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20th December 2009, 07:13 PM
I was looking for a sharer over the summer for my 16.1hh gelding as I work abroad however I didn't find anyone suitable. I am thinking of giving it another go what with the rapid rising of livery prices and various other bits and bobs. Was going to put this advert up. What do people think?

(Also if you know anyone in Kent wanting this type of animal please let me know!)

"For share 2-4 times a week including one weekend day. 16.1hh Hanoverian x tb gelding kept on full livery at Kits Coty Stables (top of Bluebell Hill, A229 nr. Maidstone). Only for share due to owner working abroad until February and the horse needing more than time than we can currently give him. Possibility to extend the loan to the right rider if desired.

Arrangement would probably suit a more mature person. Well mannered 16 year old gelding who has been there, done it and worn the T-shirt although has heaps of character! We are situated at a private adult yard with outdoor floodlit rubber sand school as well as extensive off road riding on the North Downs and surrounding areas. Instructors on site, or you can bring your own if you want lessons on him.

My horse is extremely well schooled, however he is not a novice ride as can be cheeky out hacking - some days he will be happy to amble out and other days he will draw himself up to 17hh and be on his toes and want to canter everywhere, thus requiring a very confident and assertive rider as he will then bounce along! Is a very forward going horse who enjoys his work. Ridden in a snaffle by owner and her mother, although can be strong when excited. For the right rider he is a very fun and loving gentleman and a pleasure to deal with in all ways. I really want a rider who is willing to take him out hacking as well as do some schooling as he needs to be have a combination of both to keep him to an optimum level. He is a lovely horse who has a lot to give his rider both in affection and enjoyment. I would prefer someone who has previously owned / loaned / shared a horse before as this horse requires experience.

Requires a rider with experience and confidence as well as a good stable management knowledge due to owner not being present to give advice.

I am in no hurry to find a loaner, I want the rider to be perfect for my boy!

Over 18s only please. Contribution towards costs required. For more information or to arrange a viewing please e-mail (Owner).

Many thanks for reading and I hope my boy finds that perfect someone!"

20th December 2009, 11:13 PM
I think your ad is a little long, for an ad going up in a tack shop people only really glance at it walking by, so I'd make it much shorter, then if anybody enquires about your boy, you can go into much more detail like in the ad above.

I wouldn't put the precise location of the yard just because you don't know who is reading the ad, and it could raise security issues???

Maybe something like

"16.1hh TB x Hanovarian gelding for share/possible loan in Kent. Requires confident rider/handler to hack and school, on livery at a yard with fantastic facilities/instructors. Rider must be experienced and have loaned/shared previously as owner not present to give advice due to work commitments.

Contribution towards keep required, please phone/email for more info"

Mungo Madness
21st December 2009, 07:42 PM
I agree with Twizzle!

I hope you find someone this time around, I know how frustrating it is to be searching and searching to no avail :(

23rd December 2009, 05:31 PM
Well I think I may have found someone... and all from an old advert from last time round! She works in the training side of my job (but is based shoreside) so knows all the ins and outs of the job. So fingers crossed.

I did put a shorter advert up last time but attracted the wrong sort of attention, as did the photo! I got a lot of novices seeing photos of him jumping or plaited up and imagining they could do it too... it was a disaster! I had him bolt off, spin round, be yanked in the mouth. Now I am being really fussy before anyone can come see him!