View Full Version : recommend me some clippers

13th October 2009, 05:07 PM
Now that horse no 2 and a busy hunting/racing season is on the way I can finally justify buying clippers :evilgrin:

Please recommend me some as I don't know where to begin!!

I clipped Vinny last year without using special quiet/cordless clippers for the head, so don't think I will bother getting cordless ones for the face etc.

So I need a decent set of heavy-duty clippers which are not too noisy, and not so big that they won't manage a Vin chin.



13th October 2009, 06:47 PM
lister and Liveryman and the most popular and reliable makes, being quite big makes as well if something was to break or go wrong you would be able to get them repaired or send them back much easier

i think ours at work are a really ancient set of liveryman clippers pretty loud but are fantastic and clip about ten to twelve horses a year twice and also hog throughout the year and are always great

one of the liveries also has an ancient set of lister clippers i think she siad they are about fifteen years old and are still fantastic

15th October 2009, 11:11 AM
Heiniger are really good and are world leaders in the clipper/shearer market. Not very popular in the UK for some strange reason. Just brought out a new Saphir cordless. See what you think.