View Full Version : New, first Horse (: *EDITED*

30th November 2009, 09:44 PM
His name is Cochyn but his registerd name was Rough Diamond he did one season but wasn't fast enough :D - Cochyn is welsh for ginger, I call him cokey.
And he LOVES polo's, and when he can smell them he wants them! [Pictures are abit blurry my mum took these before we baught him]


I just baught a standerbred chestnut gelding, he is lovley, and neighed when he hear'd and saw me this morning in my drive making his food. As his feild is infront of my house on a bank.

Lol, anyway, when I'm cleaning his hooves, when he picks up his back legs, he does it as though he is going to kick me. I realise hes not, but it did startle me a few times, as I'm used to ponies and he is 16.3 hands. Is this any sort of problem, and could I change it, or is that just how he picks up his feet?

Also, he is just abit jumpy, is this because everything is new?

Thankyou (:


EDIT: Yeah, I did it first down the back and no responce, and then down the front and he kicked his leg up into him - the 2nd time I held his hoof, until he relaxed and picked it.
I'm just wondering if that is just how he lifts his feet, its abit startling.

30th November 2009, 10:20 PM
I'd give him the benefit of doubt and say he is just getting used to a new home.

How do you ask him to pick his feet up? Do you slide your hand down the leg slowly and firmly first so he knows what to expect? xx

Alyria Leila
1st December 2009, 10:13 AM
My mare snatches her hind legs up when you go to pick them up and holds them under herself, people that dont know her think is will follow through and kick out but its just how she picks up her back feet, there is no malice in it at all.

she was very nervous when i first got her and you could barely touch her leg never mind her feet so i think its just how she has learned to pick up, she never striks out and once your holding her hoof her leg realxes down and you can pick it out no problem.

Some horses just do it as long as he is not threatening and your safe then i dont see the problem, he is also getting to know you so as he learns to trust you it may fade away!!

Good luck with your new horsey!!!!! Need piccs of him and details?? name??

1st December 2009, 05:57 PM

Glad to hear you have a Standardbred, they are LOVELY horses. I have known/ridden/trained dozens, and have one of my own. I cannot praise the breed highly enough. They are very intelligent, generally pretty easy to keep, they hold their fitness really well, they are athletic so can turn a hoof to anything, they're quick learners... I could go on all day so will try and shut myself up by posting some photos of my boy taken earlier this year.

August, practicing jumping (which he loves)

Mid September, after winning his first ever SJ class.

Schooling a week or so later

End of September, racing (he came 2nd!)

October, after winning a 10km fun race.

And a couple of years ago:

What is your boy's name? If you know his registered name I may be able to tell you a little about him. Has he raced?

He is probably jumpy because everything is new, I wouldn't worry about that at the moment.

As for the foot thing, he may be used to picking his feet up quite quickly and then dropping them almost immediately. If he's raced he would have been put in hopples to keep him pacing which involves a lot of lifting and dropping of hooves while you tack up and untack.

We need pictures! I want to see him!!

1st December 2009, 06:28 PM
We need pictures!! He sounds lovely.

Nycha snatches her hind legs up when I pick them up most of the time, and sort of just holds her own leg up. A lot of people don't like picking her feet out as they think she's going to kick.

She hardly ever actually kicks out though, the most she does is hop around on the other foot for a bit. Odd horse.

I've found that if I grab hold of her fetlock firmly she doesn't like it at all. And due to the fact she's basically holding it up for me I find what works best is as she snatches it up I just lay my hand very gently on her fetlock or just under the hoof, but without much pressure at all, and she just holds it there and we get the hoof picked out no trouble.

Maybe try this and see how it works? If Nycha's hopping around on her other foot, I just keep a very gentle hold of her toe, but without trying to fight her at all and she very quickly stops and we carry on with the picking lol!

1st December 2009, 06:32 PM
It sounds like it's just how he picks his feet up. There's a pony at my school, who very rarely kicks out at people (horses another matter altogether lol) but she picks her back hooves up so high and with such gusto that it took me by surprise a few times - but it's just how she's always done it and probably how she always do.
I think he's probably just jumpy because everything's new, and he may be testing you a bit to see what he can get away with - so just be patient but clear about what you want, and remember to reward him when he's good and he should soon settle into it.

My Crazy Clan
1st December 2009, 07:02 PM
I used to think the same with my boy but in the end it turned out he was jsut trying to help, getting his other feet ready for me to pick up.