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22nd January 2010, 11:08 AM
As some of you may know I really wanna do my BHS stages but I'm still unsure whether to try and save up to do the course at a college, do the online distance learning course or just try and do it myself with my now stupidly massive library of BHS books.

So my question really is how did you guys do your BHS stages. Did you do them yourself, go to college or do a distance learning course? Obviously if I either do it myself or as a distance learning course I'd see about getting some riding lessons with someone BHS qualified who can show me how to do things the BHS way.

I did start doing the course at Wrea Green but I just felt like everything moved at an incredibly slow pace, and hated the fact that we weren't really learning a lot of stuff about tack and grooming even though it was 1 hr class room, 1 hr pratical, 1 hr ridden. The pratical sometimes turned into everyone getting there stuff ready for the ridden instead and then being shown different feeds for about 5 mins.

So really just trying to find out how everyone did their stages and if you did one stage on your own and one at college which you prefered.

22nd January 2010, 11:35 AM
I went to college and did My Btec first Diploma and had the choice to do either my NVQ2 in horse care or my BHS stage 1 but Id have to pay for the stage 1 exam and my membership of course.

I chose to do my NVQ 2 as I was staying on to do my National Certificate in Horse Manegement the next year and in that course they would pay for me to do a BHS exam.
I could by-pass stage 1 and 2 and gone straight to stage 3 but having not done the BHS exam system I chose to do my stage 2. ANd was glad I did!!:lol:

I also stayed on and did my Advanced National certificate in Horse management and was training for my PTT and stage 3 but I had to pay for the exams and sadly I just didnt have the cash at 18 years old for those exams:(

As I was in full time education ( was only 17) I didnt pay for my college course or the BHS training as it was intergrated into the course.

I wouldnt advise distant learning. You need to be on a yard that really drums the BHS way into you!!:lol:

I would love to carry on doing my stages, think that may come when Matthew is in school and I can then( hopefully qualify as a Riding instructor) Ill not be doing it as a career, just because I enjoy teaching people to ride and if im qualified im more likely to get more work and insurance :D

22nd January 2010, 12:48 PM
Oh thankies for the info guys. Yeah definately wanna do it at a BHS yard as it would be silly to learn it any other way then get to the exam and be marked down because of it. I'd love to do it at college properly but its nearly 610 (if not more now as that was last years tuition fees) for only 4 hours a week.

I'd love to be an instructor as I've helped out on a few lessons at my current yard and really enjoyed it and even had a few of the kids saying they'd love to have me as their instructor as I try and cater for their individual needs aswell as the overall class criteria.

I've looked at a couple of the National Diploma stuff but they require a C grade or above in English, Maths and Biology for some of them and I only got a C in English and D in both Maths and Biology.

Nic - I only thought about maybe the distance learning for maybe stage one as I've read the syllabus (sp) and I know most of the stuff but I just need some sort of structure to learn it properly. I love reading books but I don't always take all the information in whereas I think if I have something alittle more structured I'd take more time to read the stuff and learn it properly. I'd then like to go on a BHS yard and put all the stuff I've learnt into practice to find out where I'm going wrong and where I'm going right. Not sure if that makes sense.

22nd January 2010, 01:37 PM
I've looked at a couple of the National Diploma stuff but they require a C grade or above in English, Maths and Biology for some of them and I only got a C in English and D in both Maths and Biology.

Most equine colleges will take into account your equine experience and knowledge, not just GCSE /A level results etc.

22nd January 2010, 01:47 PM
Most equine colleges will take into account your equine experience and knowledge, not just GCSE /A level results etc.

It seems the closest college that does the equine for me is Myerscough and thats what they were asking for. They said something about a Level 1 in an equine subject but can't remember off the top of my head.

22nd January 2010, 04:07 PM
i done my stage 1 and 2 at college then done 3 independantly about 3 years ago. I think at a BHS run establishment such as college it is drilled in to you and can be slow paced but they do push you alot further than finding motivation to do it yourself. i done my Stage 3 on my own and studied for a few months when I had time. to be fair the knowlege was there but to do it the BHS way better revising as we all do things differently. I went to a practice evening in prep for it held at a local EC and it was good to meet like minded people of all ages and some of who were actually thre on examination day which made it a bit more friendly. the practice definately helped settle any nerves I had I was morre mature when done stage 3 than I was at College but really I had no preference to where I done it. I just happy to have done it.

22nd January 2010, 06:51 PM
Did them on my own but i am doing things everyday and have a pretty good knowledge anyway, the BHS stage one is a joke its so easy so is the stage two really, all you need to know is the BHS way which they say there isnt but thats bull,

one of the books has exam techniques in like take your buckets and nets out hold things in this hand etc etc but really all they are looking for is you are doing things safely and effciently and are able to justify why or what you are doing

the practical sides of the horse care is dead easy and the theroy side is a little trickier but still if you read your books, especially the examiners handbook as it has the questions in they are still pretty easy to do,

if you wanted to do your ND or similar at college most wont care that you didnt have the grades they are very informal about how they select people and your knowledge and expereince with horses will help you out, if not then you can do a FD and then an ND, do not go to myerscough though no body respects myerscough trained staff

vels mum
22nd January 2010, 07:50 PM
I do evening classes, my RI is the teacher. Its 3 hours once a week. Im currently doing stage 2

22nd January 2010, 09:24 PM
Yeah I noticed that S&W and its annoying cause other than Wrea Green which I didn't enjoy thats one of the closest places. I'd do it with my RI but she isn't fully qualified she only has to a BHS stage 2 I think. She did all the stuff for stage 3 but had to finish college before she finished the year I believe