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7th April 2011, 04:37 PM
There is some combined training i'm interested in at 8 legged pony's yard in just over a weeks time. These are the classes...

Class One
Walk And Trot Intro B
Fences 1 Ft 6

Class Two
Prelim 4
Fences 2ft

Class Three
Prelim 10
Fences 2ft 3

Class Four
Novice 20
Fences 2ft 6

Now, Icarus has never been to this venue before, so will be more nervy than usual. It usually takes him a few visits somewhere before he settles down into himself.

Heres the thing. His dressage is coming along nicely, so i dont want to enter the intro class, but he hasnt jumped anywhere for months and will already be spooking so i want low inviting jumps that i can shove him over from a standstill if neccesary. Also, i've been doing a lot of gridwork at home, but with plain jump poles (no fillers) to try and get his confidence up. I dont want to scare him with something too meaty. I know 2ft might not be meaty to most people, but this is icarus we're talking about! He jumps everything big, so 2ft jumps require at LEAST a 2ft9 leap through the air! :lol: I'm not too worried about doing the 2ft3 class, because if he's already done the 2ft and gone over the jumps, he *should* be alright at a slightly bigger height.

Do i go for classes 2 and 3 - which was my initial thought.

Or do i go for classes one and two - as its our first combined training and, like i said, first gawp at this venue.

7th April 2011, 04:55 PM
If it was me and clip i'd go for classes 1 and 2 with it being a new venue. You might get fillers added in to the jumps in class 3 and that would make it like a whole new experience (eeek! mummy! these jumps have changed)

7th April 2011, 04:56 PM
I'd do two and three because even if he's gawpy 2ft is easily clearable but big enough to give him something to think about whereas 1 ft 6 is possibly a bit small for him to bother with. Also if his dressage is going well then it'd be a shame to only do the intro test.

7th April 2011, 05:01 PM
The other thing is that sometimes the smaller jumps are slightly more suspicious as they are not always so obviously a jump!