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12th March 2010, 03:23 PM
Not sure if this is the right section for this.

I currently have one horse who will be having a foal this summer. I'm currently keeping her on a livery yard (but on grass livery) The facilities here are excellent but it is costly.

My mum keeps mentioning buying a field either just for me or buying aenough so we can rent some out. I know how much acreage i will need but does anyone know what other considerations there are in maintaing the land and or renting out to others.

The things i can think of are fencing, ensuring it it appropriate and secure and kept in good nic (ie not rotting away if it's wood or drooping and rusty if any wire); poo picking of course which we do already (but no idea on disposal, can you just find a corner to have a muck heap and leave it to rot????); also making sure there is water and if needed electric; and ensuring there is shelter for the horses.

Obviously some secure storage for the kit would be a consideration too.....

surley there must be other things but i'm not sure of the cost or time implications of owning/renting land. I wanted to get some advice and do some research before jumping in to searching for somewhere!!!

Of i go to browse the WWW for any info i can find. Any help much appreciated!!!

13th March 2010, 10:20 AM
When you own or rent your yard there is always something to do!! You'll need to maintain the fields, if you've got a good few acres poo picking all of them would be a nightmare, so chain harrowing is better. Every spring they should be chain harrowed to airate the ground and remove dead grass in prep for the spring grass, and also rolled. Then chain harrow through the summer.

Depending on how many horses you've got, a muck heap will take a long time to rot down. It's ideal fertiliser for the fields though so in spring maybe think about spreading it onto some of your fields (our muck heap is about 12ft long, 8ft wide and 7ft deep in places and that's only since Nov, so it will be spread this spring on a couple of the fields). Alternatively you could pay a farmer to come take it away.

My Crazy Clan
13th March 2010, 12:08 PM
If I had the opportunity to buy land it would be the first thing I do!

I rent my field, I poo pick, which then goes into a pile, it doesn't take that long to go down, I also have to ragwort every year, we have running water and feeding paddock as well as the main field.

If better if you can find land with running water already, I think its rather expensive to have one put in.