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13th November 2011, 07:05 PM

Ive been tentively looking around for a 2nd show jumper for daughter. Yogi is fantastic and I would never changed him, but i was just having a little look out there to see if there was something we could take on specifically for show jumping only.

It's almost impossible. Hardly anyone wants to do a full loan, most want either part loan/share, or if its a full loan they almost always want the horse left on their own yard.

Has anyone ever seen someone advertising that wants to full loan their horse to the loaners own yard? I cant seem to find 1 !!!!

Or does anyone know anyone that wants to loan out something along the lines of the following:

Gelding (pref)
8-12 yrs old
Breeds: TBX/Irish draught/sports... anything really except cob ( no offence I love cobs but Daughter wants something quite fine)

Good temperment.

Dont want much do we? lol


4th December 2011, 10:11 AM
There are some out there but i know 2 people who have had their horses stolen when on full loan and my mare had to be PTS because even though it was in the contract the person doing the loaning was to have her fully insured, it turned out that she wasnt and she had to be PTS because she wasnt covered for the op she needed (there's a good chance she would have needed PTS anyway but the option of giving her a chance was taken from me)

I think it makes people wary.

People might also be picky to who they loan a competition prospect too. Have you tried advertising through pony club?

4th December 2011, 04:19 PM
As Bex said, there is the problem with horses getting stolen on full loans, lots of horror stories out there so people are really wary. Also, a lot of people with competition horses that size aren't so likely to outgrow them as with a pony and so will keep them themselves if their any good or not want to risk loaning it to someone who may ruin it either by it being too much or by overjumping it type thing. I think its very difficult to get exactly what you want and maybe you'll need to be more open with stuff like how cobby it is, its age etc.
That said, good luck with finding one and I agree that the Pony Club, Horse Mart etc are good places to start - or put up ads in local tack shops as people may let you move off their yard if they know its staying local.

5th December 2011, 09:26 AM
What height does your daughter want to jump? How competitive are you wanting her to be? I think contacting your local Pony Clubs would be a good place to start. Also ask your daughters SJ instructor, she may know of horses. Also if it's an instructor inquiring on your behalf it adds backing to your being a good loan home as the instructor acts a bit like a guarantor and people may be more willing to let the horse move away from its current yard. Equally if your wanting a specific jumping horse, as owner of said horse I'd want to know your daughter was a capable SJ rider, so again having an instructor help your search would be an asset.

19th December 2011, 05:32 PM
I know of a 15.3 mare - 6 years old, mostly TB so fine like your daughter wants.

She's at a yard that I was on a waiting list for and the owner wants to put her out on loan with a view to buy.

She seems like a good girl - I've been told she can be a little sharp but I've seen her out hacking on her own and she looked fine.

She thinks she should go to a young competitor type home.

so although she's a bit younger than you wanted and the wrong sex - she is able to move yards.

if you want the yard owner's number i can pm you.

19th December 2011, 05:40 PM
Very few people want to do full loan because of the risks highlighted above. I know I'd be very, very wary of loaning Holly out on a full term basis just because of the risks, unless it was to family or a friend who I trusted.

21st December 2011, 01:48 PM
why do you need another, didnt you buy yogi to jump? and sold foxy becasue she wasnt a good enough jumper? You only get out what you put in any horse can jump doesnt matter what it is you just need to train it doesnt matter what it looks like how its bred or how tall it is just needs time and schooling instead of splitting your time between two and doing neither of them properly

21st December 2011, 08:22 PM
I totally agree with the above, without meaning to sound too critical I really don't think you NEED another horse. Yogi is well put together with potential, if you hand your daughter "finished product" push button horses she will not learn anything plus it would be almost a waste of money what with you having Yogi who will, as said, be what you want him to be if the time is put in. I still think Foxy would have been great with your daughter, and as that all happened not too long ago I really don't think its time for another new one.

In regards to the original post, I would be VERY surprised if anyone but a close friend is willing to fully loan out their showjumper, especially one to meet your standards.

Don't take any of what I said the wrong way, I just very much stand by what Citylights said - you only get out what you put in in regards to horses otherwise many of us would have given up years ago! I hope you stick by Yogi and not search for something to take up more of the time which should be devoted to him.

24th December 2011, 07:09 AM
I totally agree with CTTW. Firstly how old is your daughter? Is she going to continue to be interested in the schooling a high class sj is going to still require. I have two horses my second which I purchased in august and you know what i'm finding it really hard work and only work part time so no idea how a girl at school (guessing here) is going to cope with having two to school and an owner of a competition horse wouldn't be usually happy with it being a happy hacker until it came to a competition.

24th December 2011, 08:35 AM
I'm with CL and CTTW as well i'm afraid, you have bought a horse there to replace the one that wasn't good enough, and now although not selling Yogi you are going to do the same thing.

Once this showjumper comes along, is your daughter going to have enough time to put in the effort and time to get Yogi to be what she wants? Because having seen this many times the showjumper will come first and Yogi second and that's not fair on Yogi.

If she wants a ready made showjumper with no effort (which by the way doesn't exist because although a ready made jumper she will still have to make sure the effort is there to keep the horse fit and also not go stale to jumping.) then you shouldn't have bought her a horse that isn't ready for that. I don't mean that to sound offensive but I think your daughter would get a greater sense of achievement when she get Yogi up to the level she wants and possibly wins, she can know all the months/years of hard work has been what has got her to them stage.