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12th March 2011, 07:01 PM
Got my daughter's horse with an event rider for a short while...... they evented today - only low key - first of the season. He was a nightmare in the Dressage warm up..... spooking, and being very sharp and silly - not much better in the test ;((( . Show jump warm up - luckily was fine..... and he concentrated in the areana - going clear. In the xc warm up - he spooked, spun and half bucked and the rider came off - landing on his feet - ****** air jacket even went off...... how embarrassed was I ??!!! Finally went xc - and went clear...... SO I was wondering would a 'calmer' take the exuberance edge off him? has anyone used anything that would make him less sharp, and spooky...... he's not at all nasty - just full of the joys of spring..... my daughter has almost had enough of his silly ways..... yet when he works - he works really well...... this silly ness if just getting in his way!! He's 17hh and 9 years with very low competition miles - he only started to compete from about June to October last year - and we're about to start again..... but not if he's going to be like this ;((((( HELP NEEDED PLEASE - NOW AT WITS END ;(((:rant:

12th March 2011, 09:42 PM
They seem to on some horses. We used to have a couple on Nupafeed calmer and they had the instant ones at events. The only one that used to work on mine was "Tranquil, but its not comp legal as it is valerian. I was only competing intro though and did use it.

13th March 2011, 11:32 AM
I was speaking to a vet last night about calmers and I think it was valerian she mentioned too about being a drug that worked, I'd not heard of it before and Coco's mentioned it too so I think it must have been that.

I use Oxyshot on Oscar and I think it does work to help the horse concentrate, you give it 20 minutes before you get on and it does take the edge off, but you have to make sure the horse is calm when you give it and try your hardest not to put it into a stressful situation. Oscar without it is manic, very strong, too keen in the dressage, wants to canter everywhere, walk is a no go. On it I can get a reasonable test, he's still keen but you can feel him try to concentrate harder. I've tried every calmer on the market on him and nothing work, he exhunerance is unquenchable, he loves every day, he's no more excited at comeptitions than he is at home, so there's nothing to really calm as he's always a happy forward thinking chap. Oxyshot just makes him concentrate more. Not sure it would work on a naughty horse.

In my opinion calmers work best on horses whose personalities change when at competition so there's actually a chemical change going on. Calmers aim to balance the chemical changes to keep the horse calm rather that to actually sedate the horse.

I Tried Naf Magic the other day too on Basil. I really think that helped, he was calm to the point I had to put spurs on for the second test. If you try Naf Magic give one shot the night before and one 2 hours before you get on to warm up.

I've also got Basil on Relaxin, it's a Day, Son and Hewitt product and it changed his way of going and attitude in 5 days of being on it. He just gets one sachet in his feed every morning. He's still as flashy in his paces but he's just stopped hallucinating, spins and rears at imaginary things have near enough disappeared. He's easier to lead too (bar trying to load him the other day). He amazed me in the warm up, another horse misbehaving is usually a perfect opportunity to be a pig, he looked at it as if he was horrified and continued on really nicely. He's just a much more consistent less sharp horse on it. Might be worth a try. I'd give it two weeks to see an effect and be pleasently surprised when you see changes earlier.

13th March 2011, 11:36 AM
I have used Oxyshot for a couple of horses and it does seem to take the edge off without affecting performance, but for my horse, (even with half dose) it makes him drop off the aids after a few hours so not good for him when eventing.

I also tried Ellen Collinson's calmer which is like a stronger version of Rescue Remedy and seemed better with my horse. I would use it more if I remembered to put it in the lorry! Both of those are competition legal (Collinson's was originally designed for racehorses) and you can give them a syringe shortly before work so you can decide if they need it when you are at the event.

Is this the same horse that had XC start problems a while ago?

13th March 2011, 12:52 PM
Thanks for all the comments - most valuable information !!!

@ Partner - Why yes it is lol...... There are no problems there now - all sorted!!! The more fit he's got the more powerful he's become - which is fine..... I now figure - if we can stamp out this naughtyness with spinning, spooking, etc., he's had a damned good season..... I'm undecided about Equine America So Calm and and Naf instant magic - to use in his feed daily - than using a syringe at his next comp - to see if that works for him..... He would come face to face with another horse whilst warming up, and spook so severley it's actually hard to sit on him...... he never used to do this..... so if we can snap out the excitement in him it might just work..... my daughter is getting to the stage that she doesn't want to compete him anymore as she knows how it'll end up ;((((

13th March 2011, 06:15 PM

Whenever we take Alfie out, as he can be silly and spooky (anywhere- Rallys, shows, SJ) we always give him a calmer in his dinner the night before and 1 in the morning feed. We give him the carl hester ones. In the half term we were meant to be do a SJ comp on the Wed but late Tues night after her had had his dinner we were told it was cancelled so we didn't go, consequently i rode him in the sandschool that morning instead and he was like a kick along RS pony! So IMO yes they do work, with Alfie they do anyway!

24th August 2011, 09:43 PM
i have used valerian on woody and found it to be of no use whatsoever. i think it depends on the circumstances and the horse. I bought it from Robinsons but not sure they sell it now. perhaps the dose was too small

he ONLY get silly at shows when theres crowds or activity. the calmers never seemed to affect that at all.

26th August 2011, 10:04 AM
I have ordered those Naf syringes for this weekend. will let you know how i get on.

28th August 2011, 10:07 AM
Try supreme products DeFuse its expensive but the only instant calmer I found that works.

28th August 2011, 10:52 AM
I used to feed my Holly Equine America So Kalm in her tea everyday. Although its probably not an instant calmer I really noticed a difference and she was less spooky on hacks and more willing to listen to my aids and breaks were restored, primarily of all it helped with the catching issues we had. I wasn't sure if it was working so I took her off it, and nonetheless she wouldn't catch and nicked off on hacks with me.

However I must say, after a few months of her being on it, I've now took it off permanently as whilst on the calmer I think we "trained" her to be calm :lol: