View Full Version : More trailer talk: single or double?

18th February 2010, 08:35 AM
I was planning to get a second hand trailer, but good condition trailers aren't easy to find (nearby) and sometimes they're not much cheaper than a new trailer. :rolleyes:

So I went to see a HB506 at an IW dealer on the weekend. Generally I liked the trailer, but it's going to cost me around 4,000 with VAT and delivery.

Someone else has a year old HB403 (single) for sale. It's priced at 2,500.

All I've heard from people is that there's not much point in getting a single. But how often am I going to need to travel two horses? I can only ride one at a time. And the price of the single trailer is much nicer than the 4k trailer!

I'm still keeping my eyes open for a nice second hand double, but any opinions welcome. Single trailers, anyone? x

GR & Me
18th February 2010, 08:44 AM
Hmm ... well I'd say it would prob be easier to sell on a double, but I could be wrong. I have an arab and a shetland and I still bought a double. We can take them to the vet for their vac and if we take them to the door then we dont get a call out charge, saving another 25 quid each time. May need to move fields at some point and my mare has separation anxiety when in the field alone so would have to move them together. I suppose it does depend on your personal preference but I wanted a double. Also if you want to go away for a hack somewhere and the other person doesnt have a trailer you could take them.

Hope you find the trailer you want soon! :)