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16th October 2009, 09:09 PM
Nothing i have ever had to do, but i am paying Ollies insurance and am so far spending lots of money on him getting him right

Basically his back is KACKERED, super bad fitting saddle, so back lasy came last week worked his back over gave me some exercises etc noted that one of his hocks was a bit weak and rather than stepping under kind of twists on it, just said put him on a supplement and keep an eye

came back yesterday back loads better but might not just be down to his saddle being sore as his hock seems to of worsened since his back has been loosned up so maybe his hock is also making his back sore

vet came today checked him over nothing wrong with hock possibly in his hip, have the physio carry on with him and then re-check him if it worsens

so can i claim his physio on his insurance, going to get pricey! and can i claim it even if the vet doesnt get involved, never had to do anything with insurance before so have no idea how it works

so far with this horse i have had nearly six weeks i have ridden him maybe ten times as his back has been sore and his saddle was crap, sooo much fun, he is also getting really ****** off casue everytime i go into do him i end up poking and prodding and flexing him

17th October 2009, 06:13 AM
I'd check with your insurance on what you can claim. As far as I know you can only claim physio through recommendation from your vet.

However if he's not your horse you shouldn't be paying vets bills for things you haven't caused. When I loaned it was the responsibility of the owners to insure for vets bills, not mine. All that we agreed was if I did something that caused him to be lame etc, I would foot the bill.