View Full Version : Going to view two horses next weekend!

Mungo Madness
18th October 2009, 08:13 PM
yes guys the saga continues :lol:

Ok so next weekend I have arranged to go see two horses that are up for share.

the first I am seeing on Saturday, he is a 16.3hh liver chestnut gelding, TBxID. Said he isn't a novice ride and can be quite TB but was kind of vague so I will just ride him and see. He is 15mins away from me, yard has all the facilities I could need but he doesn't load and she doesn't have a trailer/box to work on it with him, yet. So no chance of competing with him. But oh well, tbh I can really focus on having lessons and things with him and really improve my riding, and who knows, some opportunity might crop up in the future anyway :cheekywink: she said shes wanting to work on that.

Second is a 15.1hh gelding, in hacking distance to Pyecomb I think, assuming his owner would let me. The yard has a floodlit school, jumps good hacking etc. But its 25mins from me....and majorly, Shanti was at that yard before we moved and I really, REALLY didn't like it. It's renowned in the area for being bitchy, I felt totally judged and that they were looking down my nose at me. Really didn't like it there. There's been a few shares advertised there, and I've avoided them all, but a friend said to me the other day that I should look at this horse as this yard is ruining opportunities for me. So I agreed to go view this horse....stupid move I think as I know I'll hate it at the yard...yes I'm an idiot and shouldn't have agreed to go view it
BangWall.gif so I'm not sure what to do about that? Go view even though I know i'll say no? Or text her on Tuesday or something saying that I can't make it?? I really don't know what to say, but I just don't want to leave her in the sugar sad.gif . I know I shouldn't have done that so please don't yell at me :ashamed:

Mungo Madness
20th October 2009, 06:01 PM
It's a really horsey area, I'm really lucky with that :). Unfortinately just not found one thats right for me! And also, they have all been 20mins drive aprox away from me.

I have texted the owner to say that I won't be going and visiting. Tbh, even if it is the dream horse, its not like I could buy him, its a share, its limited time, I've got univerty and all that ahead of me. Plus, I really hated that yard, and I know that I WON'T enjoy him no amtter how great if I jsut hate being at the yard! It was the same with Prince at the riding school.