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16th December 2009, 11:27 PM
what would you suggest to take the fizz out of a horse?
he is fed on:
1x scoop mix
1/2 scoop nuts
1/2 scoop chaff
thats twice daily, with 2 carrots for eaach feed.
he also has 4 wadges of soaked hay fed throughout the day
so nothing particuarly high energy at all...
i doubt this will help at all for hunting, but worth a shot as im willing to try it if it means i don't have to use such a strong bit!

16th December 2009, 11:38 PM
If I was you I'd look at his routine and then address feed/tack changes. How much turnout does he get? How much exercise does he have? Does he have time to chill out?

Otherwise, what sort of nuts and mix are they? Make sure they're both non-heating. Does he need two lots of hard feed? Or could he just have more fibre?

16th December 2009, 11:47 PM
he gets turned out from around 11 (depending when i finish riding) to about 3, althuogh in the winter he stays in, but has a stable 3x normal size stable, so moves around plenty etc.
He is on full livery in term time, but gets exercised most days, either ridden- at least an hour or walker for an hour. in the holidays he is ridden every day, a good hack and then a schooling session or a jump or similar.
nuts- just plain nuts
mix- cool mix.
not sure if either of those are heating feed?
he used to be on a lot more fibre, except he wont eat it- he is VERY picky anyway, leaves the nuts sometimes lol.. wont eat if too much water in it etc! but he is in full work and any less feed would be too little, he doesn't eat much anyway for the amount of work hes in, and he would lose weight if we are not careful.. although its not weight gaining feed, it helps keep the condition on him a bit.

17th December 2009, 03:33 PM
That seems alot of feed for a smaller horse especailly the large round scoops if your using them

Magic is very good my Boss swears by Nupafeed which i have noticed a difference with it in a few of the horses including one very naughty young stallion, its pricey and sounds complicated but you can adjust the dosage for events to make them quieter and sounds quite flexible to use, you cant buy it in shops though you have to buy it online

17th December 2009, 08:11 PM
Sounds like he gets very little turnout and time to be a horse, relax and play and interact with other horses. No wonder he get's full of it out hunting, that's his only time to "play" with others and let off steam by the sounds of it :rolleyes:


18th December 2009, 05:38 AM
I would say he needs more turn out, a big stable is absolutely no substitute for going out to play. Feed wise I don't think he is getting that much for his work level, unless they are huge scoops.

My horse used to be a nutter when he was stabled over winter. Now I'm at my own yard he is out through daylight hours all year round and the difference in him is amazing without changing any feed.

Also you may want to look at him spending less time on the walker, an hour on a round walker is too much, they've been proven to add to problems rather than solve them. Oval walkers are better but still they shouldn't do more than 20 minutes.

18th December 2009, 11:17 AM
Also you may want to look at him spending less time on the walker, an hour on a round walker is too much, they've been proven to add to problems rather than solve them. Oval walkers are better but still they shouldn't do more than 20 minutes.

interestingly some vets now disagree on the oval walker being better as the way they are made means the turns are very tight, even smaller than 1/4 of a 10m circle

18th December 2009, 02:05 PM
The small ones yes, but the properly constructed full size oval walker is a lot less taxing on the joints and spine. I haven't seen any research supporting a full size round over a full size oval. Whichever walker you use, they still should be used for no more than 15 minutes each way.

18th December 2009, 04:51 PM
for his amount of exercise, he is actually fed very little tbh. yes hes small, but he is very fit and is competing/hunting most weekends so he does need it- scoops are a rectangle thing, smaller than the big round ones. also level scoops.
we cannot turnout in the winter :( well, actually my horse is allowed out as he doesn't trash his paddock.. oddly when i do turn him out, he just stands here observing! hes a bit of an odd one really, he only plays with other horses (well my other horse) but we tried him with another horse and it ate him, literally and there are no other "single" horses (they are put out in pairs)... i try and turn him out as much as possible though, when im mucking out etc.
the other thing is he is only at this yard in the winter, we move him after the start of the hunting season and he is exactly the same at both yards. one yard his is out 24/7 the other hes in most of the time- no change at all in his behaviour out hunting... even in the summer he gets like this when galloping- he just does need to let off steam, and does it when im galloping him!
S and W, will look into that calmer, also have been reccomended first relax me (i think its called that!)

18th December 2009, 06:56 PM
even in the summer he gets like this when galloping

I thought he only got like this when hunting :rolleyes:


18th December 2009, 07:07 PM
he is the worst out hunting, in the summer when im galloping i can stop him much more easily, its just out hunting when he is very difficult to stop... hes always a bit likely to ****** off with you, but its only out hunting when i actually struggle to get him to listen to me.. sorry not well explained :(