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12th December 2009, 11:55 AM
Hi guys and girls sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section im just guessing lol!

i have recently bought my self a 2yr old thouroughbred mare, how ever the previous owner says that they have miss laid her passport so i am in the process of getting her a duplicate however as this is my first horse im unsure of what exactly i should be doing.
i have been told she has been microchipped and is apparently registered through wetherbys so i have rung the vet and he is coming out on monday.

what exactly should i be asking him to do? does he just read the chip give me the number and job done or does he need to fill in a new passport that he says i can download from the internet?

also since i have had her she is box walking constantly do any of you have any ideas how i can stop this? she goes out everyday so is only in at night do you think if i get her a likit it will keep her occupied

any help would be greatky appreciated :)

12th December 2009, 12:28 PM
I would give Wetherbys a ring when you have the microchip number and see if they can find her on the system :) You'll need to get the chips details change anyway as they will have her old owners contact details on them and not yours, same with the passport. You can download all the documents off the wetherbys website I think which you can then get your vet to fill out all her details, whorls etc.

Hope this helps :)

EDIT: With regards to her box walking, was this a problem with her old owner?? Has she been stabled before? Can she see other horses?
Maybe get her one of those ball toys which you can fill with treats or feed and she has to play with it to get the feed/treats out. Or maybe a stable mirror?

12th December 2009, 01:31 PM
Good advice above! The box walking could be due to stress from the move or something that she just does, get as much info as poss from previous owners xx

12th December 2009, 03:02 PM
thanx guys i have got the passport doc off wetherbys for my vet to fill in and im gonna ring them on monday when i have her chip number.

as for the box walking she can see near enough every other horse on the yard when i went to see her she was being kept in a stable but had previously been stabled. she was windsucking the first few day that i had her but i soon sorted that out and she has stopped altogether i will try one of those horse balls and see how she gets on cheers :)