View Full Version : Angel is goin on part loan to a great girl but....

5th September 2011, 11:52 AM
As above I have found someone good to part Loan Angel she is lovely and has ridden in a few spanish dressage yards and knows her stuff my sticky bit is where do i start on a contract :confused: any help here plz

5th September 2011, 01:33 PM
Start with the BHS Loan contract and alter it to suit your situation.

5th September 2011, 01:51 PM
I started with the BHS loan contract and altered it to suit us. Dont be afraid to put what you want (or dont want) Our contract went through several versions as i wanted the loanr to be happy and her interests protected too.
The only thing i would add that i didnt that time was to have more control over the level of insurance.
She did insure Dancer BUT it didnt cover the eye condition she got OR loss of use. Dancer wasnt worth a lot in monetary value but she had been my baby for 13 years and when she had to be put to sleep and the insurance wouldnt cover vets fee's (and the loaner didnt have it) I had to stump up and was left without a horse. It was written into the contract that the loaner was responsible for all cost's (even the stuff the insurance doesnt cover) BUT when a vet calls you up and says she need's putting to sleep as she is in constant pain then you dont really have a choice but to pay.

5th September 2011, 02:35 PM
I no what you mean i followed Dancers storey and was gutted for you and i am glad i did not have to make the decision when it came to salsa she had a heart attack and i no she did not suffer. The girl has asked about insurance and so on which i have but i have told her she is welcome to compete in shows and dressage as she is good at it and i believe as well as her that angel has the potential but as its only part loan i am a little lost with contracts. I have asked my livery yard owner to do a extra copy of the contract i signed when i moved onto the yard so she will no the yard rules which to be fair there is not much apart from safety and keeping the yard clean. The girl seems to no what she is talking about and i am happy to give her free rein so to speak with schooling and so on angel jumps well and i wanted to do dressage but didn't no where to start so more than happy to see her progress in that. She knows angels past and the bad start she had but angel seemed happy with her even let her rub over her ears which is a big plus as a year and a half on she's only just started letting me do this so that shows me angel trust her. She is on the same lines as me with most of the things i do anyways its writing something formal up that i can not seem to string together LOL