View Full Version : The old ones make me chuckle!

Ambers Mum
12th January 2011, 10:10 PM
I have spent quite alot of time the past two weeks with the ponies, just being around them and watching their behaviour.

We found Mony was very 'flat' when Sov died and I was really worried as she was dropping weight badly so I felt I needed to spend more time fussing her and occupying her mind. sadly I got swine flu for just over two weeks and the kids had to take over for a bit so she never got the attention I wanted spent on her.

Anyway, since the kids went back to school last week I have been up there all afternoon everyday, and I have had the vet out to check her and she is coming along nicely again.

She and Willow are so funny. She tolerates him, you can see it in her eyes when they are hanging round the gate to come in lol...Its always been the same with them. She gives him the evil eye and he waits about 10 meters from her when they are ready to come in! If I go in the field to do anything she stand guard over me incase he comes over for a fuss and if I approach him she gives us both the evils! She is very much the same with the younger two as well but with Sov she would allow her to stand next to the gate with her and they would both follow me around like daft puppies!

Somehow Ican't see Mony defending Willow if Star decided to take a disliking to him :D