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31st October 2010, 08:26 PM
You always hear the owner of the horses bad side of loaing a horse out but never the person loaing its side, as some might know Ollie is going back after me no longer having much time to ride him, costing a fortune for me to keep and no longer getting along with him under saddle, he isnt really capeable of the work i want and falls apart under pressure

He is going next weekend so his owner rang on friday, normally she talks with mum but she was out so spoke to me just asked the usual, is he clipped what work is he in etc,

He isnt clipped because i dont have any clipeprs myself and works set are cow clippers and do a really poor job so i dont want to send him back looking a mess he looks better fuzzy than he does poorly clipped

He isnt in a huge amount of work at the moment whcih she knows anyway becasue i have no time, i lunge him a few times a week but havent ridden him, my arena is a mess and after having quite a lot of problems under saddle with him thought best to leave alone then try and mend something i dont know how to deal with

Got a really kind of snotty sounding email that has quite upset me about her being concerned about his standard of care and also saying she is upset to be getting back and unfit unclipped under condtiioned horse, which at no point have i said he is lacking condition, also sugessted that he would be coming back in a poor level of schooling

really really upset me as no doubt some of you will know how long it took me when i first got him to even be able to ride him due to his back and saddle fit being so bad and how much time i spend trying to get him throguh all his behavioural and stressy issues and management, really quite upset by it

31st October 2010, 08:37 PM
That's an odd thing to say on her part if she hasn't actually seen him? Sounds like she has taken what you said on the phone the wrong way hun x

fell lover
2nd November 2010, 08:49 AM
Sounds like she is taking the pet about getting him back. Don't worry yourself about her. xx

2nd November 2010, 02:01 PM
yeha Ollie is the dressage horse i have on loan, he would be worth quite a lot of money as on paper he is a mega horse but due to the age, the amount of people tha thave been riding him over the years and his kind of schoolmaster tag he is a super difficult horse to ride due to being ridden by inexperienced people,

4th November 2010, 01:01 AM
You always hear the owner of the horses bad side of loaing a horse out but never the person loaing its side,

Couldn't agree more! My previous loan pony got sold whilst I was still loaning him, she told me a pack of lies into the reasons etc and I didn't have a leg to stand on, and then she went and told people how I'd overworked her horse from day one, when the fact of the matter is she caught me riding on one occasion where he was sweating because he needed to be clipped and suddenly that made me an irresponsible rider! I truly loved that horse to pieces and he cost me the earth to keep! :mad:

I'm really sorry for whats happened, loaners are pretty stuck in their ways and us loaners always seem to be in the wrong sometimes. :/
I hope you find someone else, don't give up!

10th November 2010, 11:42 PM
As an owner you do have all the risk of having your horse back in a different condition, new issues, health problems etc though. So you can understand owners being a bit picky at times I would say! Hopefully I am not an awful owner to the kid who shares my old pony - but I do sometimes have some issues with his care, he has been with me for fifteen years and I love him very much so I am unhappy if I find that he hasn't had enough thought and care!

That said in your case presumably you told the owner you were having problems? So if she was concerned about his schooling she should either have helped or asked for him back! I would be unhappy if I didnt know my loaner was struggling until the horse was sent home!

11th November 2010, 09:28 AM
took him back on saturday 13 hours in the car it took us, got to the yard before she did his bed and stable wasnt ready his drinker in his stable was disgusting and the secturity on the yard is appauling, and he is meant to be on afull livery, but the yard is a right state, proper unprofessional,

didnt get a thank you for taking him back or anything or even thanks for having him for me, got a strop when i told her i hadnt had much chance to ride him as my school is a mess as well whined about me not brining her any brushing boots back, the ones he was sent with fell appart within a few weeks, and was all snotty cause i hadnt clipped him,

still not heard anything from her about how he isnt or anything like that, people are excellent just feel so crapped on and unappreciated, also doesnt help that the day before we took him i lost my job

11th November 2010, 10:27 AM
i have 4 out on loan at the moment, and even though i sometimes am unsure about the care or they do things differently to what i would do, my only concerns are that the horse is up to weight and free of pain, and in a suitable work load.

If they dont want to work or ride for a couple of weeks or cut back on the work, then i dont mind as long as the horse is happy. Ive just had one returned and was glad she wasn't clipped even though she was in full work and looked like a bear. I have to keep her out and if she was clipped then her weight would be a nightmare. You can allways clip a horse, rather hard to unclip! my view is that the owner has handed over care but is ok to over see it. therefore if the horse is happy, you shouldn't question the yard is they're not gleaming white stables, and you shouldn't question the loaner if they couldn't ride for a while or want to take a step back.

Zeitgeist Mom
11th November 2010, 12:16 PM
I personally am very anti loaning - as it so often turns out bad in the end. And I would say more often than not it is the loanee who gets the raw end of it. I had a close friend who had a horse on loan many years ago. He was a very inexperienced, ewe necked, skinny TB when she got him. She put loads of work and care into him, and eventually had him jumping 3'6", and even doing a bit of dressage. He was a different horse. Of course that was when the owner stepped in and wanted him back. My friend was devastated. But really, I could see both sides. He did belong to the other lady, she had every right. She never gave him away, she loaned him. And he still belonged to her. However, my friend had put blood sweat and tears into that horse, only to then have to watch someone else take him to shows and get all the glory. From that day on, I swore never to loan, and so often on this forum I have that belief reinforced by posts like this one.

Unfortunately when you take a horse on loan, there is a third person involved - a person with more say in the horse than you have. And at the en of the day, everything is under their terms. I'm afraid you can really just chalk it up to experience, hold your chin up high knowing you did the best you could with him, and if she can't see that, well that's just her loss.

11th November 2010, 03:04 PM
loaning is the good the bad and the ugly dont worry just hand the horse back take dated pix to prove condition or videos for back up keep any emails she sends you , dont worry about horse not being clipped, if horse was ,aybe shed be complianing as she couldnt put unrugged in field , etc havent read all your posts but just be friendly , hand over and thats it ,shes pobs stressed horse is going back thats all

18th November 2010, 10:30 AM
It is always hard when you are the loaner. oUr first loan ended badly and I was put right off as I had fallen hook, line and sinker for the horse and he was a super boy. Our second loan was a good but the horse was not right for us and the owner had no quibble when we said we were ending our loan. However, our third loan was a DREAM. The owner was fab, really apprecaitive of all the hardwork that we put into her mare. Unfortunatley due to circumstances beyond the owners control she had to sell her. Both of us were in tears on the last day of "us" having her. Can't tar everyone with the same brush. Best of luck for the future.

19th November 2010, 01:21 PM
i now have another horse sort of on loan he is on a friends yard whcih is walking distance from his owner she basicalyl just wants him to be ridden so i ride him every day and thats about it she is great and dead felxible i can do what i want with him as long as if there is something she wants him to do i ride him

19th November 2010, 01:42 PM
Ooh this sounds good! Do we get to see him? What's he like?

19th November 2010, 06:07 PM
Ooh this sounds good! Do we get to see him? What's he like?

keep meaing to take pics of him but not got round to it, he is a very green 5yo very lazy and a bit opionated but really sweet, he was an accident so no one quite knows how he is bred but his owner has narrowed his sire down to three connies in the area lol his mum was an irish type TB hunt mare

19th November 2010, 06:39 PM
Glad you've got something else sorted out, but really sorry about how it ended :/