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30th October 2009, 07:00 PM
*** Update
Boss is back off holiday now so foud out a little mroe about it all, Foxy was originally given to us on loan as a broodmare after breaking a womans arm, not her fault, big horse got excited and not enough turnout, after spitting out the first foal boss rang the owner and told her she couldnt keep her is she wasnt going to carry foals the owner said we could have her for a few hundred quid and she said we could do whatever we liked with it, we put her back in foal and she spat it out again so we brought her into work

there is a proper contract in the office saying she is our horse, we can do what we like with her, she can be sold on, ridden or used as a broodmare, so the old owner is probably just ****** casue some people have made some money on her

We had a mare at work called Foxy who we put in foal twice but aborted both times, my boss bought her to be a broodmare as she is a nice mare and everythng but as she aborted was obviously not a very good one

so as she was sound etc i brought her into work and we sold her as a riding horse after a few weeks shcooling, the lasy who bought her off us (M) has now sold her on again, bought her off us for 3500 has now sold her on for 2500 but has appaerntly been XC, and trailblzers and everything no idea why she has been sold on

M rang us today as she has sold Foxy on and had a call off the new owners G who had gotten somehow intouch with the lady we bought her off K, K told the new owners G that Foxy should never be worked it is dangerous unsound and if its not a broodmare needs shooting as it will hurt people, and she was sold to us a an unrideable horse that was to be used only as a broodmare, i dont know if this is true as boss is away at the moment

i havent spoken to M but spoke to G and her husband and told her all about Foxy how she was here and how she can be pushy but is in no way dangerous and i always got on with her really well and would of boguth her had i got the money, there is talk of sueing, not me, but someone is trying to sue someone else

im not sure what to say to the current owners other than what i have but am really worried about Foxy as i love her to bits and had hoped she found a good home with M and i am now just a bit worried about what has happend to her for one to be sold on in such a short space of time why she was sold on why for so little and also what had happend in the past and what might happen in the future :confused:

ive told G to give her the benefit of the doubt and carry on with her, wish i had taken her number but didnt think to, i would really be happy to go ride her for her for a while if she was close by and also help her with her, ive told her if she has any more queries to call me as i dont mind talking to her and everything i hope she calls me again just so i can offer some help

poor foxy though :(

My Crazy Clan
30th October 2009, 09:54 PM
Hope you egt something sorted.

1st November 2009, 06:46 AM
Well I feel for the horse, and hope that the gaps in her history can be filled in to shed some light on why she is supposed to be lame/dangerous.

In terms of suing your boss, I would think this extremely unlikely unless your boss had signed some sort of legally binding document to say that she would only be used as a broodmare, and even so, once sold on your boss has no say or control over what she does.

1st November 2009, 10:17 AM
i hope they just dont put her down i would have her in a second if i could, i love her to bits, i missed some calls yesterday think it could be the new owners but they didnt pick up when i rang them back