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10th January 2010, 08:43 PM
Any barefooters on here use hoof boots? If so can anyone recommend me some please??

I have used Old Macs before when Kiwi first went barefoot and have to say I wasn't very impressed. They were correctly fitted but one constantly kept twisting round so I'm not investing in another pair of those!

I have heard good things about the Boa boots??

Thoughts please :)


15th January 2010, 01:07 PM
I've just bought some second hand Boa hoof boots, i haven't had chance to use them yet as it started snowing not long after i got them. The fit depends on your horses hoof shape. Some boots fit better to round hoofs and some fit better to hoofs that are longer than they are wide.
I've heard good things about the renegades ant the epic range. I couldn't use the epics as Danser has the wrong shape of foot for them, she has a round foot which is why i'm trying the Boa's

15th January 2010, 01:08 PM
I've got the boa ones, they were fine, until w tried to walk through wet mud, and his feet were sliding all over the place because they just didnt have enough grip.

15th January 2010, 01:45 PM
Had a look at all of them and the only ones i really liked was the cavallos, they were great and you can buy little like trainer socks to stop them rubbing and also are super easy to put on, but buy a good velcro brush!

I didnt like the old macs afert borrowing a pair, they are really heavy and hard work to put on, i was putting them on my rather arsey QH that was a pain with everything the boas i liked but they are the ones with the wire arent they? and i was worried about that snapping and one stabbing ym horse and two being tricky to replace,

the cavallos are super easy to put on its literally like a flap over the front of the hoof and a few velcro straps, they are much lighter than the old macs and mine never twiseted, pulled off or rubber and my horse was super thing skinned, he once bumped himself coming out of his stable and cut him self through his rug without damaging his rug, so if they were going to rub him they woudl of

i also had them in my very gritty school and in mud and they were always fine, i used to just hose them off throughly after i used them and also put them in the washing machine once

1st February 2010, 04:05 PM
I've used a few different types, I have Marquis boots and old macs, only used about 3 times each as her feet changed almost straight away.

I quite fancy trying some easyboot bares.

1st February 2010, 05:43 PM
I have Cavallo simple boots for Chip. He's a TB and I just bought size 3 online and the boots fit perfectly. I also bought the pastern wraps in case of any rubbing. The boots do not twist or move at all whilst on. They are very easy to get on and take off too. I've had mine for about 18 months and they're still in perfect condition with no wear to the velcro bits. I have also galloped Chip in the boots and again they didn't move out of position at all.

dun blonde
1st February 2010, 09:23 PM
I have renegades,and can't recommend them enough they are fabby!!

Sooooo quick and easy to put on anf get off,and look pretty cool too!!

No issues with rubbing,and my trimmer say's she's never heard of rubbing with anyone who has them,they have soft,(think it's) neoprene on the encapsulator heel thingy that pretty much eliminates the posssibility of rubbing.

Never known of them coming off,no material as such so nothing to worry about getting muddy,just rinse off.

I had an issue with one of mine twisting very slightly,but this was due to my lad's action not the boots.
Have also tried the easy boot gloves (due to the twisting,trimmer and I just wanted to check what was like with a different boot),and I know people are raving about them at the mo,but I didn't like them much,and were so much more difficult to get on and off,went back to my beloved renegades:D

Only downside is the price,but I think they're worth every penny.Have a pic of my lad wearing them if you want a look at them on?? Not a close up,but can see how cool they look;)

The Moog
14th February 2010, 06:19 PM
We've used boas on Mallow when he was barefoot. They're very easy to fit and tighten - after a few goes he used to push his foot all the way himself!

Never came off, but I did find that sometimes the gaiters would work their way out of the top and need the tongues tucking back in. The boots were easy enough that I could take them off out on a ride and do the gaiters and put them back on though, so it wasn't really a problem. They never rubbed either.

We looked at renegades but they didn't do big enough sizes for us. They do look nice though.