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13th January 2010, 10:08 PM
oh man i just wrote a looooooooooooooooong thread then accidently closed the page DOH!!!!!!!!!!

this is aimed at owners, but those who currently loan horses please answer from your point of view as well..... :)

do you.....

* charge a set amount per month for the loan and then pay for any expenses for the horse (other than feed, shoes that sort of thing)
* not charge anything but the loanee is responsible for all expenses (does this include vet fees?)
* have a different system??

my horses have all been from friends of friends, and most arrangements were made by mum (this was a while ago!!!0 so i dont know exactly what money exchanged hands

do you...

* expect the horse to go to a yard found by the loanee
* want to keep the horse where it is?

fingers crossed i can sort myself out a nice neddy this year....

13th January 2010, 10:17 PM
I have shared, owned and full loan! I will talk about my current full loan with view to buy

I dont pay the owner anything, but I pay everything for the horse incl all vets fees, and even bought her saddle and maintain it all. This was the same before I agreed to buy her. I moved her to where my other horses are, although I have the option to move back if I want it!

hope this helps

13th January 2010, 10:39 PM
thanks guys

to be honest i think my loans were pretty much a case of us paying everything ie feed shoes livery but if i remember correctly the owners did get the horses a few bits if they were a bit worn out, like the saddle, but then obviously if the loan ended the tack, rugs etc went with it.

really would love to loan this year, i know it sounds ridiculous but i dont think i could do a part loan or a share, i dont mean because its 'my' horse which it clearly wouldnt be, but it would drive me mad! its hard to put into words without sounding petty or stupid, but if youre going to do more than hacking its hard to move forward. plus i hate when my stirrups arent the right length lol!

13th January 2010, 10:52 PM
A loan is where you don't pay anything each month to the owner, you just pay the upkeep etc. Some people lease their horses out and this is what I understand as a financial agreement where is paid each month the horse is with the loaners.

I personally wouldn't want a horse on loan if it had to stay at a current yard unless the yard had good facilities and was close to me, otherwise I'd want it to go to a yard that I'd chosen.

Be aware that some horses who go out on loan don't come with any tack or rugs... so you may have to buy this once you've got the horse on loan (and obviously keep it when the horse goes back to its owner).

13th January 2010, 10:55 PM
I have never loaned/leased a pony/ horse..... if you loan a pony/horse you dont pay the owner anythin but you hav to insure it and pay for everythin just like if it was yours ...... when you lease you pay the owner and than you also pay for everythin as if it was yours ... which ever you do there shud be a contract so you and the owner know were you/he/she stands .....
hope this helps........and good luck :cool:

13th January 2010, 11:10 PM
thanks guys..
as i say it was quite a while since i loaned mine, and as 2 of them were friends it was a fairly casual agreement (although of course there was a proper contract etc)

Zeitgeist Mom
14th January 2010, 07:48 AM
Sorry, I am going to be the fly in the ointment here ....

It worries me that you say you don't want to part loan or share a horse, because you want to feel that it is yours. A loan horse will need to go back, one day, quite possibly after you've done a bunch of work on it and transformed it into your perfect horse.

I have seen loans turn bitter, so many times, for this very reason. I have loaned a couple of kids' ponies in the past, and from day one, I didn't allow myself to get attached. It was always in my mind that I just had them temporarily, and I never allowed myself to think of them as mine.

Please think very carefully before loaning, as it can be heartbreaking.

14th January 2010, 09:30 AM
Im loaning a horse out that i felt wouldn't have been right to sell on. He could have ended up being severley misused…

I found a home on the other side of the country for him, they dont pay me anything, but they cover EVERYTHING for the horse. Ive basically given them the horse but if for some reason they didn't want him anymore or i saw he was abused, i would have the right to him back. we have a loooong contract.

Ive got 4 ponies this year that im wanting to loan/lease out to good homes, so will have to think about how to go about with them.

14th January 2010, 11:39 AM
I have both loaned and put my horse on loan. When Saf was on loan the lady didn't pay me anything but covered every other payment aside from insurance, which I kept up.

14th January 2010, 10:11 PM
zeitgeist........... i think you misunderstand me. i have had 3 horses on loan as i said, and knew full well that they werent mine. the point i meant was that with a part loan or a share someone else is riding the horse and doing things with it, which can make life difficult if you are improving its schooling, or learning new techniques together etc etc unless the other person has the exact same style of riding same goals etc. i competed with all 3 of mine and anyone else riding them would have made it extremely difficult to progress. i did actually state that i didnt mean because i would view it as my horse. i wouldnt want a dobbin just for light hacking i would want to get back to the level i was at before, and if i was happy to ride a horse shared with other people because i wasnt doing anything specific i could easily go to a local riding school!

14th January 2010, 10:13 PM
zeitgeist maybe you should reread

really would love to loan this year, i know it sounds ridiculous but i dont think i could do a part loan or a share, i dont mean because its 'my' horse which it clearly wouldnt be, but it would drive me mad! its hard to put into words without sounding petty or stupid, but if youre going to do more than hacking its hard to move forward. plus i hate when my stirrups arent the right length lol!

22nd January 2010, 06:17 AM
i have loaned, loaned out and owned. While I loaned my first pony I paid for everything, livery, feed, vet etc. it turned sour in end when owner came home from travelling and sold her without telling me-no loan agreement in place, hence always get a loan agreement. However if that had not turned sour I would never have got Justin. So silver lining in every cloud. I loaned justin out while I was many miles away at college to friends (so did not need to sell him) they paid half of livery and dad still bought feed so it was not changed and tthey paid shoes. dad still paid vet bills etc. dad felt that if they paid everything then he felt like he was not ours anymore. Soft touch. however they used to buy rugs etc for him. I have also had sharers in while i was pregnant and they still helped out couple of times a week until last year when she got her own horse. Was difficult at times only cause I am so pinickity lol anyway they paid 20 a week towards costs which helped. there is an agreement that works for everyone its just finding one lol and always get a loan agreement done protects the owner and yourself. I would always loan out my horse but to stay at same yard as they are happy there and plus you know where they are and how well looked after they are even though you might not go up as much it offers security for an owner but that is just my personal choice, as i know loans that have went wrong and horses just dissappearing too much of a risk to take but its of owners personal choice really x

22nd January 2010, 06:58 PM
thanks for your input. well, if i get this job (that i havent even interviewed for yet lol) i would have the opportunity to keep a horse there as they have stables (non horsey job, but live in position and they have a horse or 2) so, although i would still have to pay for everything else im guessing i would be charged little for livery so that makes things a little easier.

really would be nice to ride properly again. i know a loan isnt your own but i really prefer 1-2-1 with horse rather than sharing