th October 2010, 03:01 PM
I have a seccy D :)

Too many people tend to stereotype horses depending on their breed which I hate. Horses are all individuals and one sec D will be totally different to another sec D.


True. But all the sections D's i've met are loyal, fiery, forever young, funny and quirky. You need to be firm but fair because if you dont lead them they will lead you...:evilgrin:

Brithdir Barrd
8th October 2010, 03:06 PM
I use to have a section D just recently gone to a new home; I Owned him for 6 and a 1/2 years and love him, and will always be my favourite. He was amazing at dressage, cross country and show jumping I just recently done a picture post of Jake.

I want another section D in the future.

Barry G
8th October 2010, 07:38 PM
I tend to agree with Tiaki - Welsh section D's vary significantly in conformation depending upon the whim of the breeder. The temperament also ranges from quiet and kind to flighty and forceful. Don't let the word 'cob' deceive you, this breed can be sharp. But for an experienced horse rider they can be a lot of fun. Some Welsh D's are simply beautiful. Some of the stallions are awesome but can be a handful to ride, but the breeder would they are bred to breed not ride.

If you are looking for a filly then it might be an idea for you to contact the Welsh Cob Society and get a list of the current breeders. The WCS also produces a book which contains photos of some of the big names in the breed. I have always found the breeders to be very willing to show off their youngstock. There are clusters of breeders over near Lampeter, Crickhowell and Ebbw Vale. Not many of the breeders attempt to school their youngsters so the hobby for you will start with breaking to ride.

The annual Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells is a must for you to visit. As well as the stallions there are classes for mares and youngstock.

I bought a Welsh colt with Flying Comet in his blood who would have made a winning dressage horse - if that was my thing - he simply flew at the trot. I bought another beautiful little chap of Derwen stock who could have played polo for Charlie. I had another palomino gelding who jumped like a stag and went like the wind. My favourite horse of all time was Half Welsh(Maesmynach) /Half Hannoverian.
You might find one or two males at 16h but most of the mares are around 15h.

You live in Wales, go find yourself a genuine unspoilt Welshie and make the choosing part of the fun.

Bek B
8th October 2010, 08:24 PM
Most of my riding has been done on welsh A's, C's or D's.

Regarding the D horse, I have heard them described as the worlds greatest all rounder and I absolutely agree.
My first horse was a full D, he had a lovely temperament and I enjoyed him so much.

My current lad is registered as a X bred welsh D (his dam is 1/4 arab, though you'd never tell). However to look at he's all welsh. I have owned him since weaning but first met him when he was hours old. I backed him myself and currently we are trying our hand at simple unaffiliated dressage. He's a real trier and I've had a few positive comments about his paces etc. Although he does have an opinion and if he's in a mood he has been known to get tetchy and if you ask too much when he's in this sort of mood he's been known to kick up his heels in protest! lol.

My friend has backed and sold on several C's and D's, all of which I have ridden.
They've all been different. Some so laid back they are horizontal, others sharp and spooky.

Can you tell I love the beasts?!!

Incidently, my friend has two fillies (yearling and 2yo) by Pentrepiod Welsh Flyer (RWAS winner) and if section C's are your thing two lovely fillies (yearling and 2010 foal) by Poundy Driud. (both stallions stand at Hywi stud in Ebbw Vale). If you are interested I can find out more.



Druid ...


9th October 2010, 02:04 PM
At work we currently have in a Welsh X stallion who was bred in germany, very high percent welsh not sure what the rest is and he was the highest graded stallion ever in his stud book and has represetned at the pony european championships in dressage twice i think and won a medal

My section D was excelletn she was just a little short for me so didnt manage to keep her too long, we didn everything with her and she was birlliant when i first got her my legs were tiny and hardly reached the end of the flaps of her saddle and she was onyl young but never took advantage and we both got better and learnt together, i took her XC and everything and never went faster than i could manage and did absoutley anything for you she really really tried hard to please and do things for you, she was also a mega jumper and regualrly won the chase me charlie at PC against at the JA ponies

25th October 2010, 09:10 PM
My mother owned her Welsh Sec D X Anglo-Arab for over 25 years. He was absolutely amazing, bit of a nutter [though that was probably more due to the arab/TB in him haha] but was unbeatably loyal, friendly and hilarious. So willing and would try his heart out. He had endless stamina as well, did well in dressage, jumping and long distance. All the Welshe's i've known have had bags of character and are extremely versitile though all have a bit of a cheeky streak in them, and some of them can be quite sharp.

Of course, as others have said, it totally depends on the individual horse. I would love to own a Welsh D one day though, I think they're fantastic. (:

21st December 2010, 03:46 PM
I've got a D mare, and she's the greatest little horse. She has tons of character but she's well behaved - she's very trainable and kind, I've found that she always tries her hardest. It took a while for her to trust me but now she's very loyal. She's bombproof, has nice paces and a good jump and she's beautiful.

Some Ds are a bit bargey which is something I really dislike, but I think that's more of an owner problem. I think because they're sometimes sharp, clever and cheeky they can take advantage if you don't keep them in check which can be a problem as they're not delicate little things!