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26th March 2010, 08:16 AM
Hi all,
Not posted on here for yonks but again i need your advice.
For anyone that remembers we bought a riding school cob for my daughter called Tarquin, best decision we ever made :D.
We have now got to the stage where my daughter and OH are fed up of relying on others for transport so we are looking at buying a trailer, now here comes the complicated questions ( well they are for me :cheekywink:)
We only have a MPV which will pull 1500KG which will be fine for Tarquin on his own in something like an Ifor Williams 505. What we were hoping was that if we got a 505 when we needed to take Tarquin and Flo ( 16H cob my wife rides) our friend could pull it in her 4x4 ( can't afford a 4x4 for us!)
Now as i understand the regs you can't have a trailer plated for 2300KG and pull it with a car rated 1500KG even if it only weighs less than 1500KG at the time. And you cant load a 1500KG rated trailer with 2000KG even if the trailer is able to carry 2500KG!! Does anyone know if is possible to have changeable trailer plates ( a guy at Yorkshire show said we could but he was a salesman)
that way we could pull tarquin in the mpv and both in the 4x4 and the plates would be right both ways and no chance then of insurance company invalidating insurance if anything happened.
Does this make any sense?
Sorry for going on but thanks in advance for help.