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28th January 2010, 03:07 PM
Hi everyone

I am currently on part loan 2 days a week which is going great so far.

What i wanted to ask you all that have your own horse how much a month does it cost you to keep your horse?

I might have a chance to buy but I need the run down on what the cost would be before i can make a final decision

Any advice would be very valuable to me


28th January 2010, 03:28 PM
I suppose we can all give you a rough idea but obviously it is going to be different depending on the horse, where its kept etc.

I’ll try and break down what mine costs per month every month but will leave out extras, I have a 15hh cob (very good doer) who is stabled over night and kept on DIY. Bare in mind that, as far as stabled horses go, mine is very cheap to keep compared to some who need more feed/ have shavings beds etc.

Per week:

Rent: 20 (stable & turnout)
Haylege: 8
Straw: 5 (2 bales per week)

My horse doesn’t really have any hard feed apart from carrots and a tiny bit of chaff, probably works out at around a fiver a month, so Im not going to include that.

= 33 per week

This is my basic monthly cost which averages out at around 150 per month depending on whether Im charged for 5 weeks or 4 weeks rent.

Shoes: Mine has all 4 shoes and goes 8 weeks which costs 60, so 30 a month.

Then theres other extras such as worming which is about 4 times a year, wormers cost between 10 & 20. Clipping if you have them clipped and don’t do it yourself – mine is 30 for a full clip and has at least 4 a year but again this is not a must. Annual vaccinations which after callout is about 60. Teeth (mine has been annually so far) which is 25 - 50.

Then material things such as tack, rugs, mucking out tools, show fees etc

So for my horse I recon, averaged out through out the year he probably costs me about 200 - 250 a month.

In summer when they are turned out 24/7 he doesn’t need hay, feed or bedding so just costs me 20 a week rent, his shoes, clipping, show fees and that’s it!

Hope I havnt confused you!

28th January 2010, 05:22 PM
When I had Megs it was 60 a month livery (that was just for an acre of land and 2 stables)
feed was about 10 a week (grazing was very poor)
used about 1 bale a month of shavings as she lived out and only used stable as shelter
used to get 1 HUGE bale of haylege which lasted 2 weeks and cost 25
shoes = 50 for a full set

But then you have all the extra things like worming, insurance, vet fees, rugs, replacement tack etc :)

28th January 2010, 05:34 PM
Saffy's fairly cheap. All these prices are per month.

104 stable (DIY livery)
30 hay
25-30 straw
32 insurance
5 carrots

She's not on hard feed so nothing there. Feet grow very slowly and she's barefoot so only costs 20 every 4 months or so. She doesn't need any fancy rugs or anything but I still end up spending about 20-30 a month on random things for her :lol: Think that's all.

My Crazy Clan
28th January 2010, 07:41 PM
Bear in mind I have 6.

Feed for my lot is 20 every 3months.
Field rent is 318 which is around 53.00 a month per a horse.
Wormer's x 6 is 100, for 1 it is 15.00
Farrier x 6 is 120, 20 each every 4-8 weeks.

29th January 2010, 10:23 AM
I keep at grass a 13hh Newforest gone for a hardy pony so he would be cheaper to keep.

Rent for field 10 a wk
Winter Haylage 5 awk

Insurance with vet cover 26 a month
He doesn't need feed but has some carrots which are 1.50 a bag
Blacksmith 15 a trim as barefoot every 12 weeks
Injections Flu & Tet 36 annually
Wormer 17 a year as share a pack with another small pony.

I put away 100 a month and keep the surpluss when I have paid for his rent ect this then covers the Farrier/ vet ect when they are due.

1st February 2010, 02:59 PM
4.50 a day, including hay, straw, use of arena, walker, jumps, hacking, XC course.
This is for single turnout and a huge stable.
30 for feed- nuts, chaff and mix and carrots.
57.00 for farrier, including hunting studs- this is every 6 weeks
I compete most weekends which is roughly 20 for 2 classes so 80 a month, not including petrol... this is for show jumping in the winter, i event in the summer which is more but not every weekend.
I also have yearl registration fees for Pony Club which is 30 and then for my own pony club to register for teams is 10
Also lessons- depends on my competing schedule, but at the moment its about one a month- 20, but in holidays its 2/3 times a month and then pony club rallies which are abuot 10...
and then there are rugs, tack, riding clothes etc. etc.
we have 4 horses, although Barney is the most expensive to keep, the other 3 live out 24/7 and are polo ponies so less comp. fees etc.