View Full Version : Rubber Matting - which one and how much bed

18th December 2009, 12:33 PM
Our house purchase is going well so I'm getting prepared for moving Neo to his new home in Jan. He'll be having a stable again in the winter so will be in at night. I'm hoping to put rubber matting down as the cost of shavings is huge and as I'll be mucking him out before work every day anything that makes my life easier is a bonus.

So can anyone recommend any particular brands of matting?

Also how much bed do you put down over the matting? I've seen everything from what looks like almost a full bed, to just a sprinkle of shavings to soak up the wee!

My daily routine will be get there, feed, change rug, turn out, muck out and get evening feed and haynet ready (may get haynets ready at weekend to speed things up). Yard owner will bring in.


18th December 2009, 01:21 PM
there are loads of different types of mats around, the ones that are branded for cows are almost identical but a damn site cheaper, at work we use the EVA mayo mats and they are lovely and soft

the amount of bed will depend on the horse and also the mat if you get the very soft EVA mats then you might not need as much as the mats make a softer bed if you get thinner ones then you will need more for a nice comfortable bed,

make sure you have a dencet amount down though either way about an ich and a half at least otherwise their rugs and they get to smell really bad becasue they literally lie in their wee,