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7th September 2011, 10:09 AM
Hey guys,

Just a few questions on loaning horses and how it works, as I have never loaned before.

I have Chield now but obviously she isn't broken yet and its going to be a while before she is bought into work, so in the mean time I was thinking of loaning a horse to get back into riding and getting my confidence up before jumping onto a shire horses lol

So if you are full loaning a horse, can you move the horse to a new area? Like to my own field?

Also what are the costs likely to be? Is it like owning your own horse but without the initial cost of buying the horse? So insurance, shoes, vets, etc...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks xxx

7th September 2011, 10:40 AM
Loaning can be anything really, its up to the owner and you to agree on what it involves in your case.
Most loans move to a different yard BUt many owners will be reluctant for the horse to move too far.
If your looking to move to your own place then most owners would be expecting you to take over all cost of looking after the horse. This includes keeping up vaccinations, farrier etc and insurance.
You do get some loans where the owner may still pay part of the costs but thats normally when the horse doesn't move and/or the owner still wants an involvement in the day to day decisions of their horses care.

If you go onto the BHS website there's a sample loan contract that may give you some ideas.

7th September 2011, 10:55 AM
Thanks Bex I will take a look at the contract.
I really want to get a horse on loan but I cant actually find much down my way at the moment x

7th September 2011, 03:41 PM
Pretty much what Bex said, it varies from place to place.

Both of mine are out on loan but with different contracts. I'm in Hertfordshire, and both of mine are miles and miles away. Bella is in Bournemouth and her loaner pays for everything for her. Freddie is in Somerset (although may soon be moving to Cornwall) and I pay for his livery and insurance; his loaner pays for feed, shoes, vet etc. This is because she is a good friend who was simply doing me a massive favour by taking him on!

You will find some owners want to stay involved - I frequently go and stay with Freds loaner for a week or so at a time, we go to compete etc - but I have visited Bella twice in 5 years.

In most cases it would be like that - all the usual expenses minus the initial outlay. Good luck!

7th September 2011, 04:14 PM
The two above have hit it on the head, it really varies. I'd definitely encourage you to read thoroughly through the contract before agreeing, because it can make a huge difference. My first loan cost me effectively 40 a week because the contract stated I had to pay for shoeing (on top of livery and feed) and the horse lost shoes like nobody's business so was getting reshoed all the time. It totally crippled me. On the other hand when I loaned Holly, it cost me a set fee of 15 a week and it meant I could buy her toys and extras so I was a lot more happy!

Good luck on your loan hunt!

12th September 2011, 02:18 PM
Thanks guys all your help is much appreciated. x

12th September 2011, 03:04 PM
I have libby on loan. I pay for everything, including insurance. She moved to the yard I wanted to keep her on, the owner came over and checked the yard before she agreed to the loan. The contract is quite specific about most things which is great because I know whats expected of me. I actually got the owner to add stuff into the contract about shoeing, stabling, worming ect, just so that it was in writing! Just remember that the owner has the right to come and take the horse back at any time during the loan agreement.

12th September 2011, 09:46 PM
I had Uva on loan for quite a while before I bought her, and it was literally as if I owned her minus the initial outlay. Literally everything including new saddles etc I purchased, and I moved her to live with me.

Loaning Uva out is something I have considered recently too (and not something I have completely ruled out either) and I would expect the loaner to pay for everything whilst in their care.

Hope this helps! Loaning a horse is so rewarding, but the risk of owner taking the horse back is always a worry.

18th September 2011, 08:23 AM
My mare Angel has just gone on part loan 3 days a week the loaner pays 20 a week the contract states that tack and feed are not to be changed and everything is to be kept in good condition it also states that Angel is insured but should the loaner have a accident and becomes injured she is riding and handling the horse at her own risk and is not entitled to claim from my insurance she has also added things to the contract to