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15th February 2011, 08:49 AM
Hi, i wondered if anyone had any advice for me. My daughters and i have an 8yr old, thoroughbred bay gelding. He is 15.3hh and we love him to bits. We got him last may and he is our first horse. He was fine in the field until about November time. Then he started to rip one of the other horses rugs. So i was told that he could only go out if he wore a muzzle. We tried the half muzzle that just goes under the mouth but he still managed to bite rugs. We now use the best friend muzzle which makes him resemble Hanibal Lector :(
Now for the past month or so the owner is moaning that he is running around the field and churning it up. He is full of energy and wants to play with the other horses. He looks like he is annoying most of them because they dont want to play with him. There is a young one that will play and run with him but i am being moaned at constantly-it feels personal now. What can i do? Does anyone have any ideas? We have changed his food to calm and condition, and molly chaff calm. He is calmer in his stable but not in the field :(. We have just added in Global herbs super calm and are waiting to see if this works.
He is lovely to ride - very forward going and will mess around napping some times but mostly just loves being with you.:) He is ridden in the outdoor menage at least three nights per week for 40mins and both days at weekends he is ridden or lunged. We are new to having a horse and would appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Thanks for reading this everyone.x

Petticoat Lil
15th February 2011, 08:56 AM
Sounds like normal playful behaviour to me! the only other thing is individual turn out but if people are moaning and suggesting a muzzle i take it sectioning off part of the field is not an option!?

I really don't get why people are funny about horses churning up the ground, obviously we all want our horses to have grass but thats what field management is about!

15th February 2011, 09:32 AM
Do you go hacking with him at the weekend or is he ridden in the school? Being able to have a good old canter might get a bit of it out of his system.

One of my liveries has 2 ponies and she has her own 2 1/2 acres for them which she rotates. Her winter field don't have a blade of grass and are ankle deep in mud but I guess that's just winter with horses. She still turns them out every day with a pile of haylage and they're happy as can be.

Is there much grass in the field? If not maybe putting out some hay would keep them all occupied a bit more?

To be honest, if you don't want you're ground churned up in winter you shouldn't really be taking in liveries ... you can't really have both! :)

15th February 2011, 09:32 AM
ps ... can we see some pictures, he sounds lovely! :)

15th February 2011, 09:54 AM
Hi, Thanks for your replies. I had a fall in August and really lost my confidence so most of my time with him is spent in the school, and exercising him has really fell to my daughter (ive got twin 16 yr olds but one has lost enthusiasm over the winter). The fall was my fault i lost my balance. Ive been thinking of getting someone to help us with the exercising and perhaps they could hack him out a bit.
I was going to add some photos but cant work out how to do it:p can someone help lol?

15th February 2011, 10:03 AM

15th February 2011, 10:13 AM
Aww he's lovely.

Roulette is a TB and loves to gallop round her field, her winter field is really rather muddy now though but hey as long as she's having fun I'm not overly bothered (the most annoying thing she does is roll in the gate way which is really muddy!!). As soon as spring comes she'll be going in to her spring field. I put out hay for her as well during the day as that keeps her busy, she'll eat some of it then wonder off and eat grass then come back to her hay.

Sorry to hear you've lost your confidence that's not a nice thing to happen.

It does sound like he has excess energy/excitment and maybe getting someone to take him out hacking a couple of times a week would really benefit him. I only get to ride at the weekend during the winter due to lack of light so at the weekends I make sure we hack atleast one of the days. It gives Roulette something else to think about and if the grounds safe I take her for a good blast which we both really enjoy.

The first half of the ride does consist of her jogging sideways though, but it's her thing so I don't care, she's not silly with it she's just excited to get out and about.

Hope you manage to sort something out so people get off your case about him being a playfull horse, as that's all he is in my eyes!

15th February 2011, 10:21 AM
Thanks, i feel a bit better now. The problem is that its the yard owners horse who he targets lol. Hers is a thoroughbred as well but she doesnt like him playing. Its making us not want to go the yard which isnt nice for us or the horse.x

15th February 2011, 10:24 AM
Ooooh he's lovely! I think you should definately get him out and about.

I'd go stir crazy if the only places I got to see were my stable, the same field and the school. :)

15th February 2011, 10:28 AM
Horses never make it easy for us do they...targetting the y/o horse!! Naughty boy, he could atleast play with another playful horse couldn't he!!

Is there not a way that he could be sectioned off into his own bit of field, or maybe with the horse that sometimes plays with him too?

17th February 2011, 09:46 AM
firstly there is no point in anyone having a go at you about it, the one thing we cannot do much about is our horse''s behaviour in the field. i had a similar situation with my tb once. he went out on his own, but YO was upset about him churning up the ground and asked me to go stop in the divets every day (not easy when he had began turning the field to mud) its just young horses, having their time to be horses.

i agree getting someone to help exercise him may help as it will keep on top of his energy levels. and loosing your confidence is awful, best of luck in getting that back, he is an absolutely stunning boy, i am biased tho, as i love my tbs x