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25th February 2010, 01:36 PM
I am seriously considering getting a sharer for Shantih.......... :(

Ive got my 6 year old out competing and will have my newly backed 4 year old to cope with, and dont want her wasted..... :(

basically, she is 20 years old ex dressage horse and needs hacking out with me or on their own or light schooling 2-5 x a week.

shes 15.2h ISH, stunning looking, shown sucessfully at county level, med level dressage pre injury, barefoot.

She has an old tendon injury so jumping or galloping would be out of the question

she is definately not a novice ride- shes very forward and sensitive

very bold, none spooky hack- in all traffic.

shes good with having feet done, loading (she drags you in the box) :pmsl: etc, although id say she would suss out a nervy person on the ground very fast and take the P.

i would also like her going showing in hand or ridden if the person wanted to and have my own transport.

shes kept with my other 2 horses at a lovely quiet yard with own sand school and nice hacking- beach is 10mins in the box, off road tracks 5mins walk...

not sure about contribution really, i am more concerned finding someone who can ride :pmsl:

25th February 2010, 10:23 PM
yes. she is

dun blonde
25th February 2010, 11:23 PM
yes. she is

No-one knows who she is when you don't call her Pig lol:D

I'm not sure where you will find anyone mad,oops I mean brave enough to share the lovely Shantih,but I really hope you do as sounds like you have a lot on your plate horse wise (have you considered just moving into the yard??;):lol:).She would be great for someone with a bit of experience,really fun I should imagine:)

As for ad,am hopeless with stuff like this as tend to waffle too much (you never guessed though right??:o),but will have a go.

15.2hh mare for share.
Mature but active ISH mare for share ? day's a week.Shantih is a stunning looking ex-dressage mare,who is only offered for share due to owners lack of time.She is nicely schooled and well mannered.She is very bold and will hack out alone and in company,and is great in all traffic.Due to a previous injury she cannot do fast work or jumping,but is fine for light schooling and hacking.
She is not suitable for a novice as is very forward and sensitive,so experienced and confident rider required.
Shantih has done very well at showing in the past,and there would be the opportunity to take her to shows.Owner would be happy to accompany and has own transport.
Kept with owners two other horses at lovely yard with school and good hacking.
Day's to suit,including weekends (??)
Financial contribution appreciated,but reliable,competant person is the priority.

Have put ?? on the bits I'm not sure of,and probably need to alter it a fair bit,but hope it is of some help:)

26th February 2010, 08:50 AM
hehe thanks.
its just habit to call her pig.YO cringes when i do!haha. :o