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Old 15th April 2012
kiagirl kiagirl is offline
Lightly Schooled Youngster
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Location: East Yorkshire
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kiagirl knows what a horse looks like

I fell off while getting off! I darent get on the next time incase I fell off lol. Then I got on and and couldnt bring myself to get off. I was stuck and wouldnt getoff unless someone held Star.

It took me a good few times of riding to get out of it. It was mind over matter in the end.
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Old 16th April 2012
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Teej Teej is offline
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Teej can tell one end of a horse from the otherTeej can tell one end of a horse from the other

Reading your experiences has made me feel loads better! Not because I like the idea that other people sometimes have confidence issues but that I am not alone.

Originally Posted by Guesstimation View Post
Hopefully perseverance will pay off and eventually as you stay on each time and ride him more the feeling will go.

I'm nervous of canter since being bucked off full pelt on the moors and doing my ankle lots of damage, I actually ended up never being able to canter that horse again not helped by her bucking 2 other people off after! However it's really only with that one horse thankfully and got Tigger to canter for the second time yesterday no bucking yay!
Well done ! Makes you feel amazing when something works!

Originally Posted by casper_cb View Post
I think booking some lessons on a different horse might be a good idea........
...... so I pulled, got him too short and was fearful of kicking him. I'd stopped trusting him to hold himself.
And lastly, I'm sure you have, you mention bucking and head wiggling, so the obvious checks; teeth, back, saddle.......
I hope you and Chip find your sparkle again soon.
Really good advice casper. His teeth were checked a few months ago (and I ride in a Dr Cooks bitless bridle) , back was checked a few weeks ago and we have a saddle fitter coming out in a few weeks to check his saddle. Shaking his head is just part of his playfulness when he bucks, he does it in the field in play all the time.

Originally Posted by My Crazy Clan View Post
I would say its were you haven't been regular riding, I find I can get like this.
I actually rode sisco for the first time in years today! he un-nerves me because he used to try and shoot off and throw a buck which i could never sit.
The main thing though is bolting, I hate it, I hate the thought of not be able to stop them, I am just the same inhand.
Hopefully regular riding will 'fix' things Well done for riding Sisco!

Originally Posted by Grey Haven View Post
Echo, when he spooks, spins at 100 miles an hour and tanks a few strides back the way he's come.
Chip hasn't done that for ages thank goodness! Although when he has he's very easy to pull up.
Originally Posted by Loz View Post
Agree with the others, I think having a couple of lessons on another horse would be really beneficial for you and then perhaps have some on Chip?
Luckily my friend who recently moved to our yard is a qualified instructor so she will be a huge help but will definitely book a lesson on a different horse.

Originally Posted by Grey Haven View Post
I does help just having someone there on the ground, even if they aren't teaching you. Just gives you a bit of confidence I think...if anything happens I'm not alone!!
True !

Originally Posted by Cancara View Post
Other people!!
Group On had a special offer on recently for riding lessons locally. I figured with Ella being such a baby it couldn't hurt to ride another horse just for the feel. I got a lovely cob, quite forward but sweet to ride in a group beginners lesson (I'd tried to ask them about having an assessment lesson on a horse to see what group I should be in, but got told everyone started in this one). He was on the bit but ok- until the instructor marched over to me! Poor cob clearly thought he was not going fast enough and tried to trot, cue several minutes of lecture for me on being too tense and telling him to go when he didn't have to, which made me even more tense and produced more refusals to stop etc...


Also was told my Mountain Horse winter riders are not appropriate rider footwear...?!!

A baffling experience. Instructor kept telling me the cob was making me nervous, I just wanted to say well actually, if you'll leave us be I'll happily take him for a canter around this arena, the poor chap's obviously just bored to tears and you're the one making me panic!!

I wish she'd seen me yesterday on Ella when she was having one of her no sorry canter is all you're gonna get days!!
That's the other thing, some instructors come across as aggressive and impatient and don't always get the situation right!

Originally Posted by kiagirl View Post
I fell off while getting off! I darent get on the next time incase I fell off lol. Then I got on and and couldnt bring myself to get off. I was stuck and wouldnt get off unless someone held Star.
It took me a good few times of riding to get out of it. It was mind over matter in the end.
I've had a couple of 'near misses' whilst dismounting ....caused by my body protector getting caught on the saddle leaving me dangling in mid air and then dropped under the horse!!! Chip wondered what the hell I was doing hanging onto his side and then disappearing around and under his belly He looked at me with mild interest and carried on munching his hay!! I don't wear my body protector now because of that!
Tracey-J x

Chip & Baby
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