View Full Version : First combined training tomorrow! Meep!

16th April 2011, 10:04 AM
I'm a bit nervous-excited about this CT we're doing tomorrow. The dressage i'm not concerned about at all, but we havent done proper SJ away from home for at least 6 months. And we've never been to this venue before, which is a sure fire way of asking for refusals!

We havent had a single refusal all this year while practising at home (which is very unsual for Icarus) so i'm hoping it'll transfer to an actual competition. Doubt it though, this *is* Icarus we're talking about. :lol::evilgrin:

What i'd like from the day is a fairly good dressage test score and to get around the SJ without too much of a mental breakdown at each fence. :rolleyes:

There will be fillers, so we've been doing 'filler training' at home. I've run through the tests and both are fairly simple (prelim 4 and prelim 10).

Nothing left for me to do except sit back and enjoy it. :D