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3rd October 2009, 07:09 PM
Does anybody give Allen & Page Fast Fibre to their horse/pony? If so do you give it instead of a mix/nuts or instead of chaff or aswell as? And if given on it's own, would a broad sprectum supplement be required aswell to ensure correct vits & Mins being given?

The reason I'm asking is about Bertie this time!!!! Kizzie and Ernie's feeds are fine and I'm happy with them, however I'm a bit concerned with Bert. He doesn't really need feed, however as he's on restricted grazing 24/7 all year I'm always concerned he's not getting his vits & mins. He gets a handful of Hifi Lite with a chopped apple or carrot at the moment, mainly to give him something to eat whilst Kiz & Ern get their tea. However I've tried to give him a broad spectrum supplement and he simply wont eat his grub then - he knows theres something in it!!! I've also tried a herbal mix and seaweed but he still wont touch it. I've put some apple juice in it too but to no avail. He's a little monkey. Someone suggested Fast Fibre and said you can disguise all sorts in it - but having had a quick look it appears to have vits and mins in it! I don't want to go down the HappyHoof route as he'd need an awful lot just to get the vits and mins he needs. And I don;t really want to feed him what Kiz and Ern get as he doesn't need it. Thanks x

The Little Magician
3rd October 2009, 08:31 PM
You would need to feed alot of fast fibre to get the correct amount of vits and mins in his feed.

So what about a pelleted vit min supplement so Bert thinks he is having a proper feed.

Equimins do one called Tip top pellets, and its a very small amount to add to his chaff.

chance encounter
3rd October 2009, 08:50 PM
I feed all of mine Fast Fibre with some chaff, they adore it. I dont feed mixes to any of mine.

I do add supplements although each of them get different ones in their feed though. Chance has biotin and pink powder, Darli has biotin and winter glow and Diggi has his youngstock supplement.