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24th December 2011, 07:28 AM
I've got tiffany up for free share / free riding as when I bought her I wasn't bargaining on her needing to be kept in constant work. Uni team currently are using her but it's for jumping only and in an hour she can have something like ten riders on her and do as many courses so decided to pull her out as it's too much for a young horse. Well any horse really!!

Anyway she's up for free share. Tiffany is on full livery so no stable work all I ask is she gets a good groom before being ridden and isn't left sweaty after exercise. The yard asks for a 10 facilities hire a month which covers the arena stuff, tea, coffee, biscuits etc. I'd expect the sharer to pay this but no other costs and they can use tiffany upto a maximum of six times a week and basically have a free rein to do as they please with her. I've also offered the possibility of riding baron for that rider or as a mother / daughter share or friends but he's still coming back into full work.

Now I work two weeks then home and on leave for two and would want to be able to ride when i'm home so the sharer would only be able to ride weekends when i'm home as i've only time to ride one at the weekend.

I've had loads of enquiries but when i've started to talking to people they've said 10 a month is too expensive for two horses, they'd want more access than two days a week when i'm home or just wanting to compete or be paid. Am I expecting too much? I don't want to full loan tiffany as bought her to bring on as a competition horse. But don't know what to think. Honest opinions please!! Am I being unreasonable? Just if I have to pay someone to ride tiffany i'd rather it be my instructor.

Cookies to whoever got to end of that!!

24th December 2011, 07:42 AM
what do they want, jam on it?
Of course its not too expensive, they are just after a freebie.
Keep looking and someone will snap your hand off.
Riding available 6 days a week, no work and just a tenner a month for use of arena etc is a bargain!
So what it when you are home you want to ride a bit, the rest of the time is theirs.

24th December 2011, 07:44 AM
10 a month is cheap no matter what. However you will be very hard pressed to find someone to happily only ride weekends for two weeks.

I think you may have to compromise on this realistically. To be fair, I would say every other day on the days you are home, which gives you the chance to work on Baron, and then they can have the weekends as well so the sharer feels as though they are getting something other than basically being used to look after your horse when you aren't around.

I would also stop advertising her as a free share because really she isn't, I would put into the advert that you want 10 a month, which is incredibly cheap for one horse never mind two!!

24th December 2011, 07:56 AM
Thanks for the replies. Hmmm... That puts a different perspective on things. Can see where you're coming from lil' legs but not sure if i'd want to only be able to ride tiffany basically one week a month maximum (if it was every other day). Especially as baron isn't on full full work. Can only do light to moderate work with him, no jumping etc. Think i'm maybe being bit selfish but just don't want to be paying out livery on her to have someone else get most of benefits?

I would have the loan free if I could but it's part of my livery agreement that loaners have to pay that. Which is fair I suppose.

Just getting really disheartened as all offers i'm getting just aren't right. Think best one I got was coming into port today and had an answerphone message basically telling me i'm not fit to own a horse if I can't be bothered to exercise it or look after it!! If I could I wouldn't go away but I need to to pay for it.

I'll just keep looking... I know it's not right time of year. But I know when I was a kid and horseless i'd have jumped at the chance and not bargained on it...

24th December 2011, 08:08 AM
If you are happy enough to hold on someone will come along.

That answerphone message wasn't called for. The thing is, as you are planning to compete her then there isn't much of a reason why you can't build up to you both riding her some days, that will help with her fitness.

Ok so at the beginning you will have to compromise and only work her the equivalent to a week a month but provided you are straight about it with the loaner from the beginning, you can work up to you both doing something with her a couple of days a week and then one day a week she gets complete rest and work out a rota for you both.

Just another idea.

24th December 2011, 08:14 AM
That's a fantastic idea lil' legs!! Never even thought of that... Thanks so much. Now to find someone that is happy to work with me. Was also kind of hoping to find someone that would want to come out hacking with me and do some exploring with horses round scotland now i've got my lorry...

24th December 2011, 08:39 AM
You shouldn't find it difficult to get that!!

Good luck with your search!

24th December 2011, 10:19 AM
10/WEEK would be cheap! I can't believe people are trying to haggle with you about this. It sounds like a perfect arrangement. Unlimited riding for 2 weeks, limited riding for the other 2 thus giving the sharer the chance to do other things. I can't believe this number of m0r0ns have replied...

I'm sure somebody will turn up eventually, just keep advertising.

24th December 2011, 12:32 PM
10 too much!!! wtf people! Your on full livery so no need to muck out etc
hold out for a good person dont cahnge anything your not asking for the earth and im sure once you get to know the sharer you can both be maybe more felxbile about the terms

24th December 2011, 02:15 PM
I've had a fair few enquiries today alone. Sifting through the enquiries. Actually only today had an email through from someone that looks promising and is happy to do two weeks on two weeks off.

Thanks for all your support guys. Going to hold out for the right person as already been through mill with the short lived sharer for baron before his injury. I'll also make sure I ask lots of questions, sure right person wouldn't mind.

Again thanks for the support as always guys :-)

24th December 2011, 07:37 PM
good luck with your search. i can't believe how rude people are being to you, i think what you are offering is a great deal. x

24th December 2011, 07:48 PM
Thanks. I just thought maybe I was going about it all the wrong way I just don't want to get it wrong and one of my horses ends up hurt or upset as been through enough with both of them. I'll just keep looking and hopefully someone will come along x

27th December 2011, 07:36 PM
If I lived in Glasgow I'd jump at the chance to do that. However I live in London and have a pony :/

Anyway, we currently have someone paying 25 PER WEEK to share Barbie for three days (though now my sisters home from uni for Christmas sometimes she only gets afternoons type thing) plus stable chores since Babs is on DIY. We do work around our sharer in the sense we pay for Barbie to be turned out in the mornings on days when she's in college, if we don't go up/ride then we'll let her know incase she wants to and if she can't go we'll arrange Babs to be liveried etc. And tbh, Barbie isn't the greatest ride in the world ;) I love her but she's pretty awful in the school, especially now its winter and all she wants to do is run, and its getting dark too early to hack etc.

10 is practically a give away. If I was offered that, I'd pretty much agree to any limitations/clauses going.
Hang on for the right person -- the worst thing you can do is get into an arrangement you aren't 100% on and then regret for the entire time.

Horse Mad Mum
27th December 2011, 09:51 PM
me too thats more than reasonable if I didnt have goldie I would bite your hand off for an offer like that, these are clearly no the people you want around your horse !! keeplooking ! HMM XX

28th December 2011, 02:07 PM
10 a week is cheap!! Riding lessons in my area are around 30 for an hour on a riding school horse in a group lesson! :scared:
I think what are you asking for is more than reasonable and tbh most of these people have probably never owned a horse so dont realise what a horse actually costs to keep!

You will find the right person, just keep looking :D

29th December 2011, 04:25 PM
Thanks for all your support guys. Really appreciated.

I've had two enquiries that sound quite promising. Both ex owners now looking for quieter life and less of a commitment. Fingers crossed. Both also willing to work around me :-)

One thing is I am thinking of asking for a contract type thing to be drawn up as to what people can and can't do with them i.e. No jumping baron (still coming back into fitness), no transportation of horses to shows etc without owners permission and stuff like that or would you say that's petty? Well more guidelines than contract.

Horse Mad Mum
29th December 2011, 06:44 PM
no a contract is essential BHS have one you can down load, in my experience you need to be explicit !!! when somebody comes along if they are the right peron they will be happy with that, fingers crossed for you HMM XX

30th December 2011, 08:56 PM
I wouls stick to what you want. 10 a month is nothing, if you were near me i would have jumped at it if i didn't already own 4 horses. I would definitely have a contract as then both you and your sharer knows where they stand with things. Once you know the sharer you can be more flexible about things.
On the 2 weeks that you will be riding her could the sharer ride Baron more so they still feel like they are contributing something to help you out?
Hope you manage to find someone soon.

5th January 2012, 11:51 AM
If only I lived nearer, I'd do it! :D Good luck with finding someone, I think it's awful about that answerphone message! And 10 is definitely not too expensive.

24th January 2012, 11:42 AM
It's just ridiculous !!

When i was a kid i would have run a marathon to be able to look after a horse, any horse. What's the matter with people these days.

I put ours uo for 10 a day. You cannot go to a riding school and get on and ride a horse for less than 20 a shot, and this way the person gets to do everything with the horse. People are strange.

1st March 2012, 08:50 PM
Seriously? 10 a month?!?
A person can spend 10 without a thought. I see you've got a couple of enquiries already, but I wonder wether (strange as it sounds) you'd get more serious interest if you put the price up?

7th March 2012, 07:31 PM
Oh my goodness of only you lived nearer me!! A half hour private lesson sets me back 30 so I'd happily pay well more than the nominal amount you're asking, people like that aren't who you want anyway!
Keep us updated on your search for a sharer xx

7th March 2012, 08:27 PM
If anything I'd have thought you had a lack of replies, because people thought it sounded too good to be true - not because it's too much to ask! Wow. Some people really are unbelievable and need to get with the real world!!

7th March 2012, 09:50 PM
Blimey!! When I had a sharer for Banjo, who was likewise a full livery, I charged 100.00 per month!!! For that, sharer got two week days and one weekend day, treated him as her own etc., and I never seemed to have any problems obtaining sharers when occasionally I needed a new one.

I would have to say that I think what you are offering is amazing and if you hold out for a bit longer, I am sure that you will get someone great who will snatch your hand off, especially as the weather is now on the turn and getting warmer.

Ambers Mum
7th March 2012, 10:44 PM
the cheek of some people....they are having a laugh!