View Full Version : How do you get on with owners of horses you loan?

14th January 2010, 08:56 PM
If you loan a horse/pony, how do you get on with the owners, how often do you speak to them ? do they come and see the horse/pony etc

14th January 2010, 08:59 PM
Im not a loaner but i own a pony who is out on loan...
I try to email them once a week and have been down to see her twice so far - they have had her for 4 months.

14th January 2010, 09:23 PM
I loan. Her owner is lovely- couldnt ask for someone better! I email at least once a week, photos every couple, and generally chat on the phone if anything comes up- wanting to get her shod, when she was playing up, advice etc, prob a couple of times a month. She comes to see her every so often too. She lives about an hour away. Its lovely as she is always a presence, without being overbearing! Shes a lovely lady and we sing from the same hymn sheet, and she trusts me with her horse- big complement! Shes very up on showing, and helps me out too. I am very very lucky!

15th January 2010, 07:34 AM
we loan 2 of ours and have had them for 3yrs in may. i have had 2 emails in that time asking to come over and see them (they live 3/4hr drive away) whiich i have replied yes, no problem, what day and time and i then never recieve a reply back so they have never been to see where they are kept and how they are being looked after. i have sent photos to them so they can see they are looked after but never have any response back. the owner is supposed to pay for the companion that we have but i have only ever had one cheque for 80(she did get billed direct for one vets bill) in the 3 yrs that we have had her. we love the horses dearly and they are well looked after, cared for and very much loved so i do get upset sometimes to think that the owner seems not to worry about them but on the other hand we are left alone to care for them. on the other hand the pony that i have owned for 2 yrs now i have regular contact with her previous owner and she comes to shows to see us so it just shows how different people can be. x

15th January 2010, 10:54 AM
I tend to let Ollies owner know what is going on usually everytime he has been out someone or we have done something really good, so usually every few weeks, but she very rearely gets back to me or rings up to chat, i think its cause she has a very busy job and the circumstances in which she had to put Ollie out on loan as well

She is a really nice woman though and she did say she would come up and vist soon

16th January 2010, 12:42 PM
When i've got shauny on loan, he's from an RDA so doesn't really have any specific owner - just says on his passport he belongs to the centre.
The lady who sorts it all out though, is really nice, get on with her really well and she's always open and honest about things, there's no bull with her which is good. The first time I hadhim she rang up a couple of weeks in to see how I was getting on, but since then doesn't really ring up until it's time to go back regarding transport. She's always just a phone call away though, and when william was getting some odd scabby bits in the summer, she came the next day to have a look so she's always there for us, and is always interested about how they've got on and what we've been doing with them.

16th January 2010, 04:50 PM
I have regular contact with my mares loaner, i'm very lucky as she is a good friend who i have known for a long time. I try and see my mare fairly regularly too.

28th January 2010, 03:15 PM

i have only been loaning for a month now and all is going good so far.

The owner is lovely i get on with her really well, even go out on a hack with her sometimes, she has another horse which makes it easier for us both to go out,,,,,,could,nt of asked for someone as nice as her to be honest,

I keep her updated about things when she has not been down the yard on one of my days we seem to get on really well

29th January 2010, 02:01 AM
Both of my ponies are out on loan at the moment. I'm in Manchester and the ponies are in Somerset and Bournemouth respectively!

I really, really couldn't ask for a better loaner for my cob. She is schooling him towards a jumping career for me, and we both pretty much handle our horses in the exact same way. He's happy as a pig in muck there and is still a pleasure to be on and around. His loaner is also a good friend and I go and stay for a few days whenever I'm off uni (so about 6 times a year or so). She even lets me compete him when I want - I really have landed on my feet.

Bella's loaner I have never actually met - her previous loaner found her for me when I was very busy at uni. I have however visited Bel in her home and she seems happy, and she emails me regularly and text quite often too. I try not to be too overbearing.

Meeny Miny Mo
29th January 2010, 01:27 PM
I have Puzzle on Loan and keep her on her owners yard so see her every single day and even house sit for her when she is on holiday! she just lets me get on with puzzle as if she is my own, there for advice and help if i cant get down etc and pays vets bills farrier dentist etc

30th January 2010, 02:44 AM
I had a special situation. We loaned my pony, but the owners were a teenage girl who'd lost interest in horses and her mother (who was interested in horses but was taking care of six and stretched a little thin).

She wasn't involved in our loan. We moved the horse off site, he was listed as ours for veterinary and farrier purposes, et cetera. She didn't visit him in the three years we ultimately had him, although we'd e-mail her updates and photos to keep her informed.

Recently, due to difficult circumstances, we had to return him to his owner. She was wonderful about this, took him back graciously, and has said I am free to have him again if things change. I truly adore her, she's made a very heartbreaking process as clean as it possibly could be.